Reviews for De-Aged
RyukMelonLordofTime12101 chapter 50 . 11/15
Totally worth the wait :) Can't wait for the next chapters! Keep up the good work.
iPage chapter 50 . 11/13
HOI chapter 50 . 11/10
Geez I've been following this for a while I'm so glad you're still writing this. It's fun, and I don't get much fun. Thank you. You're a fantastic author.
Female whovian chapter 50 . 11/9
I can't believe it's only chapter 50! It feels like so much more. But anyway, on to the chapter. I love how Sirius and Jack are like, immediately helping each other. They do have rather similar personalities if you think about it. Great job!
Smiley101 chapter 50 . 11/8
Aww, I don't want to wait that long! Well, from what you've told us, the next few chapters are really going to be something. I hope so! These recent chapter, while necessary have been a bit short. I await December 5th. Also! Can we have a special christmas update? Two updates in one month? It would be amazing! Since we have winter break, maybe you could find time?
Luna Alli Rose chapter 50 . 11/8
AHHH! Sirius Black is always a personal favorite of mine! I really want more, I'm physically craving it. :P I wonder if maybe you can find a way to get the TARDIS to keep the dementors away from Her, that way, Black has an easier escape route for when he his needed next. Also, you know that the Doctor is gonna want to get back in old Sexy there. XD
Guest chapter 50 . 11/8
Happy 50th chapter! Woohoo! And I love Jack's nostalgia at seeing the TARDIS and all of her rooms again. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS CHAPTER
AliceCullen3 chapter 50 . 11/8
Katherine Sanderson chapter 50 . 11/8
Yes, Sirius Black. I love the interaction between him and Jack :)
Mandalorian1207 chapter 50 . 11/8
*randomly hugs Jack* XD I am such a sucker for any de-aged fictional crush. *mutters under breath about how unfair it is that all crushes are fictional, gay, taken, or all of above*
Keksklumpen chapter 50 . 11/8
That was great! I'm always so excited when I see you've updated. I'm really looking forward to more interaction between Jack and Sirius and when he'll start asking questions haha
seth42 chapter 50 . 11/8
Yay ! Sirius is here XD
Lon chapter 50 . 11/8
This is absolutely brilliant
fan-de-carlisle-cullen chapter 50 . 11/8
Sirius! Jack! Teaming! I like it. Another!
Padfoot124 chapter 50 . 11/7
Ooooh, Sirius! Love that little twist! Also, the parts about Ianto - *throws heart into sun*.
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