Reviews for Illusions
anonymous hobbit chapter 25 . 5/10
This whole story reminds me of The Band Perry's song "Back to me without you". I love it. Great writing!
Guest chapter 33 . 5/5
Yayyyyyyy! I LOVED IT!
LiliesInMoonlight chapter 16 . 4/27
I admit, this far into the story I feel concerned that Thorin tells Kíli over and over again how important he is, how irreplaceble, but still treats his other nephew like this. While I know there's good reasoning behind it, it still feels like he does not love Fíli at all, like he only cares about Kíli. Does he not know that this is not Fílis fault? Does he not know that Fíli would rather die than even hurt his brother? How is that fair?
Well, as you can guess I'm not normal and I'm reading far too much into the story. Just thought you'd like to know what I thought while reading until now. I'm gonna keep reading, because I'm desperately hoping for a happy ending.
The GoldenGroups chapter 34 . 4/23
That was an amazing journey. Eva and Bella, Goldberry and Tom Bombadil again, thank you. I appreciate the work and time you put into your writing.
Okay, done with the mushy stuff.
My friend and I have been fangirling over this fanfiction 'cause we love it so much, and the first one, too. (:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:
The feels chapter 25 . 3/31
Moving...bursts into tears
Guest chapter 10 . 3/23
Hi and thank you for your awesome stories, you truly are gifted :) I was wondering if you could write a story of Jolis death?
Leofan221 chapter 33 . 3/20
AAHHHRRRGGHH! This Fic...tore me apart. I was partly mad/sad for Fili, and had several emotions regarding Kili throughout this story. My heart was in my throat and my stomach was in my toes! AMAZING storytelling, my friend! I looked up the song, and...oh, my...HEAVENS! That this story so It nearly made me tear up! I was so mad at Thorin when he didn't seem to accept Fili (the real one) back at the village! SSOO MAD! Then...I remembered the hug between Thorin and Bilbo, and I think poor Thorin just has trouble outwardly expressing emotions. Anyway...I have made an OC, Aili (A little sister for our favorite Dwarf brothers), and i was constantly roleplaying (no judging) about how this Dwarrowdam would react to the events in this story. It was actually quite fun, and I would be honoured if I would be allowed to write out Aili's...insertion into this Fan-Fic. If that is not something you like the sound of, just know that I would ONLY change things SLIGHTLY, adding a few scenes of Aili&Fili/Kili interaction, and such. I would NOT change the plot AT ALL! Please PM me with any questions, or whatever...if you wanna...
Lovely Lagoon chapter 34 . 3/15
I love this chapter.
I feel like I say this about every chapter..
But honestly, I do.

While the previous chapter gave a nice closure and ultimately a good ending, this chapter gives me more feels. It's like a great bonus.

Everything about this chapter is on point. Kili's fear, Fili's guilt, Kili's remorse over Fili's quilt..
But it ends in such a sweet, brotherly way and I'm thankful of that.

This story, along with Race Against Time, is purely amazing!

I hope you will always continue to write, no matter what the context is.
You have a gift. You truly, truly do! Don't waste it.

All the best :) Lovely Lagoon aka Mya
Lovely Lagoon chapter 33 . 3/15
Every little piece of me loves this chapter.

Poor Kili. After everything he has done for his family, he's left to deal with the manure.
And as if that's not enough, his meanie big brother find it very amusing.. xD Oh, the joy of siblings..

I feel for Fili, being so anxious that he can't go to the feast..

I get how he feels. I've been through similar situations.. quite a few times.
It really is awful. You WANT to go but you CAN'T cuz the panic and anxiety is creeping on you.

"Fili, are you dying?"
A admit this made me laugh.

'He looked around at his family, his brows drawn apart and his expression caught between tears and joy.'
Aww :') I'm glad they made him go. I'm glad they managed to.

It's sweet, seeing how honored Fili is when they arrive and the crowd cheer for them. He surely didn't expect that kind of response.

'Kili and Fili looked at each other, and Kili rolled his eyes; Fili pressed his lips together and attempted to hold in a giggle.'
'Kili wondered if the food would still be warm when he had finished.'
"Thorin's speech was surprisingly short. That was a mercy."
HAHAHA. These three lines cracked me up! Thorin's speech.. hehe. I find it quite interesting though.

