Reviews for Illusions
Guest chapter 9 . 7/16
Ouch! Right in the feels!
Lithuiwen2016 chapter 34 . 5/31
This was, by all accounts, the most heart-wrenching story I have ever read about the Durin Brothers!

You, my Friend, are a true Artist!

Be proud of yourself for writing this story! Because I'm sure everyone who reads this loves it!

Now, I'm going to read Race Against Time. I leave a review there as well. ;)
StarStreamtheKeeper chapter 34 . 4/22
awwwwwwwwww I looooove fluffy endings
StarStreamtheKeeper chapter 29 . 4/22
I can't read fast enough, darn
StarStreamtheKeeper chapter 29 . 4/22
o. my. gosh. 6 chapters left to read!
StarStreamtheKeeper chapter 28 . 4/22
this is better writing than some of the big book series I've read, you have GOT to be the BEST writer on fanfiction. wow, just wow.
StarStreamtheKeeper chapter 28 . 4/22
my heart is beating as I get towards the end, so excited!
Smokeybubble chapter 33 . 1/7
This. Was. Amazing. MY HEART.
Thorin.Twerkinsheild chapter 1 . 8/21/2015
Happy "Leave your fav fanfic author a review" Day! Bear with me here, I suck a talking, writing, communicating, etc. This is the most amazing fanfic I have ever read. EVER. I remember the fateful day when I found this masterpiece on tumblr, I read the first few chapters during class. That was a mistake because I started bawling. WHY DO YOU HURT FILI? DO YOU ENJOY SEEING HIM IN PAIN? I told all my friends to start reading it too, then I began to get texts in the middle of the night such as, "MAGGIE WHY!?" "I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS" "DO YOU LIKE MAKING PEOPLE CRY?" In the end they all liked it a lot. I have read every single one of your works of art, but Illusions is by far my favorite. I LOVE THE WAY YOU MAKE EVERYTHING COME TO LIVE UGH YOURE PERFECT. When you're a famous author I'm gonna go to your book signings and probably cry a lot and get kicked out. I've never left a review before because I thought you already knew you were the . Anyway, stay awesome and have a fantastic day! ️
Elleth of Mossflower chapter 3 . 6/25/2015
I always thought that the pixies and such were elements from Tolkien's earliest stories that he later abandoned, but whatever. I really like this story idea, and I adore the story itself so far. You've really piqued my interest, and Fíli's seizure-thing was shockingly disturbing. Also, your writing is really good.

*Goes off to read some more*
katy chapter 10 . 5/27/2015
i have a question. I read all this story and all but I am still wondering who did push kili into the water and why didnt he tell anyone yet? Like after all this surley he would tell someone! but awesome story other than that bit which confused me :D
anonymous hobbit chapter 25 . 5/10/2015
This whole story reminds me of The Band Perry's song "Back to me without you". I love it. Great writing!
Guest chapter 33 . 5/5/2015
Yayyyyyyy! I LOVED IT!
LiliesInMoonlight chapter 16 . 4/27/2015
I admit, this far into the story I feel concerned that Thorin tells Kíli over and over again how important he is, how irreplaceble, but still treats his other nephew like this. While I know there's good reasoning behind it, it still feels like he does not love Fíli at all, like he only cares about Kíli. Does he not know that this is not Fílis fault? Does he not know that Fíli would rather die than even hurt his brother? How is that fair?
Well, as you can guess I'm not normal and I'm reading far too much into the story. Just thought you'd like to know what I thought while reading until now. I'm gonna keep reading, because I'm desperately hoping for a happy ending.
The GoldenGroups chapter 34 . 4/23/2015
That was an amazing journey. Eva and Bella, Goldberry and Tom Bombadil again, thank you. I appreciate the work and time you put into your writing.
Okay, done with the mushy stuff.
My friend and I have been fangirling over this fanfiction 'cause we love it so much, and the first one, too. (:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:
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