Reviews for Returning to Sanity
solangelolover chapter 100 . 8h
This was absolutely great. My only thought was that Hermione should have kept her own last name. She seems like the person who wouldn't fully take ron's name. She would at least make it both like harry and draco. It was amazing otherwise.
hotcat chapter 100 . 11/5
thank you. great story
RoneliaDelgrange chapter 84 . 10/17
Your chapter title is mislabeled.
DreaminginGreyscale chapter 1 . 10/17
The levels Mpreg should be banned are high.
Venus914 chapter 80 . 10/16
I think it's quite stupid.

If i am Petunia and im not remorseful, i will ACT like i am to get to their good graces. It's easy enough with how stupid this Harry can be. I mean, who cares if forgives me or not. That's not the pont here. The point us i use my brain, act remorseful, kiss their ass and i get to live luxuriously. I mean, you cant deny Lucius and Harry being generous in this story.
Venus914 chapter 79 . 10/16

As i've read this chapter, i have this funny feeling in my stomach that Petunia will be forgiven. After all, why does she need to learn all this lessons?

Im not really the type of person to apologize to. I dont believe in forgiveness. I believe in revenge. So if someone did something to me...whether they were remorseful in the drop them out of my life. I cant do anymore than that obviously as im not powerful. People stepping on your toes can be forgiven as its a small thing. Abuse is not and for me, should be given the capital punishment.

I dont believe that every mistake should be forgiven. And it's also not realistic as well. Because if you forgive anyone...why do we still have the police? We cant just hug everyone and be okay. Remember the rule of Cause and Effect? There are always repercussions to every action and people ahould be made accountable to what they do.
CasyisCin chapter 97 . 10/14
Guest chapter 7 . 10/12
Omg please stop with weepy Harry and people telling him not to feel that way. Repetitive and adds nothing to the story what so ever
I know okay chapter 31 . 10/9
I'm glad they fully accepted the debt and bonded in a way.
I know okay chapter 30 . 10/9
There is so much good and bad in this chapter. I hope they can stave off the bad stuff. Molly and Arthur using a computer for emails was hysterical.
unicorn55 chapter 2 . 10/6
I just found this and started reading it. I have a great deal to get done today, but now I want to read this story instead. Great writing!
I know okay chapter 29 . 10/2
That manipulation with the newspaper was smart.
I know okay chapter 28 . 10/2
That was a long interview. You could really make something with that.
I know okay chapter 27 . 10/2
Ah, I hope someone banned her Quick-Quotes Quill.
I know okay chapter 26 . 10/2
That was a lot in this chapter. So was Crockford under Imperius from Barnes? I'm glad they caught him and put him and Umbridge in Azkaban. I'm also glad Harry got to the school in time to help the attack and they perpetrators were arrested.
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