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TheLastoftheRealOnes chapter 22 . 1/5/2017
Well, ask and you shall receive! So, this story is amazing. I always search for stories with some drama, which this one definitely has. I also love brotherly relationships between characters better than slash, so this story was rather refreshing. And lastly, the sarcasm, the snark, basically every exchange between Arthur and Eames! So great!

That's all for now folks!

P.s. geez you write a lot! I looked at your profile and saw a number over 300 and my mind just kinda went *poor*. Keep it up! There aren't many authors who are as dedicated as you!
weemcg33 chapter 8 . 6/4/2015
I absolutely adore this story. You have both these characters written so well and I can practically hear Eames saying his lines it's that good. Can't wait to find out who this British guy is and for Arthur and Eames to kick some ass!
MerryLittleMess chapter 7 . 6/24/2014
Okay, I've read this chapter about ten times already. It's one of the best scenes I've ever seen, Fanfic or no. Awesome work! The whole story is amazing, actually! Hilarious at times, unbelievably thrilling and great writing style.
SlippedHalo8186 chapter 22 . 3/14/2014
OK I'm here...yes it took me bloody long enough I know.
Anyways what can I say...firstly let me start with 'that was bloody brilliant' and then secondly I loved it and I so sorry it took me so long to Finnish reading. The extra added chapters through me for a loop, there I was thinking it was nearly Finnished and everything was going to be all honky dorey and then Arthur goes missing...I was like 'bloody hell what the f'... But my my did it all knit together beautifully.
Totally love Eames and Arthur's mannerisms they're bang on.
Sorry for making you hang on and on and on and on and on and on...for this review. But thanks for writing.
O'MalleytheAlleyCat chapter 20 . 11/1/2013
It was good! I hope you write more stories!
nadster23 chapter 22 . 10/6/2013
Wow. That was a good ending. Thanks so much for writing such an awsome story. Let me know if you write any more. I would love to read them. Sorry it took so long to get back to the story. I have been really busy with work and school.
pinkcoloredrose chapter 22 . 9/22/2013
hah it was the female Cop that shot Shane in the arm, good girl, ye Eames she's om your side not the greedy Shane, Arthur asks Eames knows her, just a little bit she tells Arthur while Rocco and Shane are being hauled away al the while Shane continues to dish out threats to Arthur and the Cop, Arthur told shane that the building belongs to him now, the female cop gets Eames free and thanks her and asks her whats her name she tells him, she asks if they need a ride they say no and will give statements right there and then they are leaving, then Arthur ask if Garth really dead, she said no, and hes going to change his name and stay where he is at, stubburn old man, thanks to the 2 old fisherman who turned on Shane he will be going away fro a very long time, as they leave the dungoun Arthur tells him he should be mad at him but he isnt, then Arthur asks if garth is really alive eames tells him he doesnt really know what to think, Eames thouyght the female cop was dirty but he was wrong, Arthur was a little jealous Eames was flurting with the cop so he asks eames if he asks her for her number, they want to go see Garth but have to get cleaned up first so Eames comes back with a firstaide kit cuase Arthur looks like crap... Arthur tells Eames he wanted his half bro tobe normal , Arthur needs a hug, but EAMES tells him Blood is thicker than water, all cleaned up Arthur just wants to see Garth then they want to go home.. .. Cassidy and her partner sit a few yrs away watch Arthur and Eames gret into a cab, he ask if she will see them afain, shes hoping so... Doug is happy to see Arthur and shakes Eames hand, Doug asks if they both have been checked over which they need but Eames jokenly tells Doug there is nothing they can do for there hard heads.. Arthur is in shock when he see's Garth and but Garth tells him he doesnt look so hot himself. Arthur told Garth he thought he was dead as he gives him a hug but glad hes not, he had 2 fishermen help him, he told him Shane is going away for along time. geesh that Shane was a dirty, breaking Dougs leg in fron of his wife and torching the play house what an evil man he is they go the orphange and have a good night sleep, Eames teasing Arthur with handcuffs and then asks if he really bought the orphange, he said Garth transferred the deed just before he went to see shane, good for Garth... Arthur said hes gonna go see Garth then catch a cab he ows a freidn a good swift drink, Eames said he talked to Cobb and told Cobb he was checking up on Arthur, oh boy Arthur left his stuff at Shanes house, now they have to go there to collect it, they get there and get his stuff and leaves, they go back to the hosp and see Garth, he tells Garth he will see him again and says good bye, eames ask Arthur home or a bar. they go to a bar. Arthur wonders why hgis mom never told him he had a sibeling, she prob knew he would turn out just like his evil father did and was right.. Arthur tells him its time to eat.. loved it.. thanks:}
pinkcoloredrose chapter 21 . 9/22/2013