I'm glad Fili is alright and that his little brother is there to cheer him up and support him.
It's a beautiful ending to this story! Don't worry, I will go ahead and review the last chapter ;)
Lovely Lagoon chapter 32 . 3/14
I thought they were done fighting, so I wasn't expecting this.
I get Kili's anger though. He's right - Fili probably wouldn't have ran away again if Thorin would have welcomed him home.

Poor Kili. He cares so much for his big brother, he knows him best and he gets so frustrated when his uncle won't hear him out.
Plus, he's the one who saved Fili's life. Even if he's reckless, maybe Thorin should consider listening to him some more.

It's a relief Dís is there to stop them - before something goes really wrong.
I like the bit where Kili hears Fili's voice speaking to him, calming him down when he, once again, can't breathe.

I'm glad Thorin listens for once, arranging a search party right away.
Good thing Gimli reminds Kili of that. Though I understand Kili's frustration when Thorin sends him home to "rest" once more.

Thank God they find Fili at last. Kili must be relieved that he's okay.

Though I've had plenty of time to feel bad for Fili during your fics, this is the time when I feel the most sorry for him.
Sitting by his Da's tomb all alone in the rain, away from home, thinking that no one wants him there, that he deserves exile.. it's just heartbreaking.

"Do you think Da would've forgiven me?" he said.' Aww, Fili..

His little brother sticking with him, making sure he doesn't run away when their uncle approaches.. Kili knows his brother all too well.

I feel even worse for Fili.. he seems so lost and almost frightened, as if he expects Thorin to give him his final, dismissive words.
When Thorin instead tells him how sorry he is and how he was wrong, Fili can barely believe it..

The final of this chapter.. I don't even know what to say. You nailed it. It's a touching moment.

Oh also.. I just realized after an eternity of reading your fics, that it's sweet how they have nicknames for each other. "Fee/Kee". Yeah, that :)

Also, thanks for keeping Gimli in the fic ;P
Lovely Lagoon chapter 31 . 3/14
Oh my G... a lot of things happens in this chapter. Alright, let's see..

First, it makes me smile seeing how proud Dís is over her boys, despite everything that has happened.
When she tells Kili how grateful she is, that he saved her firstborn, it's such a sweet moment.

'Suddenly, the door flew open, and Thorin burst into the house.
"Dis!" he cried. "Dis, I have information on-"
Then he stopped.'
Thorin must be shocked to see them.
I imagine, deep down he's happy that they're home. But other feelings, such as anger and betrayal, are closer to the surface.

Man.. what a fight. I understand both of them, I guess. And I feel bad for them too.
But I'm glad Kili speaks for, not only himself, but for Fili, also. Because I know Fili would never do so himself. Especially not when he's in this position.

'He wanted to punch something. He wanted to punch Thorin square on his big, hawkish nose.' Ok, you killed me. LOL!

Fili thanking Kili for everything he has done, reminding him of what a good little brother he is, telling him he loves him one last time..
I never paid much attention to it before, but now that I do think of it.. those words sound just like a goodbye. Fili was saying goodbye..

'Fili is missing... again'. Oh my god nuuuh.
I remember the first time reading this.. I almost had a heart attack! Haha.

Great chapter, as always. I think the fighting scene between Thorin and Kili really stands out.
Lovely Lagoon chapter 30 . 3/13
I like the beginning of this chapter. It's easygoing and fun.
If Balin knew that, he'd definitely challenge him into a fight xD Oh, yeah.

Hobbits are so cute. Hobbit children are even cuter.
"We hobbits do prefer to know out visitors before they come visiting, after all." Hehe. I see what you did there.

Ah, yes. The pipe! Good thing Fili is more cheerful the next day and can appriciate it fully.
I like this whole traveling back journey. You've added a nice mix of good and bad moments in it too.

Poor Fili.. I understand how he must feel. After the things he did, he expects them all to turn their back on him.

'She ran to her son and crashed into him, wrapping her arms around him tightly. Kili hugged her in return, dropping his chin onto her shoulder. She smelled of woodsmoke and berries and soap - just like she always did. He breathed in deep. He hadn't realized how much he had missed her.'

I'm smiling, but what's that stinging in my eye...

