Reviews for Four Seasons
sjrodgers23 chapter 18 . 10/1
please more love it thank you faster updates please
Kemet's Queen chapter 18 . 9/29
I do hope that Hermione's Daddy will make it out of the coma.
KraZiiePyrozHavemoreFun chapter 18 . 9/29
I love this story...
YenGirl chapter 18 . 9/26
You're welcome!

And thank you for that yummy scene with Severus and his Milord. This story is about the only one I can read - and enjoy and giggle over - where Severus is with someone other than Harry.

As usual, the interactions in Severus' household are adorable with Hedwig and Padfoot (poor Severus!), Harry and Hermione and all the princesses. That Mandarin lesson was hysterical (poor Severus again!).

Please let Greg recover. Please. Before or after the summer but he must recover.

And yes, Albus may think Severus needs saving but he and Harry (and the rest of his household) are very safe in Voldemort's hands, thank you...
Stormshadow13 chapter 18 . 9/26
Yea! I the Dark Lord is going to be very happy with Dumbles' offer.

I'm looking forwards to his reaction.

I hope that Greg is going to get better.
Miyu Kokomi chapter 18 . 9/25
Gracias por el capĂ­tulo
Deeth chapter 1 . 9/22
Update Our Prince Harry please. I am firing with out that continuation.
Mystical-Elf-Of-Sorrow chapter 18 . 9/23
haha awesome
Lientjuhh chapter 18 . 9/23
I like it.. :D
serpiente marina chapter 18 . 9/22
kiaaaaa me haces la tarde tan feliz. me gusto. que oferta es?
Dixie.f.9 chapter 18 . 9/22
So what is Dumbledore planning?
btvs22 chapter 18 . 9/22
Great chapter. This was hilarious "Shag-you cow Uncle 'Ape!". It's good to see Hermione better. Albus is a dumb if he think he can convince Severus. Looking forward for the next chapter
Tazouzou chapter 18 . 9/22
Thanks for the chapter!
jayswing96 chapter 18 . 9/21
Hmm. Albus's plan...what is it! Tell meeee! w
ramen-luver101 chapter 18 . 9/21
haha silly Dumbledore, Harry is safer then you think
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