what a meany Shane is beating up ppl he doesnt even know, , Shane asks Eames who he is, Eames being a smart ass tells him he is Arthurs fairy God mother, then Eames asks Shane who he is, Shane tells him a very bad man who he doesn't want to cross, he tells him he showed Garth he was not a man to cross by beating him, Arthur gets mad when he hear's this, Garth is an innocent man and Shane had no right to beat him.. Shane acting like a real big shot telling Eames to tell Arthur how he beat Garth to a pulp for defying him, Arthur tells Shane to stop says he cant breath, but Shane doesn't care, he and his dad are bad mobsters, . he said he told Arthur to stay out of his buisness but artthur offered to pay him back, but Shane said no, he wants what he think's belongs to him and its the block where the orphange is which Garth is trying to hold onto, but greedy Shane wants it, and punches Arthur in the stomack, why doesnt the big bully pick on someone his own size the beast... oh boy Eames offers to take him on, sometimes Eames needs to shut up, while Shane punches Eames again, Arthur tells him to let Eames go, Shane says no and says he's going to take care of Garth, Arthur yells at him but Eames tells him it will do him no good cause Greedy Shane will not listen to him so don't waist ur breat.. Funny Arthur asks Eames why he is there, why to rescue Arthur of course, Eames told him he was suppose to meet him but Arthur didnt show up so Cobb told him which makes Arthur more mad, if Arthur had told him what he was upto, Eames would have schackled him to the fllor of his Arthur asks Eames how bad Garth was, he said beaten really good, Eames said there was a cop in thre hosp, Arthur thought maybe she can help, Eames makde a crack maybe shes helping to dispose of the body, Arthur told eames he like the mansion and the cars but after he was how Shane got it he said he was done with him.. Eames yells at Rocco , Arthur tells Eames to shut up, eames told Arthur he had to break into his apt to figure out how to find him in america, he found his notes about his mother and mob family, Arthur told him he needed to find out now he prob wishes he didnt.. then they hear a phone ring and Eames gets scarcastic with rocco and says your fairy god mother calls you. lol geesh eames is pricky about proper speech when he corrects Rocco who gets mad at him for it, boy those 2 know how to goad Rocco who punches Arthur, Arthur goads him some more, Eames yells at Arthur, Rocco was gonna punch him again but Shane showed up and Arthur asks if Garth is dead, shane tells him 2 shots to the chest, I love eames and his scarcastic commsnts to shane about his shirt, Shane asks who wants to die first, he presses the gun against Arthurs forhead and prepares to fire someone burst in the cage and shoots Shane in the arm.. but who.. im loving this... whoo hoo..
pinkcoloredrose chapter 20 . 9/22/2013
While on a plane headed to New York Eames think's about the time he and Cobb visited Arthur in his apt and he teased Arthur on how clean he kept it, and now Arthur is in trouble and he has to go rescue him.. Arthur tries to get half bro Shane to listen to him, but Shane being hot headed and angry won't listen to him and give Arthur a punch in the jaw, Arthur tells him Garth is his friend and that he grew up in the Orphange, but Shane doesn't care, he's greedy and says he wants his money and wants it all and he loves hurting people who defy him, wow the greedy monster beat Arthur pretty good and tells Arthur he's going to see Garth and get his money and if he doesn't get it someone is going to die, dirty greedy rat locked Arthur in a cage like he's an animal.. Arthur is worried about Garth because he gave him a check to help him out because Garth was there for him while he was growing up, and hopes his greedy bro doesn't kills Garth... Eames is very frustrated because the plane is not going fast enough for him so he can rescue Arthur, the plane finally lands and Eames goes to the orphange when he gets there he see's a police and Doug talking to 2 officers, Eames says dougs name and tells doug he is a friedn of Garth's doug tells Eames/tim, that Garth is in the hops he was attacked and was beaten really bad and i'm leaving to go see how he is doing, Eames ask's if he can tag along Dougs say's yes and te;;s jane where he is going, they go to the hops and find out info on how Garth is doing, they visit for a bit Doug see's the shape Garth is in and is nearly brought to tears by what he see's, Garth is a gentle man only wanted to help the boys out , Eames is so shocked by what he see's when he walks in the room too, as he leans in closer Eames askes Garth who did this to him?, Eames ask him if Shane did this to him Garth only nods, he asks where Shane is, he dont know , then eames asks him where Arthur is, Garth says he doesnt know, he then ask where he was last seen, Garth tries to tell him but see;s a third person in the room, and tells the person he will be out in a minn and tells the person he is a friend of Garth's , eames tells the female cop and what she is doing to catch the man responsible for what he did to his friend, he doesnt let her say anything more and leaves the room, Doug asked him where he is going, he tells him to help a friend and leaves the hosp, Eames is mad and is going after Shane and to find his buddy Arthur. the cop asks Doug where he said he was going, Doug told her he didn't say and walks back into Garth's room... ohh why did Arthur go meet Shane, the man is horrible and greedy and a mobs son and they don't care who they hurt as long as they get thier money, eames looks up the restaurant Arthur was last in and goes to it see's a man outside standing guard and knocks him out and goes into the back door with his gun drawn looking for Arthur hoping Arthur is not in the same state Garth is in, he starts to open the door but Rocco's fist almost catches him, Rocco misses, then eames knocks him out with a wack with the butt of his gun to Rocco's chin, hehe goody... Eames picks thwe cage lock to free Arthur, Arthur tells him bout dang time he found him, they hear a noise and turn and find shane behine both of them, oh dang, shane asks Eames who he is.. oh boy, they are both caught.. ... hope help comes for both Eames and Arthur against greedy mobster Shane... love the story..
