Reviews for Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny
Dragolord09 chapter 1 . 12/28/2015
Personally I'm of the opinion that SEED went haywire around the time the Archangel was heading towards Orb and it and its spinoffs/sequels never fully recovered since then, but I am eager to see what you'll do with this series.
Pirate King Ray chapter 1 . 3/10/2014
So far looking really good. Has the elements of the original opening. Still looking forward to how Athrun Cagalli will play out. The scene in episode 7 where Cagalli remembers Patrick Zala's death and feels powerless actually worked because she knows just how much Patrick's poisonous legacy still haunts Athrun.
JC chapter 1 . 7/7/2013
Well One of the things a hate about destiny,they keep the Gab between EA and Zaft.
Unlike the First war where Zaft were the only ones with Mobile suits for the Majorty of War,They do not have that in destiny,Zaft needed to have more losses than they did in Canon.
I also think they needed more real Characters on the EA,s side.
Not just nameless Mooks.
Thrawn's Heir chapter 1 . 7/7/2013
Hey I'm Wolf's Honour. I'm a huge fan of Gundam and Code Geass, and an even bigger fan of your work Code Geass Meggido and ShadowCell's Destiny rewrite. From what I can tell Destiny rewrites seem to be pretty damn popular and we already know why since the original GSD just... God I don't even know where to start.

Guess I'll just get into what made me review.

Since reading your Code Geass fic, i know I can expect some pretty damn epic AU that will put the anime to shame. How much you intend change I do not know, but I do know that as a fan of your work and of Gundam in general, I need to say a few things that I'm worried about.

First, and possibly the most important aspect to Destiny, is Shinn Asuka. He had great potential! Seriously when he was first introduced, I knew straight away that Shinn would be my favorite character in GSD and he did... until the writers decidedly pulled a 180 in his character development and changed the main character from him back to Kira, whose character development was already done. Really Shinn was just thrown to the side like trash and became a retard antagonist more than half way through GSD to make Kira, Lacus, her terrorist organization Terminal and Orb appear as the 'good guys' again. Seriously, the point of Gundam, or at least in my opinion, is to show that there is no black and white in war, regardless of the causes, and the writers blew that out the window to make Lacus and Kiara stand out and get a happily everafter where Lacus and Cagalli run the show.

What. The. F*ck.

To be honest, if you just look at it from an unbiased view, Lacus Clyne and her Terminal organization is just one giant terrorist group. Really it is. She just basically says, "Everything I say is right because I represent all the good int he world and if you don't agree with me I'll have my followers and Kira in his superweapon come and whoop you." She is possibly one of the biggest hypocrites in ANIME history and no one says anythign about it because "Oh her and Kira are so cute together!" and "She only wants to bring peace to the world!"

To those retards, go f*uck yourselves.

Second would be the damn Earth Alliance. They always just got steamrolled in GSD instead of living up to their potential of being a United Nation's military of millions with competent leadership, not just LOGOS backers led by Djibril. Them having sympathetic but great characters such as Sven Cal Bryan would be simply beautiful. Sven is one of my favorite Gundam characters ever because of his tragic background and how the Alliance turned him into a killing machine. Then the mobile suits. These guys literally invented the first GUNDAM, as well as transformable mobile suits, the Geschmeidig Panzer system, and Windams, which if people paid attention to the specs were vastly superior to the 105 Dagger counterparts by milestones. There is no reason for the alliance to be simply steamrolled and use only the Destroy Gundam to solve their problems. Take a hint from Gundam UC and make actual good mobile suits and get some competent pilots behind those controls.

Third, and lastly, the characters. Personally I could go on about how much I dislike Athrun and Lacus and their individual hypocrisies, but I already read a review that went into that and his points are mine as well. Please do not make Lacus a f*cking "Mary Sue" and address Athrun's character development problems and his actually role for Shinn so that both of them can grow as a whole.

And please, for the love of GOD, please do not waste characters like Heine like the GSD Team did. Seriously I thought he was a pretty damn good character when he was introduced that could have helped stemmed out Athrun's flaws but then he was killed like an episode making no kind of impact at all.

Please keep him alive this time around.

Other than that, I seriously have nothing else to say except that I cannot wait to ready your rewrite on GSD and where you take it. I do hope that you at least read our reviews and take what we say into consideration because, while I can tell you didn't like Shinn that much, its not his fault he sucked.

That was the GSD writers.

Wolf's Honour
Granten chapter 1 . 6/11/2013
People liked 00? I didn't even really get to the end of the first season.

Anyway, I have to ask one thing. Who is the main character supposed to be? Destiny never had any idea who the main character was, so in this fic who is going to overall be the main character?
DrOdd chapter 1 . 6/5/2013
Good,I hope you Yuna will be improved and make More Sympathetic characters in Earth Alliance.
Zaru chapter 1 . 5/5/2013
Heh. Might as well give my 2 cents.

You clearly plan to do something new, what that is, remains to be seen.

