Reviews for Caught in the Web
SoundVenom chapter 70 . 8/30
Like it look forward to more though it could just been me but maria hill first chapter seem a little too LIKE slade from original teen titans cartoon series tempting a teen with what they want most at end of day terra went to slade to get control over her powers but has to play spy for as repayment for helping maria basically told a young peter she can get offer way to be free of alll bad publicity spiderman's been getting as well from no good goes unpunished have people see as him as hero but catch she wants him to spy on avengers though don't know if that was intentionally or not I vote for these girls.
Stephanie Brown/Spoiler marvel comics
Terra cartoon teen titans series comics
Jubilee x-men marvel comics
FrostHunter chapter 70 . 8/30
Cool look forward to more vote for these girls.
Stephanie Brown/Spoiler dc marvels
Amora/Enchantress marvel comics
Firestar spiderman loves mj marvel comics
JEREMY chapter 41 . 8/25
I see so many missed opportunities for crossover comic stories here.
I'm sure there must be at least A FEW people out there who remember when Lois had HER own solo comic circa the 1970s.
Marvel should do a JANE FOSTER comic , where she's just a human doctor, instead of having her play THOR with big tits.
Nick T chapter 70 . 8/21
Hey can you please do a chapter based on Spider-Man Homecoming?
JEREMY chapter 49 . 8/15
No explanation of how Peter got there?
JEREMY chapter 57 . 8/15
JEREMY chapter 4 . 8/11
This is the superhero version of a romantic novel.
I like how you blend the genres together.
Marvel Comics today will never be this stimulating.

warrior of six blades chapter 15 . 8/10
Awwww~ It's so cute seeing Peter practically care for her and spoil her in love and affection, in his own unique way. Only way to describe someone like Spiderman because I'm not sure geeky or shy cuts it, there's...a certain mix between innocent and experience he has that I can't word.

But ladies love it.
warrior of six blades chapter 14 . 8/10
Kinda cute how they can tradebarbs with each other and still love each other so much.
warrior of six blades chapter 13 . 8/10
Well, Spidy was very creative in his researching Ivy and remembering what he learned of her research. He even managed to slightly reason with her enough to turn herself in peacefully to protect a rare plant.
warrior of six blades chapter 12 . 8/10
Well, it nice how Spiderman started off with jokes and quips at first as he meets Laura/X-23. Only to turn comforting and willing to lend a hand to the distraught and lonely girl as he learned more about her. Little as it was, it was enough to make the hero aware she was suffering and lost with no one else to turn to. So he decides to take her in and the part where Laura said "I am yours.", is quite a suggestive bit of hinting~

True, it most likely is on a subconscious level for Laura, but a good ship potential as well down the road when she fully realizes her growing feelings!
SuperHappySpider chapter 70 . 8/9
Could do 4 chapters for each of the main girls from RWBY.
warrior of six blades chapter 11 . 8/9
Well, seems Spiderman had done Supergirl quite a deed when she recklessly charged into Doc Oct and Lex Luthor's little plan without one of their own. Forcing Spiderman into a desperate do or die situation that he barely saved Supergirl from drowning in, even overworking his body to the max to save her.

Now she's gonna give Spidy his just reward~
warrior of six blades chapter 10 . 8/9
Well, that was interesting to see them reminding each other of their screw ups in a rare display of lashing out, before deciding to make up for it.
warrior of six blades chapter 9 . 8/9
Poor Spidy, he has no idea the mayhem Harley will bring into his life now that he's caught her eye...
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