Reviews for OtherFandom 06: A Breath on the Embers
ForFutureReference chapter 1 . 4/25/2013
Welp, Peeta did manage to help Prim in the end...

Thing is, I bet that many of the past tyrants thought the same things to themselves in terms of maintaining control. But that's the problem with elaborate and well-crafted plans; it only takes the slightest slip of incompetence to send everything crashing down spectacularly. When you keep searching for the details, you risk seeing the bigger picture.
And, this time, Prim is the last person. So no convenient avalanche to prevent there being a cannibal victor.

All in all, nice job and great wham ending.
I also like how you diverged things at key points, even in places that correspond to canon, especially to keep in line with the characters.
Sabrinasidd chapter 1 . 4/24/2013
I didn't think it was possible for the Hunger Games narrative to become more grim and gruesome, but this fic really went to a dark hole of despair, didn't it? It was amazing. I was most impressed by the idea that the more cynical, grimmer and ruthless sister (Katnis) didn't have to descend into such darkness, mostly because she was never forced into SUCH extreme desperation as poor Prim was in this fic.

In fact, I was fascinated by this idea... especially because, in retrospect, it's rather strange that something like cannibalism had never occurred before in previous Hunger Games. It really IS one of the most practical, easiest modes of getting food in the harsh, forbidding area that the Hunger Games are sometimes set in. Then again, perhaps THAT'S the real reason the game coordinators are so quick to take the dead bodies out of the arena... before they can be defiled in this manner *shiver*

Really terrifying, horrifying, awesome and amazing AU interpretation, Aadler. Thanks for writing it.

I really felt my heart break for poor Peeta. Right to the end, he was giving everything he had to protect Prim... even going so far as to instruct her to EAT HIM for nourishment. Dear Light... there's generosity of spirit, and then there's plain insanity of martyrdom.

And poor Prim... I was a little confused about how she was able to hack off pieces of Peeta's leg when his body had been taken away... until I realized that her last desperate grab at Peeta, when the airship came to take him away, was not an unwillingness to let go, but more a desperate attempt to start hacking off pieces of the meat before it was flown away. Oh, Prim!