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17stepsdown chapter 28 . 17h
Update more often! These are hilarious! Even the Author's Notes work into it!
Kyranol1 chapter 28 . 7/26
So, you do or don't hate the chunin exams?
I don't think you've made it clear enough on what your stance is.
And damn, one more chapter, ah well, I've laughed quite a bit from this fic already.
You should make your last section about dragging out stories, it seems like it would be quite a fitting ending.
SunglassesSkull chapter 27 . 7/26
You took the words out of my mouth thank you for the laugh.
KHARAKI TAKAN chapter 27 . 7/25
Haha this was an awesome chapter.

Awesome work.
Zarosian chapter 27 . 7/25
Have you tried any of JMenace's stories? You're sorta giving a vibe that sort of seems like you're done with the bad fanfiction (I don't know where I could possibly ever get this idea) so I think it'll help if you read something that won't make you rip your hair out.

Written in Reverse and Radiant Nights are pretty good; you should give them a try
Kyranol1 chapter 27 . 7/25
The only story where I've thoroughly enjoyed Naruto being completely OP was all of Noodlehammer's fics, those are all awesome.
Verrarria chapter 27 . 7/25
Solartai, I fucking love you.

I'm saying that whatever you want to write, and however you do it, I will support you by reviews. All your stuff is gold.
Tango Charlie chapter 26 . 7/25
You've pretty much said everything I would have wanted to in this very chapter. So i do not think I need to add more:)

But alas, there is. For the people who think, "why in the world do these assholr stories get reviews?", please, be honest to yourself. I myself used to really like bashing stories because of one reason, they were kinda funny, especially if you are a casual fan with little know how of the characters and their backgrounds.

But indeed, once I was up to date with the manga and the books, these stories started to recieve my utmost revulsion and hatred.
Zarosian chapter 26 . 7/18
Don't forget the fact that they overplay the abuse in Harry Potter.

Oh no! You've been forced to sleep in a cupboard for the majority of your life?! Off with their heads! That is one of the WORST things I have ever seen in all my years as a fuck mothering don of the mafia.

Like what the actual fuck. Let's not forget the bullshit that is twins!naruto/twins!harry where they get fucking neglected. One of them is actually good, the others just plain suck.
Kyranol1 chapter 26 . 7/18
I completely agree with all your points, and I love how you explained your stance on incest with that one simple sentence.
Digitize27 chapter 26 . 7/18
Kushina IS hot... *nods head knowingly*
TheMagicManWithThePlan chapter 26 . 7/18
I don't even read Harry Potter ff anymore for that exact reason! The plot starts off interesting, then dumbledore becomes the conniving Satan character and/or Ron becomes a little shit head for absolutely no reason! And the worst past is that those ones get so many reviews! I honestly would over look it to if they where subtle! Like dumbledore seems sweet at first and harry trusts him but we soon begin to see his true Colors later on. But these writers are subtle as bricks through windows! Literally first chapter harry makes a scene, him and dumbledore get into a pissing contest and chapter two harry decides the only two people he can trust are the love interest and usually snape.

(My Drop list because I'm still ranting.)

massive pointless harems in crossovers
harems in ANY story where one of the mediums is western like teen titans or batman
"kill the demon!" (Literally see one a day when looking for new stories.. It's so terrible and cringey I literally have to drop my phone and take a breather.)
changing what naruto looks like permanently. And usually for no reason other then "I don't really like the way he looks so I made his hair red and took the marks on his face away." which is usually followed by a Naruto so edgy he is just copied and pasted shadow the hedgehog (aka Mary Sue that pre adolescent kids think is literally the coolest guy)

That craps making it hard to stick around because those kinds of stories in the MASS MAJORITY so I just stick to all my subscribed stories which usually end up getting dropped. "I say ironically."
Dragon Country chapter 26 . 7/18
Totally agree, I see bashing as a very lazy and immature way of writing a story. When you bash a character then all you're really saying is that you are not confident enough in your abilities as a writer to write an interesting main character and thus need to lower all who oppose your main character to such an unlikable level that your readers are basically forced to route for the main character out of necessity.
Absolutely no self respecting writer would just bash a character needlessly, yes you can make a character unlikable but to make them totally brain dead and sit there just to act as the main character's punching bag...that's just idiotic.

