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SpiderFanAgainx2 chapter 69 . 10/14
Sorry to pop in unannounced when I already made a review here, but I wanted to tell you about a pairing that might be interesting, assuming you or someone else hadn't already thought of it anyway. It's between Spidey and Shuri, T'Challa's sister and former bearer of the Black Panther mantle.

I got the idea after recently reading the 'Klaws of the Panther' miniseries where one chapter has the ole' Webhead teaming up with the Wakandian princess. The dynamic and character interaction between the two was intriguing, though never really touched upon all that much considering the fate of the world hung in the balance and all that. Maybe a scene about some downtime after saving the world? On top of a picturesque building eating hotdogs? It would certainly help Shuri take a break from her whole 'living up to the living legend of T'Challa' thing she has going on in the book.

But anyway, that's my idea, hope things have been going great with you, and whenever the next update comes I'm sure it'll be a solid chapter regardless. Peace out.
Guest chapter 69 . 10/10
Will try dazzler or dazzler-thor?
Farrell14 chapter 69 . 10/3
Very cool my friend. Yours is one of the best stories here on this site. I always thought Babs is the right kind of woman for Pete and even featured them in a Batman/Marvel mashup I wrote. Hope you check out sometime and give me some feedback. Anyways good stuff and keep it up!
The Story's Shadow chapter 43 . 10/2
I really do like this exploration into how animals interact with Spidey. I look forward to see how Donna and Spidey get along in the future.
The Story's Shadow chapter 34 . 10/2
She-Hulk's relationship with Spidey is interesting. Too much woman for him? Heh heh, I like it.
The Story's Shadow chapter 42 . 10/2
This thing between Spidey and Maria's interesting. It's funny to read too.
The Story's Shadow chapter 14 . 10/2
I like Spider-Man and Spider-Woman, it's an interesting dynamic.
Kiden chapter 43 . 9/30
The animals helping Spidey out is actually a canon thing in the Marvel Adventures comic, thanks to his girlfriend there. Sophia "Chat" Sanduval, a mutant that can talk with animals. Love the stories so far, been marathoning my way through them.
Uptownnoir chapter 1 . 9/30
If you're looking for other girls I suggest Sakura from Street Fighter her perky attitude could brighten up Peters Grey days. Have her as a transfer student from Japan since she is still in high school
shawn.desai chapter 68 . 9/26
Could you do Artemis/Tigress from Young Justice?
WDCain Man chapter 69 . 9/21
This was fun, seeing Spidey and Batgirl teamup to fight super powered mobsters instead of costume villains. I kind of wish we get a Batman movie like that one day. Pete and Barb really have some nice chemistry here, somewhat like with Blackcat but without all the sexual tension. Even your fight scene had a nice flow in it and I don't think you've had one in this story before. Well done.

The last chapter with Sue Storm was fine too. Hopefully Reed will find someone else to love, maybe Lissette Orvola. She's the woman Reed married in an issue of What If where Sue married Namor. Lissette is insanely brilliant (possesses four pHDs) but is often used as a spy by Doctor Doom though she always breaks free of him. I don't know if she's ever shown up in the 616verse but she's a cool lady.
Guest chapter 10 . 9/16
I never got into the whole 'people arguing / fighting as sexual tension' style of romance. It's one thing to have conflict for a plot, but people who grate on each other's nerves aren't going to hook up. It makes me unwilling to read what comes next for this pair, even if I think the idea of such a pair could be cute.
jhaynes0529 chapter 13 . 9/11
Can I see one story of Hippolyta ?
CMR Rosa chapter 69 . 9/10
Amazing, I love the Barbara and Peter pairing, for the next pairing maybe you can do Black Canary, and also have you thought of Deconstruction that Spider-Man tenses to be a scapegoat to the public and John Jonah Jameson smear campaign, example John Jonah Jameson would often say that Spider-Man is working with a villain or the cause the crime, there has to be a villain would would exploit that, also one time in MARVEL KNIGHTS - SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN #6 a group of police man released Doc Octopus because the Daily Bugle put a 5 million bounty and hope to use the battle to capture him.
Mr.E chapter 37 . 9/3
Please make a second part of this for me. Because out of all of them I like this pairing the most.
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