Reviews for Mass Effect: Testament of the Last American Soldier
trninjakiller chapter 3 . 1h
Yeah... except a halo mac would trump a mass effect mac anyday. Mass effect dreadnought macs are something like 20g.
An AVERAGE halo mac is 600 tonnes.
Chronic-Insomnia chapter 34 . 9/23
Damn. I've never seen a story start out so awesome and then crash and burn so hard. The snarky, badass character we love because he's snarky and badass has those traits mostly removed when his personality is neutered at the halfway mark of the story and is then turned into a slave that not only dances to the tune of his enemies, but the 'love interest' as well?

The romance has been pretty disappointing from the start. There's no more chemistry between him and Shepard than there is with, say, Jack. Despite them being thrust together via programming, it's doubtful Shepard could ever realistically look past pitying Blade. Shepard started out clueless, always jumping to the wrong conclusions, but then ends up manipulating Blade for her own gain once she finds out about the programming-and then never fixes what she's already screwed up.

The point being, what is there left to root for? The reapers seem to be more of a side plot. The romance is treated as a complete joke by the entire crew except Blade, who appears to be playing the part of a kicked puppy. Even if he somehow manages to take the illusive man out in a blaze of glory or survives the cell degeneration due to some elixir of life ex machina, it'd still leave a bitter taste in the face of all the betrayal he's suffered-no small amount coming from Shepard herself, who likely justifies her mental commands as for the greater good.
tdychko chapter 33 . 9/17
I wish this was updated made me smile
FinalGuardian chapter 17 . 6/2
This sample is pretty good, love to give the full thing a read if you ever post it.
tdychko chapter 34 . 4/21
Dude...what the fuck? THIS STORY IS FULL OF CRACK! I LOVE IT! Keep going, waiting to see how you make this turn out, wondering how Blade is gonna die to be honest...can't wait.
trustme3190920 chapter 34 . 3/25
You know you can give him AIDS to try and stop his immune system from fighting the nanites
MECHANICALCHEESE chapter 34 . 3/24
One of the references you used was from Section 8.
donald7777 chapter 34 . 3/22
No our hero can't be dieing, thats horrible. How is Shepard suppose to take on the reapers without our Marine killing machine?

I am looking forward to the next chapter keep up the amazing work:)
tobiasssa chapter 34 . 3/5
Refference: Hero
MidnightFenrir chapter 34 . 3/4
Damn, I can't believe I didn't read that story sooner. You've got a god damn good piece of work here! So I'll be following!

By the way, I'm a sucker for romance and, from what I've seen, I can trust you on the matter (if you see what I mean).

Other than that, well... Keep up the good work! And godspeed.
darkerego chapter 34 . 3/2
Good chapter, looking forward to the next.
praxis shadow chapter 34 . 3/1
I would be curious about how This story will end. Is he the one that as his final mission is going to run that death charge to the teleported that leads to the Citadel and face the star child who I could guess would take shape of Rachel.
FOODninja-321 chapter 34 . 3/1
You've got destiny?!
Please be on ps4...
Vault of glass solo is so hard
McDouggal chapter 34 . 3/1
So, EDI and Dr. Hacksaw both know about this new complication. Nobody else, except maybe Timmy. (Come to think of it, Aria and whoever she set to decide the data she got from Roland might know it was well, although that's a lesser likelihood given that Hacksaw and EDI only had suspicions.

Also, where'd Ashley end up? She wouldn't be forced to start at the hospital to recover.

Maybe you'll get in contact with Moridin soon. Mad doctor plus Hacksaw plus EDI might be able to figure out a cure.

Still, seems like a poor plan to have super soldiers who only have a life expectancy of three years max, especially given the R&D costs of this whole thing. Wars between powerful opponents are rarely over that quickly. I can understand the idea that they keep them I'd as needed, but it's still a huge limitation.
Commissar Critical chapter 16 . 3/1
The God of jokes I swear.
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