pinkcoloredrose chapter 20 . 9/22/2013
while on a plane headed for NewYork
Guest chapter 22 . 9/22/2013
really enjoyed this :D so glad that you have written eames and arthur's relationship as a friendship and not romantically.
pinkcoloredrose chapter 19 . 9/19/2013
wow Arthur was shocked that his mother was married to a mobster and that he has an older half bro who is 5 yrs older than he is, Arthur's curiosity got the better of him and went to New York to meet him, Shane took Arthur out to dinner then home to his mansion which amazed Arthur, he slept good, then spent the next day and night having fun, when Arthur gets up he over hears Shane on the phone yelling and demanding money from Garth, Arthur doesn't know what to do about the info he just over heard, he wants to leave and help Garth out right away, but doesn't want Shane to know about what he over heard.. when Shane hangs up the phone Arthur tells him he has to go back to Paris that night but Shane wants Arthur to have lunch with him, Arthur goes into the rest room to call Garth who doesn't want Arthur involved,. uh oh Arthur is in big trouble now, Shane heard him and now wants to kill him, Arthur tries to explain, but Shane won't listen, instead he gets beat up.. Eames goes to Arthur's apt finds he is not there and is further shocked to find Arthur has an older bro and knows Arhtur is in serious trouble and goes after him.. hopefully Eames can rescue him...oh one, i love this story:}
pinkcoloredrose chapter 18 . 9/17/2013
I still wanna give Arthur a hug because he is tormenting himself about his family history, and turns on his laptop to find out more info cause he cant help himself and he has the right to know, and he finds info that makes him horrorfied and cant believe what he is reading, his mother was the insider oh oh no wonder he is upset, shuts off the laptop and goes to the nearest bar and get skunkin drunk thats where Cobb finds him and asks him whats going on, Arthur tells him its family buisness but cobb knows he doesnt have any family and starts to tell him that, Art yells back its none of his buisness and he drives arthur home, next day Arthur calls Cobb and apologizes to him Cobb tells him about another job he has for him but Arthur begs out telling him its personal, so Cobb lets it go. Now Eames cant get ahold of Arthur and is very worried and knows arthur is in trouble but doesnt know where he is, Eames sends Arthur an eamil but Arthur does not respond back, oh boy, gonna do it on his own and get into trouble again, i think when Arthur didnt respond back eames got mad and is gonna find out what he is up to and goes to Paris..oh oh.. read more tommorrow, still loving this:]
Guest chapter 22 . 9/16/2013
My freind it has been far to long, and for this I am sorry... I hate to leave stories unread so I Finnished. I loved it, everything was perfect... loved Arthur and bloody hell I could hear Eames in my ear lol you certainly have him down t loved the extended version and the extra chapter and the way in which the story played out. Cassidy has to be the other family member your twists and turns. ... Anyways I must run and please let me apologise again for leaving you in the lurch but one day I hope to come back to the world of fanfic... but the truth is complicated...lets just say my try at living a close to normal live didn't quite work out it. Guess I'll never settle Lol... maybe one day *shigh*
Keep writing never stop you bring joy to others who read and have helped me lose and find myself many times over and for that I am eternally grateful.
Thanks for writing darling you are bloody brilliant. See you around ttfm.
Shembre chapter 22 . 9/15/2013
When Eames was helping Arthur clean up his face and wrists, it felt like there was a parent or older sibling looking after a young kid, which was cool and cute. The cop lady character is pretty interesting, I like her so far. I liked where this ended, and starting anew with another story/sequel is totally the way to go. Hopefully Arthur will find that there's someone in his family who isn't just a black stain on society. :)
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