Still, while your grammar and word choice are sound, you kinda went a bit too far on Shinn's past IMO. We all know what happened, how about start from a new perspective or at a different point in episode 1?

On 00, I thought S1 was far better and executed precisely than S2, as S2 dragged down its quality. Had S1 been stand alone and end in such a downer eding, I would have been satisfied. And 00 S2 could have been an entirely different Gundam show and it would have been...okay.
Paarthurnax1 chapter 1 . 5/3/2013
Well, it looks like you don't accept anonymous reviews, so I had to make an account before I could review. Ah, well, been lurking for years, was probably about time. So, anyway, here's the review.

Another Destiny rewrite. They tend to be pretty popular, and god knows there's a lot to rewrite, so let's get into the meat of this thing.

First of all, the review of the first chapter. Not much, it's really just a recap of the first couple minutes of Destiny, so I can't really say much regarding the story just yet. That said, you've got a solid grasp of grammar and punctuation, so that already puts you into the upper half of stories on this site. Your writing style is also easy to read, so that's a plus.

I'm sorry I can't give you any more constructive feedback than that, but there's just not a lot there right now.

Now, onto the second part of this, and I hope you'll indulge me. I don't know how much you intend to change, or how much you intend to follow canon, so let me list the areas that I felt Destiny needed the biggest improvement on and how I hope you address them all.

First of all, security. Dear sweet Jesus, security is the most laughable of all concepts in the Cosmic Era. You've got the Gaia (TWICE!), Chaos, Abyss, DOM Troopers, plans for the Strike Freedom and Infinite Justice, Andy knowing about the ASHes 20 episodes before they came out, and that's after all the crap in SEED. You'd think that after suits being jacked left and right in SEED they'd tighten up security, but if anything it's gotten even worse! I really hope you do something about that.

Second, the Earth Alliance. Competence is a big one, they tended to get steamrolled too much in Destiny. Having some sympathetic people on their side would be a big plus, too (Neo excepted, see below). The Extendeds...I'm really not sure what happened there. You'd think they'd be better than the original Druggies, but they really seemed inferior. I'd like to see some coordination between them, and a lot less rapid breakdown. Finally, the mobile suits. These guys invented so much cool stuff, the transformations, the Geschmeidig Panzer system, there is no reason for the only mobile "suit" these guys roll out in Destiny to be the Destroy. Let them build something themselves.

Third, the characters, and I'll break them down individually. I realize that my perception of the characters may differ from your own, but allow me to express my thoughts anyway.

Athrun Zala: This man has issues that most fanfics don't address (and the series itself didn't, for that matter). Look at the Lohengrin gate mission, where he sees captured EA soldiers being executed and does NOTHING. He doesn't use his power as the ranking officer on the scene to try to do something, he doesn't report it, he doesn't do anything. And that's not even getting into the way he whines whenever anyone does anything, the way he lets his emotions cloud his judgment (see his "the archangel aren't our enemies" after they've attacked ZAFT 3 separate times), his utterly inept leadership (see Yzak and Dearka openly contemplating a coup-de-tat against him in SEED, and the way he's too busy moping to give a damn about his teammates on the Minerva, such as, oh, the injured Luna, for example), and his hypocrisy (see telling Shinn to "take responsibility" after trying to hide from the consequences of his actions as "Alex Dino" in the very first stinking episode).

He's not a bad guy (or a bad character), but something is rotten in Denmark here, and the whole fanon image of Athrun as this shining red knight is just totally off base, and I sincerely hope you actually address his issues, not with the intent of bashing him, but with the intent of confronting his flaws and emerging as a better person because of it.

Kira Yamato: The first thing that pops to mind here is his radical shift to a much more calm and stoic person than he was in SEED. If you want to go the route that says he's traumatized, then please show it in some way. I mean, he gives pretty much no reaction to six PLANTs being vaporized by requiem, the dropping of Junius 7, none of it. Even if a character's stoic, there's gotta be some sort of personality there, and I feel that with Kira in Destiny, there wasn't one. And, uh, could you have him have his own opinion at some point? He felt more like an extension of Lacus Clyne rather than his own person. He criticized the way Cagalli handles the situation in Phase 23, and then in Phase 28 he advocates doing the exact same thing because of a handful of words from Lacus that weren't even directed at him that he overheard in the hot springs on the Archangel. Complete mental 180 from "first you decide, then just do it". Really?

Oh, and let's talk about his power. Make no mistake, he's a damned good pilot, but the druggies managed to know him around pretty good even when he was teaming up with Athrun, and Rau tore him up despite never having used DRAGOONs or the Providence before. He was good, but not the "one-shot EVERYTHING" demigod that he became in Destiny. This whole "Kira shows up and wipes out 4 gundams and countless nameless mechs without a scratch in return" was pure bullshit. Actually, this ties in with something I'll get into later about battles in general, so I'll cut this off here for now.

