Reviews for Caught in the Web
Guest chapter 7 . 9/10
Good great
Gregary Fritsch chapter 70 . 9/10
need more chapters
Nick T chapter 70 . 9/6
Please do a Lara Croft chapter like you promised
Harem Master123 chapter 70 . 8/29
I really love the fic and hope you come back to it one day when you have time (or want to)
I saw on your anime update that one of the animes was High School DxD. If you do start updating again, I would like to see a Peter x Koneko chapter. I really love her as a character and I think if you went with a teenage Peter (whether it’s a young teen Peter from 616, Ultimate Marvel Peter, Homecoming Peter, Spectacular Peter (the cartoon), or an original version of Peter it would work out fine
Guest chapter 67 . 8/26
the true hero the guard
Guest chapter 65 . 8/26
ArmorOfGeddon chapter 43 . 8/12
Got to admit, this was easily the weakest chapter so far (and I say this as someone who enjoyed the past chapters).

The saddest thing is it could have worked out, but only if you used the Marvel Adventures version of Spider-Man. In that universe he dates a mutant girl who has the power to communicate with animals. Because she's always caring for the stray animals in the city, they repay the favor by watching out for Spider-Man, and, sure enough, they acknowledge him as an alpha.

In most other universes the animals of New York couldn't care less at Peter.
ArmorOfGeddon chapter 30 . 8/3
The really sad thing is... I could easily see it going exactly like this. The only people in Marvel more hated and disrespected than Spider-Man are mutants... and Morrison literally had to invent a sentient virus that infected all of humanity to make them hate mutants to justify it!

The worst part though is Sue took this long to even speak up in his freaking defense... and she only did it in private instead of explaining things to the general public or even her fellow heroes.

And, seriously, f**k Luke. He, of all non-mutant heroes, should know about someone being falsely accused. The fact that he's teamed with Spider-Man practically a dozen times by now and still thought the worst of him was shameful. Then again, him throwing false accusations at Spider-Man's character seems to be a thing with him, even going as far back as their first meeting.
Rossaldinho7 chapter 46 . 7/4
As a fan of Luna, to the point she’s the star of one of my own fics crossing over with Artemis Fowl, I think you’ve captured the character perfectly. Did you know the girl who played Luna originally played her in the Harry Potter musical A Very Potter Senior Year? Another thing I’m a fan of. Anyway, I’m borderline geeking out, so I’ll end it here.
Guest chapter 70 . 6/22
Guest chapter 39 . 6/2
So is DeathStroke related in some way to Deadpool?
Guest chapter 70 . 5/11
Could you do mortal kombat girls? It is very rare in Spider-Man's case.
Guest chapter 70 . 5/8
Please do part 3 for harley quinn.
Guest chapter 70 . 4/3
Update please.
SpiderKhan chapter 70 . 4/2
Please do harley quinn part 3 perhaps harley unmasks him but I'll be fine with anything.
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