Reviews for Exhale
Frenchfries chapter 1 . 7/19/2013
Well... this was original! I certainly wasn't expecting Scarlett's spirit moving around out of her body! I mean, it's already been done, but not in GWTW.
Overall, I liked this fic: you write well, there arn't any spelling mistakes and the characters are in character (way to go repetition!).
The only down side is that it's... well... a little short :(
Anyway! Thanks for writing this fic, it was NOT a waste of time! :)
uhuhuhuhuhuhu chapter 1 . 7/3/2013
*faving now*
*no interesting comments*
*mind completely screwed by GWTW angst*
Skeptick chapter 1 . 6/5/2013
hi. I'm the same guest. I stopped reading your Pride and prejudice story (I will go back to that) to see if you had another style. This is different. 3 different styles. I'm realy, really, really thinking you are different writers. This is good. I liked it better than your modern story.

Sorry I'm not commenting on the stories anymore. I am just skeptickal that you are one writer. And maybe I should call you out for it.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/30/2013
Oh. And another fanfic author on here that I greatly admire is Cornorama. The reason why so many people like her is because, even if she doesn't update all the time due to stressful situations or life problems in general, she's never deleted her FanFic and she leaves all her stories up so that we can come back to them. (She's also been apart of this fandom for over 5 years; that may have something to do with it.) Instead of coming back to a completely empty FanFic page. I think the other reason why people were upset was because you're such a fantastic writer. If you weren't talented, people wouldn't care so much. I don't mean to belabor my point, so I'm going to stop with that point made. I'm also writing again because I didn't really leave an actual review in my last comment.

I really like the semi-hopeful ending to this story. The way you characterized Scarlett's ghost (ghost? I think?) was actually beautifully done, in only a way I think you can really manage. When I started reading this, I was a little wary. I had never really read something like this before, so I was kind of on the fence about whether or not I should continue reading. I was pleasantly surprised. I feel bad for doubting your writing ability in retrospect. You've never let me down before, even when you killed Rhett in "A New Mistress". (After what he did to Scarlett, nothing short of death would have sufficed.) I know you posted this ages ago, but I still feel bad about not commenting earlier, even if I don't necessarily post as myself in this fandom. Thank you for coming back. I also realized I never told you how much I appreciate the fact that you're back to finish "A Girl's World". I think that may be my favorite modern era GWTW fic so I'm excited that you're going to finish writing it.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/30/2013
I think I've actually figured out why you delete and repost and disappear so often and I've figured this out because I used to do this on my Tumblr or FanFic page as well. It's an internet behavior a lot of people do, either consciously or unconsciously, and it's because we all like grandstanding. We perpetually delete and come back or destroy our internet pages because we subconsciously want attention. It's never really at the fore front of our minds. We don't think "I need some attention and someone to show me that they care. The best way to do that is to destroy everything that made strangers interested in me in the first place. Here goes." You could, if you actually wanted to "leave the GWTW fandom", just quietly leave and come back when you're less stressed out, all your stories still intact, but no. We people of the internet tend not to do that; the sudden disappearance gives us the attention we want. Suddenly, it's not just a quiet hiatus; it's a floodgate of messages from people asking "Are you okay? What's wrong? Where'd you go? Do you need help?" I'm not necessarily upset with you for doing this. A lot of people do this. It's an internet behavior that many people on sites like Twitter, Tumblr, blogging sites in general and yes, do all the time. I know several people in the Harry Potter fandom who grandstand all the time; I used to be one of them. I'm only pointing this out because your explanation was rather insufficient, albeit made with the best intentions. I honestly see no point in posting and deleting and then posting and subsequently deleting stories again. And then finishing a story you already started but, again, had deleted before. I honestly think people would be less annoyed if you had simply deleted and left, instead of deleting and coming back again and repeating the process over and over again, essentially dangling a carrot in front of you in the form of your good writing, only to tear it away from us. Human beings. Hate that. Especially, if they don't particularly know you that well. (Yes, it's to your credit that you've only done this twice now. But you still have to understand why it could be annoying.) I think I deleted my Tumblr 5 times total before coming back each time and deleting whenever I reached 10,000 followers again before I gave up the site for good and kept my blog as an archive. At the time, I simply could not understand why people were upset with me over what I kept doing. Upon further reflection, I've figured out why. I hope this isn't seen as a hateful message. I'm not trying to troll you or to make you upset. I'm commenting as a Guest because I don't really like commenting in general (I'm not really involved in this fandom like I am in P&P, where I found you, or HP.) I hope this helps.

- Still an Ardent (albeit frustrated) Fan
ShellMel chapter 1 . 5/10/2013
Thank you, Dixie, for answering our questions over why you pull and repost. I can't say I necessarily understand your reasons yet, but I do at least respect them.
Dixie Cross chapter 1 . 5/7/2013
Apologist Note: For Those Who Asked
(I decided to just post this in the reviews to streamline the discussion.)

