Reviews for De-Aged
Guest chapter 69 . 7/20
I love this story so much !
fangirlingingeneralidk chapter 69 . 7/20
Yay I'm caught up! your stories make time fly by, I can't believe I just read 19 chapters in 1 sitting :) aug 5 seems really far away right now...
fangirlingingeneralidk chapter 63 . 7/20
I really like Daniel's Muggle nerdiness seeping in
fangirlingingeneralidk chapter 61 . 7/20
angry guilty post-Time-Lord-Victorious Doctor is so heartbreaking
fangirlingingeneralidk chapter 60 . 7/20
rubber duckies omg ily
Jack literally just blew his cover by tripping down the stairs lol
fangirlingingeneralidk chapter 57 . 7/20
OMG. OMG THAT WAS AMAZING. (It just occurred to me that I have no idea if comments are attached to specific chapters or not, so if not, I'm at ch57 and crying with awe. Do you KNOW what you did to me by making Ten say Rose didn't love him?
fangirlingingeneralidk chapter 56 . 7/20
I haven't seen Classic Who, so just to confirm: the Doctors in these chapters appeared in this order: 5, 3, 4, 6, 9?
Nine being possessive even over memories of Rose awww
Is War going to make an appearance?
fangirlingingeneralidk chapter 52 . 7/20
Nine cameo! (sort of.) Flaming dementor! Rose scaring the pants off Jack and Doctor! This was an excellent chapter.
fangirlingingeneralidk chapter 50 . 7/20
Jack recognizing Sirius' pain is painful to me
LLL chapter 59 . 7/19
Sorry for late update my whole house got sick for the weekend. Moans. So more s black! ! I hope soon.
LLL chapter 58 . 7/17
Well we know who the 13 Dr will be. Do you like who they picked?
LLL chapter 57 . 7/17
So. Are you studying to be a Dr?
TheLoverOfWit chapter 19 . 7/16
My god, does this Ellie chick annoy me to end. She really is too young to be so prejudiced, oh well do it for the plot.
LLL chapter 52 . 7/15
Ring wealth. Ha. In fire. Bed now.
LLL chapter 51 . 7/15
I guess I lied. Ch 52. I need some popcorn
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