The worst thing, though, is that he's completely freaking static. He does not change, grow or evolve, and I don't know about you, but a character with no personality and no growth ain't what I want to watch. So please, give him some sort of character arc to undergo, and a personality while you're at it.

Lacus Clyne: Even worse than Kira. No flaws, no growth, just perfectly right in every way and always gets what she needs (seriously, finding a ten year old notebook that just so happens to tell her everything she needs to know? Holding more influence than the actual government? She's screaming "Mary Sue" so loud they can hear it back in G-Gundam). Have her interventions make things worse and her acknowledge that it did, have her screw up on occasion, have her plans fail, have there be a real setback (instead of, you know, instantly having a replacement ready for the destroyed Freedom), something, ANYTHING to make her a more three-dimensional character rather than Morosawa's self-insert.

Shinn Asuka: Needs to get his temper under control, and to see other people's viewpoints. He's very inflexible, taking his "I believe this is right, I am going to do it, and screw you if you disagree" attitude to problematic lengths. However, I'm hoping you don't fall into the fanon characterization of him rather than the canon one. To illustrate, you called him "Jerkass taken Up To Eleven". Well, perhaps, but only in regards to Athrun and Cagalli, people that he actively dislikes, and even then, he doesn't go off on them just for being in the same room, he usually waits until they say or do something that pisses him off first. He's at least civil to everyone else in the series. There's a common tendancy in fanfics to portray him as constantly lashing out at everybody, when that's not how he actually is. Yes, he does need to learn that not liking someone doesn't give him carte blanche to be an asshole to them, and that blaming Cagalli for what her father did is kind of stupid, but don't flanderize him. Have him confront and overcome his flaws, but don't make it "everyone else is right and he is wrong", everyone should be learning from each other and changing from their interactions.

Hell, now that I think about it, that might be pretty cool, Shinn and Athrun easily seeing each others flaws but being oblivious to their own, and many shouting matches are had and hurtful words are exchanged during their interactions.

Neo Roanoke: This guy needs some kind of comeuppance. At least if you're staying true to canon. The whole "oh, he wasn't himself" is nothing but a gigantic cop-out, he flat out says when watching the Extendeds in their machine that he's crossed the line and become a wicked man, he knew damn well that what he was doing was wrong and kept right on doing it anyway.

Of course, if you're not going to keep to canon, it makes it easier. Have him show some genuine concern for the extended and try to help them, have him object to the more...unethical missions he's assigned (like, oh, say, disrupting the Junius 7 break-up attempt) and even trying to subvert them without openly challenging his superiors.

Those are the big five, but there are smaller ones everywhere. Cagalli (please don't derail her like canon Destiny did) needs to understand the price that people like the Asuka's paid for the measures her father took to keep her safe (like hiding the archangel and getting her into space), and realize that her father wasn't a brown haired superman and that the ideals of Orb aren't the end-all be-all of how to run a nation. Have some sympathetic characters in the EA, and show that they're not all pawns of Djibril. Hell, give some ambiguity to some situations. Why not make Yuna Roma Seiran a hard-nosed pragmatist who (unlike Cagalli) actually lived through the occupation of Orb and is determined to not let that happen to his people again? Instead of him scheming behind her back, have him challenge Cagalli openly, and instead of having everyone in agreement, show a little more mature political reality that having dissenters forces the leaders to evaluate their policies and being surrounded by yes-men that completely agree with you isn't always a good thing.

If I'm coming across as demanding, that's not my intention, the story is, as always, your own. These are simply things that I feel would add to Destiny/your story, and I am hoping to add a different opinion for you to at least consider as you continue.

Moving on. The battles. Make the cannon fodder more threatening. For all that everyone loves to mock how the Gundams in Wing mowed down enemies in droves, the cannon fodder in Wing

Forced the Sandrock to self-detonate
Juubi-K chapter 1 . 5/2/2013
So here it is, somewhat sooner than I expected. A good start, settting up Shinn's character for what is to come.
Fireminer chapter 1 . 5/2/2013
Very promising! But why did you place Wing and SEED on the same place. While Wing is not the best, it is quite enjoyable. And about your opinion, i must say that is the harst truth of Gundam now: they are just mere ads for the models. And another thing (i know this is not the right place to say this), but i think that MSG Alpha is your best story! While Meggido is very cool, Alpha, and appearently, this Fic, has the potential to bring out your great ability in describing a large-scale battle (you should check Jubbi-K's One and Only Son. He is really great in doing this). Overall, please continue this Fic.
Jman12394 chapter 1 . 5/1/2013
If this story is even half as good as meddigio I cant wait to see the rest of the story.

Keep it up.
Infinite Freedom chapter 1 . 4/30/2013
I prefer the works of Solid Shark and Aldaeus to those of Shadow Cell and in fact quite enjoyed the canon Destiny series. Still question killing off Stella and the forced romance between Shinn and Luna but other than that it was okay. That said, my next three paychecks say that your will surpass the canon very easily, though I beg that you somehow save Stella. And make Shinn not a Jerkass.