Reviews for Returning to Sanity
selivontez chapter 88 . 3/9
I was just wondering if their is more to the story or if I missed something, like the red light guy. Its a fabules story ether way
Stasia Ravenclaw chapter 88 . 2/25
another amazing chapter poor Draco with morning sickness. HAHA Robin in trouble with Harry. Love everything about this fic
MirrorFlower and DarkWind chapter 88 . 2/20
awww that was just awww I loved it great job I melted inside
littlesprout chapter 88 . 2/20
A lovely chapter. Hope that Neville and George can also have kids.
What does Karkaroff really want with Bill.
Thanks for updating
Lori94 chapter 88 . 2/20
First, I want to thank you for expanding my vocabulary. I've never heard the term 'watershed moment' before. Karkaroff's antics are fun! Good talk with our boys and the Weasley family floo chat was priceless! The Caduceus comment - Harry's response is so perfect! That ending! I'm hereby rendered speechless...or not: Harry's reaction is SO beautifully on point here. His awe of Draco's answer is so touching!

The wait was long but this chapter was fantastic! Keep them coming!
delia cerrano chapter 88 . 2/20
Oh I hope Fred and Neville can figure out what and how so Neville can be pregnant also. Neville is so sweet and deserving and always seems to be made 2nd place.
yukirain chapter 88 . 2/20
I don't know what to really say about this chapter other then it was fulfilling. Nothing new really popped up or made me wonder about something that was happening within the plot. You made it very relaxing I guess would be the way to say it. It wasn't hurried or anything. The only questions I have are if Neville and George might have children together like Harry and Draco and what Karkaroff wants with Bill. Other than that I liked this chapter a lot.
daithi4377 chapter 88 . 2/20
I think the main feelings behind this story came out in two conversations. Thefirst one between Harry and Draco where Harry stated that he wasn't going to live other people's dream and told Draco the dream that he wanted the kind of world/life he wanted. That he had what he wanted a family that loved each other and was closed. A world of peace andvequality not one upmanship or some are better than others. I think that action of Harry after the final battle was such a small thing but has culminated into a very beautiful thing. Also the fact that with one statement Draco proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he loves Harry. The one thing Harry never had, he came close with Sirius but it was lost before it could even start.I really enjoyed this chapter it had so many points of life in it. Love, life, working out misunderstanding, redemption, forgiveness. Working together as shown with Karkaroff, Durmstrang and lol the Goblins. I wonder if a red nightlife would work...I'm pretty sure Neville and George would be ecstatic if it did. More please.
sanbeegoldiewhitey chapter 1 . 2/20
Mpreg is not returning to sanity.
Luvlylexy chapter 88 . 2/20
...I knew I would like Karkaroff, he's such a troll. He just strides in like it's nothing out of the ordinary and he wasn't declared dead, summons the food, and is pretty much just like "Sup" while everyone else is like "HOW THE FUCK IS HE ALIVE!?" in their head.

N'aaaaaaaaaaaw poor Draco, good thing Harry is being so supportive. Their both so forgiving and supportive. Roooooooobin's in TROOOOOOOOOOUBLEEEEEEEEE u

I need to go look at the A03 one since I wanna see what kinky stuff George was doing to Neville.

"I wish to speak with Mr William Weasley." I sense a pattern here with him and Bill. FOOOORESHADOWIIIIIIIIIING

Lucius you perfectly-timed genius. Neeeeeh poor Neville ;n; I wanna hug the poor baby. -whaps George upside the head- Stop with the pun-ishment.

-floofs up with happy feels from the ending-
yukirain chapter 87 . 1/27
This was a wonderful chapter. It was really well balanced in my opinion and gave as much as asked. It was well rounded and I can't find a fault in it. You took care of a problem that I had really forgotten about and also created a new one while at the same time giving small hints about one that's been around. I hope you can understand what I just said because it sounds confusing to me but my minds way of explaining everything. Right now I'm very content with the story. Though I would like to know what will happen faster, the pace of the story right now feels right. Everything is forming into this elaborate plot which only helps to draw me in even more. It also feels as if everything is beginning to come full circle before exploding into this grand piece of work. The only thing I want to happen really is a showdown between the Ministry and Narcissa. I think it would be quite the sight to see her going bat crazy on them because they have obscure plans for Harry. Though I feel that I only believe this because seeing her tower over all of them like a mother bear would be a humorous sight. Moving on, there are many questions spinning in my head but as I said there isn't a rush to answer them all right now. Though I do wonder why Harry didn't tell Draco about him quitting the Aurors. I hope the impending discussion will be both funny yet serious. The twist you are able to put on such discussions is always thrilling to read because I never know what to really expect even though the answer is sometimes leering in front of me. Anyway, I await the next chapter and awesome work as usual.
IamACritic chapter 87 . 1/27
Excellent work as always. Just curious about the enchantment and the shadowy figure. Is it death reincarnation through them or maybe the orginal source of magic reborn? So excited to find out?
littlesprout chapter 87 . 1/26
Another interesting chapter.
Thanks for updating
delia cerrano chapter 87 . 1/26
Wonderful job continuing the story in an interesting way! And now Harry is in the dog house for not talking to Draco about stopping being auror. Is Theo's arm bad temporarily or is it going tp stay really bad?
Stasia Ravenclaw chapter 87 . 1/26
well it says here he quit Aurors so there must be some kind of ob that will keep him out of danger and closer to Draco
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