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Guest chapter 71 . 11/16


Maybe I'm just extremely dumb, or this just made no sense. I have no idea what happened except that Jack was a druggie who had a turtle ostrich thing as a best friend and was crazy? What? Don't understand. Probably just being dumb though :P

Your writing is so nice. I feel like this would've been amazing if I could understand it, which I can't. Which sucks.
Guest chapter 46 . 11/15
Omg. So I didn't review at all in quite a while, because they would've all been the same: 'Gosh this is so good I can't breathe it's amazing oh my god don't ever stop writing'

So I decided the review for this one because I feel like it. Just wanted to say that the 'Brave' thingy is SOOO good and amazing - it's like a breather from all this angsty stuff...actiony and all. Love it.

This thingy, I can't remember what it's called, but it's so good! Never even came across my mind that jack could stop believing in the guardians as a child...interesting idea! I love how you manage to keep jack in character no matter what...and I love how he just forgives North so quickly. That was my favorite part, actually...that Jack has the 'childlike ability to forgive' or whatever you wrote, because you couldn't have hit his character more spot on. I was like "WHOA. BAM!" Because that was just so Jack-ish, to make jokes through his tears and to Jack-ish. AHHH. Good job. I don't think I'll ever be able to write like you do.

However, this particular chapter was a smudge too cheesy. Just a tiny, tiny hair over the line. I think it was the part where 'Jack didn't realize both North and Bunny had tears streaming down their faces' - something like that. I just found it a bit...too much. Maybe you could've described their expressions or something, but...I don't know. It just made it overly dramatic and then it became cheesy.

But overall, as I might have stated above, THIS IS SO GOOD. ALL OF THEM HAVE BEEN AMAZING. GAH.
Guest chapter 17 . 11/12
OKAY. So I'm not gonna review for every single chapter because that's gonna be crazy and also I don't want to because they're all soooo good and I just want to keep reading and reviews TAKE SO LONG TO WRITE.

So this chapter.

Was SOOO good! Soo cute oh my god I might just suffocate in the fluff! Are you going to write about when jack tried to disappear? You should, if you haven't already.

Anyway. Thank you for this! So good! Can't wait to keep reading!

(Oh but you do make some minor grammar mistakes from time to time. Like apostrophes before the 's' in certain words when they shoul not be on sentences...some area where hyphens would be a heck of a lot more effective than know. Minor. Overall, it's great, I love it so far, and you should update soon!
Guest chapter 9 . 11/10
Aw :(

Sad, but not overly depressing. Which is good. You didn't take it over the top, like many people tend to do. Just enough dramatic ness, but not enough to make it cheesy. :D

What scars from the movie? I don't recall seeing jack have scars anywhere...or anyone talking about anything to do with scars. And I've watched the movie plenty of times. Maybe I missed it? *shrugs* moving on to the next chapter...:D
Guest chapter 8 . 11/10

Okay, so you turned this arc amazing arc. Wow. This just gets better and better. This one was so deep and nicely written...jack is so casually genius xD.

Can't wait to read the rest! Oh my god, don't know if I'll sleep tonight. I think I'll just stay up reading this. It is so good :)
Guest chapter 7 . 11/8
Aha! Much better. Thank. You.

This was great! I loved it. Although, slightly confused as to why the wind randomly lost control? Was there another wind stopping it from stopping the other wind? Yes, as you can see, I'm confused.

I like the second half the best. You did a good job of characterization there. I don't know was just good. Keep up the good work!

Oh and you should do more non-Jack stuff. I know, I know, I'm only on the seventh chapter and I don't know what's coming...but...but...sighhhh. Yeah I guess I can't really say anything more. :P
Guest chapter 6 . 11/8
Are these one-shots all going to be related?

Also - does jack even bleed? I mean, technically he's dead, so he's a spirit. And spirits don't die or bleed.

Whatever. Not important.

Anyywaayyyy. Although I don't personally enjoy the whole idea of other spirits beating jack up (I like to think that the seasonals all work together including jack, because what's the point of fall if there's no winter? And how would spring happen if there was no winter? And if spring didn't happen, how would summer? So...I dunno, that's just me) and the whole 'Jack almost died' one-shot/two-shot/continuous thing...

I'll admit that your past few chapters, although they followed both the above mentioned ideas, were...reasonably tolerable, given that I hate those ideas with a burning passion. So yeah, you did pretty well. Those chapters actually kinda were good, which I've never said about anything built around those abhorrent ideas. So congratulate yourself - you are the sole successful writer who has dragged a somewhat grudgingly positive review on a work or works that follow the afore mentioned...things... out of me. Yayyy. Pat yourself on the back. Now, let me hope to see the future topics to change to be more...sensible. Enjoyable. Less hated. More awesome. More...appreciated. *cringes, clicking the 'next' button and reading the summary*
Guest chapter 2 . 11/8
AWWW how unbelievably cute!

Sad but cute and fluffy...good job :)

One thing - maybe try using hyphens instead of commas sometimes. I find they create a better effect. More shaky and sudden, you know? (Eg. 'But - but...' instead of 'but, but')

And also you had a few super long sentences that could've been run-on. Maybe break them up or use commas?

Overall it was great! I loved it and will definitely enjoy reading the next gazillion chapters! Can't wait to see where this is going! :D
MAGORY26 chapter 112 . 11/8
waiting here to the next chapter update*** but seriously, update soon, i enjoy this fic so much i read it complete in a week, please bring us more !
Guest chapter 112 . 10/28
Yay. Good story. :)
PlaidOtaku chapter 75 . 10/13
Okay here's a list of prompts that I would love to see from this chapterOne where Jack speaks old English *Where Jack has coffee
*Jack has a mood ring
*Jack dyes his hair orange
*Jack surfs during a hurricane
PlaidOtaku chapter 74 . 10/13
This is the funniest chapter yet! LOL
PlaidOtaku chapter 74 . 10/13
Magnus Bane is also banned from Peru XD
xxkelsey39 chapter 78 . 10/12
46, Can u write a story about 10, 14, 27, 33, 34, and/or 38
Please these are really good ideas! Thank you!
toothiana123 chapter 38 . 10/1
i love the brotherly love between jack and bunny keep up the good work
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