Reviews for Finding Time
Rebel Dixie Babe chapter 37 . 9/5
-Why did he not catch her little faux pax, "as updated as one can expect for this TIME?
Rebel Dixie Babe chapter 18 . 9/5
Hermione is being as arrogant as Voldemort to think that no one had discovered the Room of Requirement before they did in 5th year.
Rebel Dixie Babe chapter 12 . 9/5
How does Remus know what the Great Squids arsecrack taste like?
CharmingCharmain chapter 53 . 7/5
I just want to say how much I'm enjoying this fic, and the style with the one-shots is really good; it makes it rather suspenseful and gives the story a bit of flow even if the action is not really high. Also, as soon as I started reading this chapter "Secrets" by OneRepublic began playing and I thought it was very fitting. :D
What Happens When I Do THIS chapter 137 . 6/28
Wow. I really loved this story. I was a bit unclear about the locket: why it was so powerful, if Hermione dream-Conjured it, and why Miss Grey seemed to be a Hermione's brain-guardian-spirit.
I enjoyed the drastically different periods of Hermione's life that this covers - the past, present with modifications, and Muggle/recovery life. I had been expecting it to end, as all other time-travel fics have, after Hermione returned to the present and completed her mission. I love the tension of Hermione deciding to break the law, then having to confront the drastic consequences. The switch between Hermione and Remus playing teacher/guardian for each other is fantastic. I'm glad you didn't make romance the driving plot in this, since Remus and Hermione are such accomplished characters on their own.
Amazing job.
hisnhers chapter 137 . 5/31
I enjoyed this. Well done.

hisnhers chapter 134 . 5/31
Huggling and manly tears... lol

hisnhers chapter 131 . 5/31
ummmm, that potion that helped Alice... it'll help Hermione, right?

hisnhers chapter 115 . 5/31
I can just picture Crookshanks face as he glared at Hermione. "Where have you been?" nice.

hisnhers chapter 112 . 5/31
rofl! -snortsnortsnort!- Best chapter yet! rofl!

hisnhers chapter 106 . 5/31
"I've seen computers!" lol!

hisnhers chapter 105 . 5/31
Love the way you created the new names. Some I already figured out, the rest I'm glad you explained. I'm a fact nerd and it makes me happy when I can learn something I may not already know or refresh what I DO know.

Sirius goosed her. -snort- Yup my dog does that often. -sigh- dogs.

hisnhers chapter 100 . 5/31
Wow. That's some compromise she was given as a sentence.

I've only read 1 other fic that wrote the whole long story as a series of short scenes. I rather like it. Not for all fics mind you, but for once in a while.

hisnhers chapter 97 . 5/31
Andromeda seems like me: blunt, but in a loving way. lol. Not always easy to do.

hisnhers chapter 84 . 5/31
Hermione Granger meeting Augustus was very cute.

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