Reviews for Finding Time
93 Diagon Alley chapter 137 . 5/20
This story was fascinating! The bit in the last ten-ish chapters about her brain was sad, but very interesting.

Great work :)
Jen103 chapter 137 . 5/1
Hello, me again. Thank you for updating and completing! I've only just cime back to fanfiction and saw u had updated! (then forgot where I was). I loved it. Very nice. :)
Guest chapter 137 . 4/1
The story flow and the narration was very good but the ending was abrupt.
Guest chapter 23 . 4/1

Its nothing to do with the story but your display pic. I loved it a lot.

Good day!
Stunning Sunset chapter 130 . 3/18
I especially liked the part in the past, it was very fun to read. :)
D. Leveille chapter 137 . 3/4
That was wonderful, thank you for writing such a brilliant story! I am sad that there won't be a sequel, but I understand that you're tired and need a break. Good luck on your original fiction! I'll still hope that maybe someday you'll write a one-shot featuring Remus and Hermione (and maybe their child;) no pressure though... I'm really good at being patient haha
D. Leveille chapter 136 . 3/4
That warmed my heart, the two of them are precious!
D. Leveille chapter 131 . 3/4
The ending really broke my heart when she asked "who am I?" For someone as intelligent as Hermione, learning everything over again is going to be so difficult. But she was very damaged psychologically at the beginning of the story so it probably wouldn't be bad if she didn't regain the war memories...
D. Leveille chapter 127 . 3/4
You know what's so great about this story is how many sides of Hermione we get to see. You've created such a complex character with all the multilayered emotions that real people have. I love that!
D. Leveille chapter 126 . 3/4
Oh my gosh, poor Hermione! You made a bathroom puke scene incredibly sweet lol
D. Leveille chapter 119 . 3/4
What a lovely first date! Yes, Remus doesn't give himself enough credit. Quite bittersweet at the end there... He really needs a hug :(
D. Leveille chapter 114 . 3/4
Hehehe it's good to know that adult Remus still blushes and gets flustered when Hermione is touching him!
D. Leveille chapter 113 . 3/4
Haha Sirius couldn't get a peek at her changing! I like their cute pet and owner moments together :D and poor Hermione, she was starting to remember Crookshanks...
D. Leveille chapter 111 . 3/4
lol that was a very funny conversation! Yes Hermione, you do need to start thinking of him in a romantic way ;)
D. Leveille chapter 109 . 3/4
Got to say I did not expect Hermione to live in the muggle world and for Remus to watch over her in disguise! That's a very nice twist of role reversals :D I love that Hermione works at a bookstore too!
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