Reviews for The Good Soul
Monica chapter 16 . 5/18
Please, please update! I'm completely in love with this story!
PaulinaSalmun chapter 1 . 4/12
I thought you left the story behind!
Omg I'm so happy I could die!
You made my day! No, my life!
Omg, thank you so much!
duhorcommonsense chapter 31 . 4/11
They won! But the irony of that statement is that their legacy is them being together
Hsshsl chapter 1 . 4/5
I love your story so much! Can't wait for the next update!
sstl chapter 30 . 3/23
too lazy to log in ;v; Anyways, as I may have said a thousand times before, this story is wonderful, and whenever you update, my day automatically turns a million times better. Your writing is amazing.
hungergameslover99 chapter 29 . 3/14

I just wanted to say that I'm so very impressed with your fanfiction! It is written quite well, lots of detail taken from the Iliad. I've been reading that book for school, and I really can't say how much I appreciate you doing this and staying so true to the book! You even put in some of the epithets that are in the story, now that's effort! I do hope to see more of this story in the very near future, and by the way, you do an awesome job writing sex scenes, you shouldn't be afraid, you know how to make them more of a release of feelings, and not just sluttiness. Well anyways, keep writing! And I will defiantly keep reviewing!


Boudicca1 chapter 29 . 3/11
This is by far the best Achilles/Patroclus story I've ever read. I was wondering if you're going to follow canon throughout the war, and have both of them die, it make it au. If you haven't decided, I would honestly prefer a happy ending, because I've been reading some really depressing fics recently. Anyway, I eagerly await the next chapter!
addielady chapter 29 . 3/5
Wow. That's really all I can say. I just sat down and read your story all the way through and it is absolutely amazing. Your language is incredible, and your character development is perfect. I love all your portrayals and, well, everything. I hope that you post soon. I can't wait to see what happens!
You-know chapter 29 . 3/5
Oh gosh this chapter gave me shivers. I love these two idiots. It's pretty funny that his mother's prophecies do come true just not when you think, because wouldn't you know it someone important does die in a future war. Not sure if that's what you're getting at but this stories getting intense. Can't wait to see what's in store for our heros
sg551 chapter 29 . 3/5
Welcome back!
LeBonnel chapter 29 . 3/3
I am really delighted to read this update. As usual your style is really exciting to read and it makes me happy to see the story has a thrilling future ahead. Reading that really made my day. Good work and keep rockin'! :)
IlliadFan chapter 29 . 3/3
Welcome back! I was truly excited to see you had updated. This story is really too good to be left unfinished. I'm glad you sorted out whatever needed sorting in your life and hope the winds keep blowing in your favour for a long time to come.
Nice chapter, keep it going.
duhorcommonsense chapter 29 . 3/3
This is great! But will you continue this into the movie storyline? If so please make it an AU where they don't die.
sg551 chapter 28 . 1/9
Keep writing. Best of luck with everything.
LeBonnel chapter 28 . 12/14/2014
oh my gods i didn't even knew there was people out there that actually enjoyed ancient history like that and i can't even start saying how overwhelmed i am for finding your history. It really is amazing, and i love every bit of it. I hope i could just have found it earlier (because now i have read 28 chapters in 4 hours and don't know how to proceed in life) so i could support from the beginning, but anyway. You write really well and i'm looking forward for seeing the next chapters. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It really is gold.
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