While we're talking about bashing...what the hell is up with all the Kiba hate right? I mean I don't see how people could hate the guy, I mean he can talk to dogs for fucks sake how cool is that?! You know I really think that the people that hate on Kiba are either just jealous that he can talk to his dog or they are just very spiteful cat ladies.

Well I think I'm done ranting now...PS Wouldn't it be awesome to see a really good Naruto fan fic to get to the shippuden era, I mean yeah sure there have been some that has gotten to that point but there are still a lot of very good fics still stuck in part 1 which is sad.
jetzer0 chapter 26 . 7/18
yeah massive bashing is stupid especially when you make it that the main character is all cool and awesome then having him yell all the bullshit that the "bashed?" did to him as if fishing for pity
ron is not evil i agree he's a pureblood raised the way he is, and let's be honest here he's missing quite a lot upstairs even by pureblood standards
sakura isn't either obviously, the hate comes from the truth, she is useless for most of the series and has an obsession with sasuke(even if a lot more toned down later on), the thing is her peers sasu/naru overshadow any major accomplishment she makes because it's a shonen so fighting is the focus so she just becomes a background character, you see the author trying to make screen time for her but it falls short of succeeding cuz she's boring

sasuke...yeah i really hate him and i can justify it
early on i was ok with him he had a reason(not perceived) to be the way he was
it's after the whole oro thing that in my opinion he completely lost himself
we know that revenge feels good temporarily, and then if it had whole your focus you feel empty
he killed his brother(totally unecessary tsukiomi on kid sasuke)
then he gets told something by a shady character and becomes once again bent on revenge(he's not stupid but he makes it extremely easy to see him as one)
he constantly changes sides, he honestly doesn't have a good grasp on who he is,so he is easily manipulated to do others bidding even if unwittingly
obviously a LOT of other characters have massive flaws even by the universe morals and culture
the deal with uchiha massacre is one of the most braindead of all of them
they weren't all fighters, they weren't so many that they would come any close to start a 4th war like it's mentioned everywhere(it's not like they wanted one)(even if a single one did cause it)
so yeah sending a single anbu (uchiha no less) to exterminate his own clan is unbelievingly stupid
they could have sent a squad/platoon whatever and detained them till this gets under control(they weren't expecting to get killed either so it should have been relatively easy)

yeah kushina has a nice design, don't have a problem with consentual incest because it's only a taboo in the minds of people(not real world because there are laws about too close incest) never mind that it's just sex between a man and a woman only the procreation is a slightly problem(real world) since we see that the hyuuga are ALL hyuuga(till naruhina i think) so that factor may get sidelined in the presence of chakra

abusive parents trope is indeed retarded especially because he has the kyubi or some stupid stuff like that when the mother was exactly the same previously(it makes no sense)

have no idea about HS setting since i don't read anything that doesn't have at least one strong connection to canon

no comment on angry mobs cuz it's just that stupid, IF one formed it would only happen once 4 to 6 YEARS OLD can't get away from anything (and don't have DEEP thoughts about life)regardless of being superbeings by the readers prespective
madeyemoody95 chapter 26 . 7/18
The Jesus rimjob reminds me of a joke Jimmy Carr made! And I agree with whatever you wrote, some stories are really well written but I don't understand why people want Naruto to be beaten up as a kid... He was not beaten... Ignored sure, not allowed in some places, yes, but not beaten... The stuff above alone is traumatizing to a lonely child... Ahhh well, but that does not have enough shock value so people keep adding all the other rubbish!
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