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Nick T chapter 61 . 6/26
Character Picks:
Ryuko, Satsuki- Kill la Kill

Akame, Leone- Akame ga kill

Rei, Saeko, Shizuka- HOTD

Rias, Akeno, Asia, Koneko, Irina, Rossweisse- DxD
Nick T chapter 70 . 6/13
Got another anime chapter idea, don't really expect it to happen but will be really happy if you do: Ilya from Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Ilya. Check out first episode and you might be interested.
Nick T chapter 70 . 6/12
Hey, I just want you to know that you are a phenomenal writer. You just inspired me to make me thinking about writing a fanfic about spidey one-shots but mostly anime and other stuff, is it cool if I can borrow Pītā Pākā's name to my story? Oh BTW, did you see the new Wonder Woman movie, it was awesome!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/6
I really like this story! I was also a big fan of Unnoticeable, but it seems to have disappeared. Will it return?
firelass19 chapter 18 . 6/2
So. Fudging. Sad. What the fudge?! This isn't allowed. I hate you. I really love you, but I really hate you. This was to damn sad. This isn't allowed.
Oni Rinku chapter 70 . 6/1
I'm happy you're back and am looking forward to what you have to show us!
I'll admit, I'm not that much of a fan of the anime crossovers (I can't seem to make to worlds meet in my mind) but I'm looking forward to you continuing your Poison Ivy and Invisble Woman arcs. Keep up the good work!
Guest chapter 70 . 5/23
Glad your back and doing okay. More batgirl, invisible woman, abd wonder woman
Nick T chapter 70 . 5/23
Can you do Lucy Heartfilia from the Fairy Tail anime?
Nick T chapter 70 . 5/21
WHOO! Your back, it's nice to you write again.
whooo chapter 70 . 5/21
YEEESSSS Your back please wonder woman III and Lois Lane II please
Xample chapter 70 . 5/22
Thanks for returning, hope youre not disillusioned with writing or something like that. Sorry about your recent hardships, but trials are the crucible that form a man, and I can only picture you thriving Friv! Anyway, great chapter, its more... distinguished in that regard. I mean its far more descriptive and covers alot of the nooks and crannys of Peters thoughts, in comparison to the other ones. Lol, you have my vote for ASM to write in the place of Slott. Suggestions: Now now hear me out. Youre probably overwhelmed with people pming you stupid stuff, but I have legitimate ideas that I think could potentially expand our good friend Pete's fanbase. 1: Make fics with PETE as the protagonist Now I love his Spider- Man persona as much as the next guy, but lets face it, what comes to the common writers mind when we say Spidey? They think of the commercialized, annoying, disney channel version of him. They dont think of the guilt ridden, iron willed, and (most of all) genius person that is still a good person in and out of the mask. "The hero you love to hate!" As DC put it.
It would be STUPENDOUS to see AU fics of Pete with I dunno (as a *cough* nonspecific *cough* example) powers other than his arachnid themed ones. 2. More Anime X over fics! We all know that youre relatively new to the oriental genre, but its plain to see that it has claimed dominion over this site. It sounds ridiculous, but c'mon, its FanF , aka the epitome of unrealism. Plus it sounds cool, the idea of a ninja esque superhero like Spidey entering chaotic worlds like that of anime! And youve already shown us that you excel in this particular field, with your freakin awesome "Last of the Spider Clan" fic! 3. Maybe combine the two ideas above? Iiiiiit's exactly what it sounds like, try it please? Okay that was it. If youre still here, thanks for listening and possibly considering. If not? Well thanks anyway, really love your work bro!
spiderpimp chapter 70 . 5/20
I may not know what happend but i hpoe you are all right and thank you for returning also could do a Victoria Hand II cause im not going to lie first really caught my attention and made me really whant to see more of it
Guest chapter 70 . 5/20
Definitely one of uour best stories IMO. As a guy whose been reading spidey since I was little, Carol always seemed like such a good fit for him (To bad their writers don't seem to agree). You version of the Civil War 2 event was much better for both characters too. Bendis butchered her character and made her act in ways she never would have and then spidey even agreed with her in his tie-in. Pfffft ssure. Again, great chapter
gunman chapter 70 . 5/21
This seemed to be more a discussion on the nature of foreseeing the future, rather than their relationship.
Though that does play a part in this chapter.
And it does. You can't save everyone, no matter how hard you try. And those tragedy's often play a big part into becoming who you are.
If Tony Stark hadn't been captured by terrorists, he never would have become Iron Man. If Ben Parker hadn't been killed by a mugger, Spider-Man would never have been born.
The same with Daredevil, Punisher, Cloak and Dagger, and a mess of others.
Still, it was a good chapter.
Maybe the next chapter you could do something with Silverclaw, Echo, or Mera from Atlantis.
Write on.
CRUDEN chapter 70 . 5/21
It's OK man life gets in the way
At least you updated
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