There’s a reason I often write from Rhett’s point of view. Sure, part of it is to control the control freak myself for a few precious moments, but the other part is (and I write this with a sound somewhere in between a sigh and a groan) he is the character whose personality most resembles my own…

I feel as though I have already explained myself but I can tend towards obfuscation in lieu of clarity—inadvertently or advertently. I will explain myself again and with any luck for the last time. Believe it or not, as theatrical or filmic as my writing is, I prefer to live out of the limelight and turn away from drama. Now to the point.

First, I have only deleted my GWTW stories twice. Both times have been for slightly different reasons. And I have only reposted all my stories once (not something I intend on doing again). The first time I took down my stories I did so without any forewarning and for several reasons, personal and professional. When I decided I wanted to write and post again on this fansite, several readers and fellow writers asked me to repost my old stories. I did so.

Months later I knew I needed a break, a real break again. I wanted and needed to write my own story, in addition to other things. And as much as I didn’t want to bring undue attention to my plans I decided I ‘owed’ it to my readers to give them a head’s up so that they could copy the stories themselves if they so chose.

Now why delete instead of stepping away? Why return?

I delete for many reasons, a main one being that within many of my GWTW stories I have sections I know belong in my original work-in-progress. I glean. And this last time I went story by story to decide which ones I needed to take down. The only one left after my deliberation was Bittersweet Scars (which apart from a few days when I wanted to edit out some typos I have kept and will keep up).

This leads me to reposting. As another reason for deleting my stories is due to my terrible self-control with anything to do with GWTW, once I edited I couldn’t resist writing a one-shot. One-shots don’t tie me to the site in the same way; don’t tie me to GWTW. So I wrote and posted Exhale. I thought that would be it…until a number of readers (and especially a couple whom I consider “friends”) asked me to finish A Girl’s World. Honestly, I was one of those people. That story’s been stuck in my head like a Katy Perry pop song. So I finally caved, in the hospital with my daughter sick once again, I caved, reposted and updated that one. I have promised to finish it and I will. I think with only it up, I can balance my sparse writing time better.

My P&P stories are an entirely different beast. I enjoy writing them but they don’t suck me in and hold me under as does GWTW. I’ve only taken those down to bulk them up, to repost them under a penname I feel is more “Austenian” and ultimately to see if I can’t turn a buck out of my silly, superfluous hobby. But in general on a larger fansite nobody cares what you do. It lacks the collective compatriotic tendencies of smaller sites.

Thanks to those who still read. Thanks to those who still review. Really. If I have one rule for fanfiction it’s to not take anything too seriously, above all, myself.


And in answer to some things about the actual story: Exhale is meant to end on an ambiguous note, although in my mind it’s an optimistic sort of ambiguity.
ShellMel chapter 1 . 5/6/2013
I second that request, I would love to know why you post, then delete your stories, only to repost them all a few months later. What's the purpose? I've been on here for at least three of your post-and-delete incidents and I struggle to understand why an author would do that. And why should anyone bother reading and reviewing the work of someone that does this, isn't the pull-and-repost nonsense disrespectful of their time and energy they put into critiquing a story, only to have the work get pulled? Plus, isn't it a bit selfish of an author to keep expecting the realm to willingly put up with that kind of silliness? No matter how good of a writer you are, that kind of tactic isn't good writing at all, it's just immature and childish in my book.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/6/2013
First of all, thanks for sharing. I enjoy most of your stories very much - you're an excellent story-teller and writer, blessed with real talent. However, I must admit that I, too, am annoyed at your habit of posting, deleting and then re-posting your stories. I don't want to lecture you and I do believe that it is your right to do with your work as you see fit - it's just that I don't see your point. Why do you keep doing this? It does not make sense, it's tedious and unfair. Once I enjoy a story of yours, I feel like I've got to print it off and save it in some kind of folder because I can't be sure that you won't delete it presently. Don't get me wrong, I'm just trying to understand your motivation. Most of the time, you post high quality work, so why would you go on deleting your stories only to re-post them a month or two later? I'm sorry, but I don't get it. I know you're under no obligation to justify this habit of yours, but I would still appreciate it very, very much if you could comment on this matter in one of your upcoming posts. Thank you and be well.
Chris OHB chapter 1 . 5/5/2013
I'm new to this fantom both as a reader and a writer (if I can call myself one) and I don't know the history behind uploading and taking down stories, so I can't comment on that and it's not my place to judge actions. That is not why I chose to comment on this disagreement.

It is just my feeling that we are missing the point here. Reviewing is about stating an opinion about a piece of WORK. It's not about the writer. It's immaterial whether a writer is male of female, where he/she comes from or the reason behind any actions he/she takes. The writer is introduced to the public through his/her work and we can't tell much about his/her personality only by that. Although part of the personality is reflected on the work, none of us should jump to conclusions about who the person is in RL or why he/she makes his/hers decisions. As a result, I believe that issues or disagreements about the actions don't belong to the review section, but should preferably be delivered to the inbox of each writer.

