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IncandescentOne chapter 35 . 19h ago
Ah the time skip, that was an epilogue Ch34 right? It had a sense of epicness to it. They came across like a more heavy handed Asguard, I guess that was the idea?

The Asguard didn't seem very threatening despite being able to demolish anyone (except the replicators I guess :( ) But with the colonials being so arrogant constantly they would likely have assumed they could match the earth fleet somehow? So a proper threat works better. It fits in nicely :D

I've really enjoyed reading this, looking forward to the sequel which I'll start right now :D

One thing I think I should point out, when you put in a lot of information, generally at the beginning of a chapter to set the scene, or the start of a scene involving a fleet, it's very hard to read.

Information is important and the detail you go into fleshes out the story nicely, but paragraphs of text 10-20 lines long are hard to read.

The eyes have trouble keeping place in them, it strains the reader to keep track of what they're reading.

So I suggest in future formatting a bit more paragraphs into the exposition sections.

I have to admit I found myself just skipping sections of exposition as they hurt my head to read and weren't strictly necessary to the story. It's a shame to waste your effort like that : /

Anyway, thank you for writing this, it was very entertaining :) Hope my advice helps.
IncandescentOne chapter 31 . 21h ago
That whole squid scene was superbly written, it really got me going, I was getting tense and anxious as I read it.
IncandescentOne chapter 26 . 3/25
You do a lot of this foreshadowing stuff like 'nobody could know the implications' or some stuff at the end of a scene, it's getting kind of silly... There's two things I dislike about it:

I can tell where it's going approximately anyway so it feels a bit insulting too. Like it's unnecessary to say it because I can see the implications so I feel a bit talked down to.

It ruins my anticipation of what's to come, because you're basically telling me that there will be huge ramifications as a result of that thing in particular... so I can guess what's going to happen, which ruins it a bit : /
IncandescentOne chapter 21 . 3/24
I had another thought, they could have dialed out from Kobol to prevent dialing in, like they've done a couple times. For example with the Ori super gate. But that stops the plot progression :P
IncandescentOne chapter 20 . 3/24
I just found this story and I've been reading it avidly, it's really good and insightful! The quote at the end there really got me going, what an awesome way to include the galactica plot lines with this story. Looking back I remember the tale of what happened on Kobol and I'm impressed at the planning and integration of it all!

I also had a thought! The ancients rule of non-interference. In the case that they're already being worshipped as gods then it's an excuse to continue being so, right? Instead of a means to prevent being worshipped (I think I remember it was that, so that they don't become like the Ori?)

But then Athena's actions are potentially even further along that route. Perhaps she's seeking unification of all the humans.

But if history repeats itself and they go to war, then if the colonials conquer earth then the galaxy will end up all worshiping the olympians, right?

So directly or indirectly, empowering the colonials with her interference is a power play as it makes it means her power base of worshipers is stronger and less under threat of being convinced of the truth.

I dunno if that's gonna be part of the storyline, but I think it's fascinating :D
NightWithMoon chapter 3 . 3/16
you have her never having pizza before...and yet you mention pizza in the first chapter (picking some up on their run to caprica)...
NightWithMoon chapter 1 . 3/16
If they haven't fought the cylons in the second war why the heck would she suspect humans of being cylon? The colonials didn't know cylons had that capability until long after the second war started...
also, kelsey adama is an idiot.
tonygestaple chapter 35 . 2/17
Thanks for letting us know. Nice 'un!
Guest chapter 1 . 2/11
Wow! How lucky Kelsey speaks and reads English!

Umm No, the author is just a lazy twat.
Just a Crazy-Man chapter 32 . 2/10
darkfinder chapter 34 . 2/10
HAVE TO wonder who attacked and why and what world it was .
Just a Crazy-Man chapter 34 . 2/10
Helos chapter 34 . 2/5
I like it :D
1. There is unrest in the colonies and thats EXACTLY what I think would happen. The colonies existed as sovereign nations for centuries(if not longer) and were fighting each other. The only think that unified them was the threat of extinction. And even then there was 1 colony with a full blown separatist movement.
2. They are traveling across the galaxy exploring and adding new worlds (logical with cylons gone and the new tech they have from the war).
I really think that they start converting people to their religion but the people of the galaxy know Athena or Zeus as goaulds and false gods. This cant end well.
3. Earth is united (they have a mission given to them by the Asgard, that they take really seriously) and will not stand by and let colonials take over defenseless planets.
I hope that earth has a big fleet. I mean with Asgard MS…
Thomas chapter 34 . 2/4
All right a sequel.
Robo Reader 21 chapter 23 . 2/6
Boy I'm behind.

They could just Zat the girl every time she wakes up. By the time she regains consciousness from the first Zat, its effect will have worn off a while ago.

Oh boy. The Colonials are really stepping on a minefield with this operation. Break into a top secret science base of a country of a less advance alien planet. That's gotta be breaking a couple of galactic laws.
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