Reviews for Four Seasons
BrothersBestFriends chapter 22 . 8/16
That was good. I will be off to read part 3.
SlytherinPosidens Divergents chapter 4 . 4/30
Belle Bennington chapter 13 . 4/3
Glorified Babysitter... oh lord I cracked up with that... Gods woman you're killing me here... LOL. (Laughing my ass off)
Acutagava chapter 10 . 12/9/2016
Your story was amazing!
PWAAH chapter 18 . 10/16/2016
Just wanted to point out that your pinyin for the Chinese greeting is wrong. It should be "Zhao an, hai zhi men he hua Mulan". In the future, you might want to stick to italisizing what you want to say instead of trying to translated it in Google translate which mangles just about everything.

Same with shangwu hao. That should be zhao shang hao. Shang wu is morning, but the greeting good morning is zhao shang hao or zhao an or just zhao.
YenGirl chapter 22 . 10/11/2016
You're welcome!

It's been such a fun ride and it's great to know the saga hasn't ended yet! You've made me so fond of the Malfoys and papa Voldie, it's so hard to imagine them being evil now.

The play was a scream! Severus was right to be narrator - he has the voice for it while Lucius has the looks to play the princess. The hero on his steed was wonderful as was the dragon and the er... frightful looking - but lovable - magical fairy LOL The tiny mistakes here and there only made the whole thing more precious and birthday girl Narcissa agrees. The banter sparkled as usual.

And darn it, Severus had to go another night without making love. Ah well, being a parent has its compensations and he - they - know it. It was hilarious what with the children and then the pest LOL... Voldie should get an extra big bed, it doesn't do his Dark Lord rep any good to be kicked out by a 6 year old *cackles madly*

But that ending, girl... that ending. That. Was. Gold.

I teared up :)
J chapter 22 . 10/8/2016
Pyrane chapter 22 . 10/7/2016
Poor Severus :D
But he wanted it ;D
And Harry's mate (you know, the wolfy one) disapearde between chapters...
Oh well.

Thanks for sharing the story !

Guest chapter 22 . 10/5/2016
I loved this story and couldn't stop chuckling has I read it all !

The Crimson Mage.
P.S: Two thumbs up for this !
Maria chapter 22 . 10/4/2016
I really loved your story. Hopefully there is a third part :)
TwinzLover chapter 22 . 10/6/2016
I liked the first one better, mostly because there was some semblance of plot goals, but this one was... fine. I think you can do better than endless misdirected fluff. Please continue this story focusing on the thing that attacked the kids that one time and the actual struggles of working for Dumbledor. I for one have had enough of the fluff. The first story was so exciting, I remember forgetting to breathe after Voldemort discovered that Harry was a Potter, and now in this story it's like there's no point to the sad things other than to have more opportunities for fluff, like did Hermione's mom have to die? It didn't really change much except that Hermione lives with Harry now. Like I remember when Severus was nervous about having a muggle friend because of his lover. Anyway, this is meant to be constructive and I hope you release a 3rd part, but only if you are inspired to do it.
anyeshabaner chapter 22 . 10/5/2016
amazing story
sjrodgers23 chapter 22 . 10/5/2016
loved it thank you sequel please thank you
BenLoVesLV chapter 22 . 10/5/2016
Such an entertaining, snarky and sweet series. I love it and I am very eager awaiting the third part.
saphira88 chapter 22 . 10/4/2016
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