Reviews for After Jane Died
cullenmeadow chapter 55 . 8/8
Both barrels B, both barrels. I'm afraid he deserved a telling off! What was Tanya on? Thanks for update :)
Cecily chapter 55 . 8/8
I'm glad Bella left him stranded. Who the hell does Edward think he is to tell Bella that she doesn't understand her own feelings?!

And the Tanya debacle? Well that was beautifully done. Though I still want karma to keep messing with Tanya some more.
mgd0107 chapter 55 . 8/8
I'm trying to put myself in Bella's shoes and understand her thought process. She was distraught because he was ignoring her all week, and decided to cause a huge scene, but then turned the tables on him saying she needed time. In my eyes this is very immature. Where is Bella coming from? This desperation to seek validation with Edward only to turn him away when he wants to give it. I really love the premise of this story and maybe I'm looking at it differently. Can you shed some light on Bella's intentions please
dawnhybb chapter 55 . 8/8
Loved the chapter! Can't wait for the big talk.
Lisalouise chapter 55 . 8/8
I can't wait for the big talk! He needs to know how much he hurt Bella.
Thanks for writing.
Lisa...Gail Cullen
asam75 chapter 55 . 8/8
Well, that was fun...for some of us. The realtors didn't make their sales or commissions, Tanya lost her job and didn't get Edward, and Bella went to the restaurant to see Edward and do...what? She wouldn't talk to him even though he wanted to. She did say she would speak on the phone later; maybe he'll answer this time. Does Edward realize that he effectively made Bella a one night stand? How does that convey giving someone space to would just build pain and resentment.
sandy4321 chapter 55 . 8/8
Great chapter! I'm glad she is not going to make it easy on him.
cmandal chapter 55 . 8/8
Good for Bella! Happy to see that she is making Edward sweat a little after suffering all week. Can't wait for the next update for the big talk!
mdsngrc chapter 55 . 8/8
Their lack of communication makes my heart hurt. I'm looking forward to them actually talking. He has to know that his silence hurt her deeply. I know they'll be good, but
flibbidyjibits chapter 55 . 8/8
B has more self control than I do! I would have slapped him! Thanks for the update!
Lilypad10 chapter 55 . 8/8
Edward has a lot of explaining to do. He really treated her bad.
Lady Moon Shadows chapter 55 . 8/8
Wait, Bella is being judged for moving on so fast? But isn't Edward in exactly the same position? Double standards much?

I can understand Bella's struggles. I kinda want her to make Edward suffer. But I'm also tired of the drama and ready for them to stay in the same room long enough to actually talk things out.
crazycats7 chapter 55 . 8/8
Wow they are both wrong. He lied and she ran. I hope that he is smart enough to go after her and make her listen. I would like to hear what he has to say. He needs to realize that he hurt her very badly. and she was just not better.
Maggie J Masen chapter 55 . 8/8
It's frustrating as a reader to have not one or two but numerous chapters of drama just for drama's sake. It's time for the story to move forward before readers start dropping like flies.
jel19 chapter 55 . 8/8
So, she got away after all. She has more guts than I would have. I know he will go after her and they will talk. My guess is he has been checking out offices and homes for them to live in, to start fresh for their new little family. Can't wait for the next chapter. this is such a good story!
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