Reviews for Follow You Down
oi770 chapter 46 . 2/25/2018
death7559 chapter 46 . 3/11/2016
Well fucking finally.
death7559 chapter 45 . 2/27/2016
Poor Shepard gets no recovery time.
Ghilasmelana chapter 44 . 2/22/2016
Love this chapter. I do hope Shep gets better and will kick ass soon though :-) I'm really interested in where the story goes and what the bad guys are up to. Keep up the great work!
Guest chapter 43 . 2/17/2016
Even though it's short well done. I like the take, details and descriptions. I felt a part if the scene in a corner watching it all unfold. I appreciate your story and can't wait till the next installment.
Ghilasmelana chapter 43 . 2/17/2016
Ah Garrus, the little ball of overprotective, sexy, space bird-lizard badassness. Nice cuddle time in this chapter, can't wait for what's in store next!
Guest chapter 42 . 2/14/2016
Loved it!
Ghilasmelana chapter 41 . 2/10/2016
Holy Molly that cliffhanger at the end of chapter 41...why you do this?! :-) Anyway, awesome reading. Have spent whole day sitting with this little gem reading from chapter one to the end in one go. Super captivating and I love the interactions of the characters, your crew impressions are spot on! Hope for the update soon.
Meanwhile, keep up the great work!
Shemfatale chapter 41 . 2/9/2016
Yeah! Went back and reread the WHOLE thing! So glad ur back and enjoying this installment. It's wonderful!
death7559 chapter 41 . 2/9/2016
Excited by this.
hiddenshadows218 chapter 40 . 6/29/2014
I was so happy to see this update even if your not completely back yet. Thank you for sticking with the story. Hope you had a wonderful wedding too.
spacecats chapter 39 . 5/11/2014
No worries...enjoy your planning! Congrats!
Garrus Vakarian-N7 chapter 39 . 5/10/2014
Congratulations! Also glad to hear you haven't given up on this story.
SpartanEra chapter 1 . 5/9/2014
Congrats! I wish you many good things for you and your future husband!
Orchidellia chapter 39 . 5/9/2014
Congratulations on your engagement! We're a patient bunch, so please enjoy yourself. Wedding planning is bonkers (I'm in the middle of planning one too), so take your time :D
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