As for the content of the reviews, since it has been mentioned by several here. Respect should be the primary concern for every reviewer (guest or not), regardless of whether the comment is negative or appraising. And not only in terms of language! All critic negative or positive should be grounded. That is the only way to help the writer improve upon his/her work.
Moreover, we shouldn't forget that each story is from the point of view of the writer. One can either agree or disagree with it. We have our own thoughts, opinions and feelings and sharing them is the essence of the fantom. And it is precisely what I came to love in it and I find most creative; all those different opinions, which have helped me both with my writing and my understanding on the book!
Finally, none of us should disregard the effort is takes to write. It's not easy, it requires a great amount of mental work and discipline. So if anything, the reviewers should keep that effort in mind and respect it.
As a reader I try to keep all these in mind every time I review a story!
Sorry for the bubbling. I hope I didn't offend anyone.
Wow chapter 1 . 5/5/2013
What a clash...
MerideeAikens chapter 1 . 5/4/2013
I wanted to weigh in with my thoughts on this matter.

First, the site asks that writers and readers respect the opinions of ALL reviewers, even if their comments are not full of praise and glory. So to those of you who are calling the dissenting reviewers out for being disrespectful to Dixie Cross, aren't you being just as disrespectful by trying to shut them up or argue them down? They, like the rest of you, also have the guaranteed RIGHT on this site to share their opinions with a writer, no matter what those opinions are, so if you're asking for civility and respect on here, then please remember to act that way yourselves. In fact, most of you that are shouting down the dissenters have behaved rather offensively, especially Cecile in assuming that Dixie's dissenters are all males, demanding that those reviewers respect her merely because she's a female. Remember, whether your male or female, respect is EARNED, it's not a right. If you can't behave nicely and act like a mature adult on this site, then perhaps you all need to go away until you CAN behave respectfully and responsibly on here.

Secondly, what does it matter if someone doesn't have an account to correspond via PM or leave signed reviews? Those of you arguing down the dissenters also have not left your comments signed, so isn't that rather hypocritical that you demand those reviewers get accounts on here, yet you leave your own remarks unsigned? And where is it written that all reviewers must be writers themselves before they can leave comments? If that's the case, then well over half of the readers on this site are having their opinions negated, simply because they are not writers, just readers. And such nasty behavior on the parts of reviewers on here certainly does not make me want to get an account and try my own hand at writing, that's for sure.

Thirdly, isn't it disrespectful of an author to constantly post and delete their work? I am new to this site and fandom, and also this author so I can't judge on past stories she has posted, but I would think it would be considered disrespectful of an author to post a story, let readers get into it, then take it down. In real life how many times are you allowed to do that at your job where you do a task assigned to you, then constantly go back and either redo it or fix it? I can tell you that if there's any chance that this story and future stories by this writer will disappear at some point in time, then I'm not going to waste my time getting into her work because why bother if she's going to delete it later on down the road? And what's the purpose of pulling and reposting like that? If you're not happy with the story, then don't post it until you are, right? I would imagine that fandoms and readers can only be forgiving of such a tactic for so long before they start to rebel, which is apparently what is happening here, Dixie Cross has posted and deleted so many times that people are finally fed up with it and speaking out. Which is their RIGHT on this site, remember?
Guest chapter 1 . 5/4/2013
I think the point is that Dixie is perfectly entitled to take down, re-post, take down, re-post her stories. But it will annoy some people and some readers will give up on her, I am now indifferent to her work.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/4/2013
To both dissenters: Please don't offend Dixie. Treat others with politeness and respect. Stop yourself before anger simmers.
Dixie: I am sorry that you have it in your reviews. Don't pay attention to them.
AgreewDissenter chapter 1 . 5/3/2013
Amaranthe: I'm not the original poster you are addressing, but I found your review to also be impolite, as it is disrespectful to try to stifle the opinions of another reader on here. Is there also a double standard where "dear Dixie" is treated with kid gloves and babied every time she pulls and reposts? Because I can guarantee you that if she did that in any of the fandoms I usually read in, she'd get seriously called out for it because it's incredibly disrespectful of a writer to do that. You don't post stories, then decide three months later that you hate having them up there so you delete them all, then five months later you decide to repost, repeating this kind of stunt constantly. It's not fair to the fandom, the other writers, and those that are faithfully following the works, it's a very selfish and immature gesture on that writer's part to keep doing that. As to me, I quit following Dixie's work right around the second time she pulled all her stories and then reposted them months later. Good writer or no, life's too short for such nonsense and if dear Dixie can't make up her mind if she wants to write fanfiction or not, then maybe she'd better hold off doing anything until she's sure she's finally decided and is actually going to stay with that decision.
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