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randomplotbunny chapter 2 . 5/30/2014
Absolutely incredible! More please!
Fallenranger chapter 2 . 9/27/2013
love it so far great work :D
Dancingdog chapter 2 . 6/11/2013
This truly is... fascinating. ;)
Please continue with this, I'm hooked!
Love the 'spats' between the good doctor and our favourite Vulcan!
BloodLily16 chapter 2 . 5/28/2013
BloodLily16 chapter 1 . 5/28/2013
Wa-oh... I can't wait till McCoy turns into a cat.
CallMeOutis chapter 1 . 5/17/2013
Fun little story you got going here. The little elipses here and there made it easy to imagine William Shatner saying this.
I would suggest you proofread more carefully, though.
Schematization chapter 2 . 5/10/2013
Hey again

You've brought us a really interesting chapter now. And I do like the way you set up the chapter, for the most part, in regards to what it brings us in the ending. You put it together well and did explain some of the sections from earlier. As in their sudden diversion to head off for shoreleave and not leaving it open as to them just picking up and taking off without a word. And tidy up some of what may have been loose ends from the beginning.

I'm going on the assumption that the girl they find on the planet surface must have been in a cat form before she pased out or was knocked out other wise I'm not sure about why she had to be naked when found. It would make sense if she had been cat beforehand, so I'll take that as the explanation. And when saying that I have to add that I'm glad that you didn't have any of the cats running around in clothes that fit them purrfectly when they did change forms. That would've been a bit much for even a decent starfleet officer to swallow. So good fore thought on that, since you do find some who just figure thsat automatically for some odd reason.

Remaing on the subject of the girl, you also have me wondering what caused her to change back, if I'm assuming right. Was it the fact she was unconscious or something more? Something that our gallant crew hasn't come across yet but undoubtedly will before all is said and done. Since I'm sure they will want to know what had originally happened to her. I can't imagine them beaming back down without facing some sort of disaster for all their good intentions. It's never worked out that way in the series nor the novels so it only follows that same logic would follow them here. No good deed goes unpunished.

I also have to wonder, if the young lady is really as sweet and innocent as our boys generally like to make themselves believe when they jump into help a maiden in distress. You left that wide open for us, which is a good thing since it makes us wonder if they may have made a blunder in lending a hand. She may actually be the antagonist in this without us knowing it. Back on the planet she could be the Wicked Witch of the West for all we or the crew knows. So leaving that for us to guess at is a good touch.

I also enjoyed your description of the planet itself. You put some thought into that as well, when some just have them beam down to the planet and let us have to literally guess as to what their wurroundings are in the idea of what type of landscape they have foudn themselves in. You gave a great deal of imagery with plant life and the surrounding grounds. I really liked your touch of having McCoy fanning himself with a palm leaf. And then having catnip being part of the local floral...which I would find interesting to know how they have it and earth has also had it for some centuries, as in who had it first and how did it manage to be transferred from one planet to another in identically the same form since it was so easy for McCoy to identify it. But that bit with the catnip is nice addition.

You did a fine job of describing the altar/temple as well with it's many cat's adorning it. We get a sense of it but not exactly what it's purpose is for, it could be good or evil or neutral and we'll just have to read on and find out the truth which is always best for the reader!

Your interaction between the trio is wonderful. Especially the ongoing mini arguments between Spock and McCoy as well as that inner altho minor frustration of Kirk's at trying to get everyone to get along for, if only a few minutes. I think he knows secretly this is the way for his two closest friends to get along. They have a way of sounding like an old married couple or two brothers who still argue over toys and girls after forty years. But you can't help but admire Kirk still trying to get them to cool it for a few seconds and enjoy themselves even if they are merely making a survey of the area for a hopeful shoreleave for everyone else.

I think for Spock merely the survey and study of the local area is enough to briefly take his mind off his inner turmoil. You get that feeling as the chapter progresses along. There is at the beinning his quiet and innerspective self obviously still dealing with whatever he has dragged along with him after what happened earlier on Idyzk with Minas. As it goes along he finds himself tucking it away temporarily and you get that feeling with the way you set it out for us.

McCoy is as one loves McCoy. You've done him very well and I think it will more than intriguing to see how he takes to his temporary life as a cat. I think his whole reaction with the frustrations of hissing and rawrs works for the character. His thinking even as a feline is spot on for him.

And the fact you did have him engulfed in his clothing as he became a cat I did find very effective and spot on. (Althou as he begins to shrink into this form I would think in would condense down towards the mid point of his human form and would be more apt to be caught up in his pants and undies, but thats my thinking and this is your story, and what you did give us was well done) I realize that he is in the midst of trauma for both a human and cat, I have to wonder why he didn't react to the catnip that had to have rubbed up on his pants and boots as he scooting out of his clothes and tearing around the room. He has a human mind but one would think some feline behavior as well. Of course that would probably played havoc on the scene with him not running out of the sickbay...or the catnip may have made it worse having Chapel chasing hima round more and him running up oneside of one thing and down the other until he fired out the door and down the corridor. But again thats me...

Also I think Chapel is also aware that McCoy keeps a well known bottle of bourbon in his office desk, or at times Romulan ale if he can get his hands on it. Knowing her she would've walked right into his office poured him a drink after this long of working together. ;)

And in the series, movies and novels, it was extensively documented that it was McCoy who had the well known fear of transporters, not Kirk. In fact Kirk was the one who often joked about his fear with him. Kirk generally embraced such technology especially with it being so everyday and necessary. I don't recall from anything I've seen or read of Kirk every having such a fear as that, so that does a little against what is historically known about the Captain.