'Fili cut her short as he wrapped her in an enormous hug, letting out a sob and burying his face into her long, dark hair. Dís returned the embrace wholeheartedly, holding tightly to her eldest as he wept in her arms.'

Okay I'm in tears now. Damn it.

I just love this part so much. The way Dís gets to meet her boys again.
I think it was a smart move to leave Fili behind. This way we got to see 2 emotional reunions :')

This is by far one of the best parts of the entire story - Dís getting her sons back. And Fili and Kili, finally, being home.
Lovely Lagoon chapter 29 . 3/12
'Just the fact that there were dwarves in Buckland was enough to give these folk something to talk about for a week.' Oh, hobbits.

Fact I need to remind myself of: Fili can be stubborn too.

I love how the bickering between the brothers continue in this chapter.
It only gets better and better. Or worse and worse, depending on how you see it.

'Ale splashed into Fili's face, and he shouted out in surprise and looked up at Kili, his braided mustache dripping. Kili burst out laughing and hopped off the bed before Fili could retaliate.'
*Shakes head* Brothers being brothers... this part is especially hilarious!

Oh no, it's the adorable little hobbit again! She's so cute. *can't handle the cuteness*
It's nice, Fili and Kili visiting the hobbit family again. I'm also glad Fili talks more and more.

Thooough... every time I think they've been through enough, another drama occurs. It's okay though.. I like drama. Drama makes up good stories!

Poor Kili... I've never had a wound on my side, but I do know what it feels like to be drowning and that feeling alone is enough. It's not pleasant.

Fili thelping his little brother to breathe reminds me of Thorin coaching Kili back to life in Race Against Time.
Though Kili feels horrible, the fact that Fili now knows must be like a huge weight lift of his shoulders. At least now, he has nothing to hide.
Lovely Lagoon chapter 28 . 3/11
Kili hovering.. this is amusing to me. For some indescribable reason.
Hm. Maybe it's just that he's the little brother and usually we see Fili taking care of him. Not the other way around.

Ouch. So Fili is still in A LOT of pain. Poor guy..
I understand Kilis worry, and his anger - over Fili hiding it from him.
It's not surprising though. Fili wants them to get moving as quickly as possible..

Oh, now they're fighting.. it's sad but it makes sense.
As much as we siblings love each other, we also fight. It's normal.

Fili feels naked without his knives apart from one? HAHA.
Well, considering how many knives he has, that actually makes much sense.

Lol this is such a tense chapter. Every now and then they laugh together but then all of a sudden they're at it again, fighting.
I'm sorry Fili feels that way, like he can't face people. I can see why.

I like everything with Tom and Goldberry in your story. It's almost sad to see Fili/Kili leave them so soon.
On the other hand.. I'm excited to see them head home to Dís and Thorin. And a bit anxious.

'And so ends the chapter that should have been titled "In which Fili and Kili bicker about everything". I agree. Haha.
Lovely Lagoon chapter 27 . 3/11
'Tom launched into a lively tale - more song than spoken word - of his adventures with the River and her daughter, with Goldberry chiming in here and there.' I love it.

I'm glad Kili managed to drag Fili along to the dining table, so that he could get some food and listen to Tom's tale.
I can imagine the brothers fascination for Tom's telling.

"I'll leave you be if you'd like," said Kili, ignoring the twist of discomfort in his chest. Never had he seen his brother so helpless.'
Poor Fili, still in much pain. (Which makes sense when you've been stabbed by an orc)

Poor Kili also.. (Hey this seems like an awfully familiar pattern)
His wound never healed completely then.. I see.

'His elders had taught him many things, but not how to properly communicate with a tall, graceful woman who was not of dwarf-kind.'
Hahaha. Yeah, Bofur should've given him advice or something.

Poor brothers. (Again)

"Hey, shut up," Kili said. "I'm trying to be comforting here."
A breathy chuckle sounded into Kili's collarbone, and he grinned.'
Well, this is amusing. *LOL*

Lol sorry...

Seriously though.. Kili and Fili with their fiddles is just great :) What a great idea!
I laughed at how excited Kili got as soon as he came to think of fiddles, haha. He's like a puppy.

Thank you for making such a sweet ending to this chapter.
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