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objection234 chapter 28 . 6/28
If the last chapter being promised and never coming out is the final cliche, I applaud you. XD
Ghest chapter 9 . 6/20
"(insert plot device)" pretty sure the priest would do that even if he wasn't lying.
Ghest chapter 8 . 6/20
I hate Mondays, because Tuesday is just one day away.
T-B-R chapter 24 . 5/10
Hahahaha, that was good, the my immortal chapter.
zigmas chapter 25 . 5/4
Let's just say that I pity your mental state.
zigmas chapter 19 . 5/4
You started off pretty funny, yet quickly descended to ridiculous unreadable levels of UN-funniness.
zigmas chapter 17 . 5/4
Since when is Hana Kiba's WIFE?
That's a factual error, regardless of how you want it otherwise.
zigmas chapter 12 . 5/4
I think Hinata should be the First and Main wife (since Sakura would never want it anyways), lol.
Ino is literally coming out of nowhere here - she had shown zero reasons to be interested in him altogether.
And Anko isn't that much older - you should've used Tsunade, if you wanted to make a real impact (pun implied).
zigmas chapter 6 . 5/4
I'm not sure whether your misprints are intentional, but Shik[i]maru isn't as bad as Sh[i/u]kaku, loool!
zigmas chapter 2 . 5/4
Actually, the whole "Naruto gets smarter and realizes that Hinata likes him (but not necessarily ALSO the reverse feeling from him at THAT time)" thing is LOGICAL.
Also, he literally SAID that "he likes people LIKE her" in the manga itself - and it was:
-During the period when he still openly pined after Sakura.
-After opening up about his insecurities to the LEAST PREDICTED person at the time (not Sarutobi, not Iruka, not Kakashi, definitely not Sasuke OR Sakura).
-After making the one-of-a-kind in the entire manga "blood vow" (which he also FULFILLED and REMEMBERED, unlike his "Promise of a lifetime" which he ended up CANCELING during Failfession; he did still want to bring Sauce back, but it was NOT for Sakura).
So, honestly, he did LIKE Hinata (even if "just" as a PERSON) even in the manga, and way before he knew she LOVED him.
Thus, it shouldn't be surprising that a little addition of BRAINS would make him simply realize this FACT, lol.
zigmas chapter 1 . 5/4
No, that's NOT what I dislike Suckura for.
I dislike her for her relapses in front of Sauce - whereas I kinda like Anna Kyoyama (who beats up Yoh in a routinely manner) and even prefer her over Tamao-the-useless-Hinata-clone (to the extent of having the SAME seiyu, literally, Nana Mizuki).
Suckura sucks - Anna rocks. And YohAnna is canon.
Tamao sucks - Hinata rocks. And NaruHina is canon.
All of this despite both pairs being nearly identical clones of each other in everything BUT their plot roles and usefulness.
There you go. :)
Guest chapter 15 . 4/16
Why stop at kashu. Make it all the way to kashubi. Means whore
oakgem217 chapter 5 . 3/6
I read the first five chapters, and then I realized: /There's 23 more of these!/
Abraxos chapter 1 . 2/9
I loved reading this. You're spot on when it comes to all of these, though I think people are a little too hard on a few.

1. The Clothes: The clothes Naruto wears in the show leave a lot to be desired. His blue and orange jacket in the beginning wasn't that bad, but the way his black and orange getup give him this make-shift pot belly always bugged me. Though I do agree that it is over done to the nines and is almost always the first "step" to him becoming a new person, so it gets old. I always give it a pass though if it's done well, like if he's on a mission and his jacket gets torn to shreds therefore he walks around in his under shirt for the rest of the time.

2. The exile thing. This one is absolutely tricky because some of the interesting/unique plot lines (that are actually good ideas) that could involve Naruto almost exclusively require him to be exiled, or leave w/o giving a single fuck (which is still ooc as hell). But they are almost always after the sauske retrieval arc so I see the point. Oh well.
erasels chapter 28 . 12/10/2015
This was an interesting read, I do really feal like I've read something. I'm actually quite interested in the Ebisu/Teuchi thing (not the pairing, but the character interaction of ninjas with Teuchi/civillians). I guess if I'm ever bored enough I'll write a story about them, not to worry, I'll notify you if inspiration for some overreaching plot hits me.

Thanks for sharing this story, it gave me a few good chuckles, outstayed it's welcome somewhat, but who wouldn't take advantage of that.
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