And I'm hoping that you do have somewhere along the way, an explanation of Spock's extraordinary mental anguish over the young man Minas. As you can tell from some of the otehr reviewers they are also intrigued by this unusal occupation with the Vulcan. I have a feeling that when you do it comes upon a time that he is along with our McCoy feline (altho he doesn't realize it's McCoy) and he quietly explains to himself and the cat of his inner pain over the situation. Because you've opened up something that many of us want find an answer to since it is so totally unusual and out of character for the man to the rest of us. And I'm sure McCoy is probably howling up a storm in the beginning wanting the green bloodied calculator to listen to him for a change and realize that hey he is a cat! but then quiet's down when he realizes that the vulcan is telling him something very deep and private. In an interesting quandary for the Doctor as time goes by I would think, I mean if he does return to human form!

All in all a tremendous chapter you've added and it should prove to be more so as you continue to add and give us more to wonder about with a feline now running a muck about the ship! And why do I have a feeling that even a cat might find the taste of green blood rather nasty!

Keep having fun with it and keep writing!

keacdragon chapter 2 . 5/8/2013
I would love to be a cat for a day! Love this!
Milton Perry chapter 1 . 5/8/2013
To join the ongoing discussion about Minas:
He cannot possibly be enlisted in 'Fleet and therefore he cannot take any rank. Up to me, he is a local citizen of Idzyk IV who was met by chance - possibly by Spock? - and ended up volunteering as a guide to the away-team. There must have been happening something of importance between Minas and Spock to leave them very much attuned to each other. Maybe Spock ecountered a kindred spirit in Minas. Up to me, it is a kind of mourning demeanour Spock is exhibiting by growing all Vulcan, seclusive, distant and cooled down. His reaction takes me wonder. It seems rather unexpected to me that Spock identifies to such a degree with somebody who's acquaintence he made only recently.
Milton Perry chapter 1 . 5/8/2013
Successfull start spelling a nice dramatic arc of suspense that leaves me curious to read on.
ZenaraTheDragon chapter 2 . 5/7/2013
What does he look like? :D McCoy with claws is... Scary... (gulps)
Snorty1 chapter 2 . 5/7/2013
Okay I definitely see humor in this situation. I would like to read more.
ZenaraTheDragon chapter 1 . 4/28/2013
A depressing beginning. I hope it gets less... Sad soon.
AllTheSnakes chapter 1 . 4/26/2013
I liked it, and the style is a good touch.
Waiting for the rest!
Schematization chapter 1 . 4/26/2013
I think for as short as it was it's giving us something quite interesting to chew on already.

I'm going on the idea of the 'young adolescent' Kirk mention's was a local of whatever planet they were on during the mission that apparently went wrong? Either wise as the other reviewer pointed out he would've been given some form of title even if it was ensign. You may want to make a point of telling us who this person was one way or the other. I mean, if it was an innocent party that was simply trying to help the Captain and his crew I can understand why it would really hit him and the entire ship hard. Let's face it any death of any one under Kirk's protection and/or command he takes pretty damn hard. but it would be particularly devastating if it was someone helping them for nothing more than to simply help.

But I do like your take on the strangeness of Spock's behavior. The whole concept of his character possibly becoming colder...maybe incredibly more something disturbing indeed. But that you have Kirk been highly aware of this gives us a good glimpse of how close these two men have become over their time together and there is no need to point at them and make it point blank to us that they have. You did it in a way that made more sense than beating the notion into the ground like some do.

And the same can be said in how you made the point about Spock and McCoy having an obvious issue as well. It's how you put the idea that showed two things to us. One being that it shows there is a great deal of friendship between them on a number of levels as well as showing us how much Kirk is aware of this and he does notice the things that are stirring among his crew even when it comes to personal/private matters instead of always things that circle around the mission at the moment.

I do find the comment about the boy's death hitting Spock hardest rather curious on alot of levels but that might be explained more in the story as it goes, since it doesn't seem like that the fact he was of mixed heritage was the only factor towards it. I mean it is still Spock were talking about. And I'd like to know more as to how Kirk is so aware of this hitting Spock so hard. Is it in words, actions, what? Kirk may know Spock better than most, but if Spock wants to hide something he can do it better than anyone. I can't imagine him showing a great deal of empathy at this situation unless there is a great deal more to what is going on between him and the boy than we know about as of yet.

Also I'm interested in knowing how Kirk suddenly decided to change course for a shore leave? I'm hoping he did ask permission before just going off on this jaunt without telling anyone in starfleet , you know in case they are suddenly needed in the middle of a war or another mission to Babel? I mean I do understand that whatever happened on Idyzk IV has obviously hit the crew of the 'Enterprise' pretty damn hard, hard enough for Kirk to even contemplate this need for shore leave, but I would like to think he would take a moment to ask starfleet if it is possible for them to do so before doing it.

like I said I'm intrigued already with what you've planned in this tiny snippet, especially with the idea there is possible someway for Kirk to put a smile on an unhappy vulcan. It must be a very fascinating section of space if this is a possibilty, but I have this sinking feeling that the smile will only come at the expense of a certain Chief Medical Officer...yes I am very intrigued by this!

Keep up having fun!

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