Reviews for Returning to Sanity
Guest chapter 88 . 5/10
I thought when Harry went thrall that major healing that he no longer needed his glasses, yet he's having to put them on when he wakes up in this chapter?
Guest chapter 51 . 5/8
All these different villains are starting to give me anxiety...
Guest chapter 100 . 4/29
Bravo! I don't the clapping hands emoji will translate properly from this app to the site, but I must say. Hats off to you. It took me a week, with two sleepless nights, to get through this epic. It's up there with some of the best fics I've read. You are supremely talented.
Guest chapter 48 . 4/12
Vernon is the ultimate A**HOLE! Petunia is the most extraordinary B***h!
Guest chapter 47 . 4/11
I! Love! This! Story! So! Much! (I am way too much of a Drarry above everything else fangirl, and this story is amazing for all of my fanfiction needs)
Guest chapter 46 . 4/11
Finally, some revenge! I would have ripped Vernon apart the second he said 'FREAK'. I am however, glad that Dudley has finally gained some common sense.
Shiroicchi chapter 100 . 3/7
I have to admit, the moment I saw the number of chapters, this fiction has, I wasn't quiet sure, if it would be good or not.
But I must say, it's quiet a pretty nice piece of work.
Sometimes I was a bit puzzled whith some side stories you created and got a bit confused, what happened when and who was involved. But in the end, it was a pretty amazing storie to read.
Thanks for sharing this!
German lernen di chapter 18 . 1/22
ImUpToNoGood chapter 85 . 1/22
I keep thinking that the red is Dumbledore, about to be reborn as Harry and Draco's child... The gentle redirecting of people to their own best selves is so very like him, and all for the best, as he might say. But then there was the comment about the red entity wanting to be released, and it could be Dumbledore (next great adventure), or Snape. There is something ominous about it, but at the same time, something that seems to want the best for people... although perhaps that is only because it is best for its own plans.

Curoiuser and curiouser.
dirtykinks chapter 100 . 1/18
finished... after over week of trying to read this fic I AM FINISHED! not to say it wasn't a good read and I do love a long fic that is good, like this, but I am happy to have finished it. this was so good and if it wasn't as good as it is, i might have given up and not finished it but i had to know how it ended.
I know okay chapter 50 . 1/1
Adoption? I am personally a big believer of adoption over all the medical interference to get pregnant. I have far too many friends that have been left heartbroken and in debt when they didn't get pregnant or lost the baby and a few more that succeeded and they had children with severe health problems, some of which have led to death for the young child. It's really hard to watch that happening when I know there are children that long to be adopted and would love parents that wanted children that much. I am tired of going to children's funerals.
I know okay chapter 49 . 1/1
I hope those Ravenclaws are stopped. I can't imagine them hurting Draco having anything but a negative effect on Harry, even physically, with the bond and all.
I know okay chapter 48 . 1/1
Vernon just nailed his coffin shut, didn't he?
I know okay chapter 47 . 1/1
Hmm... Now what's wrong with Harry?
I know okay chapter 46 . 1/1
Will Harry be able to see in that realm? I wonder what Vernon will think about the memory when he wakes up.
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