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Missyok chapter 50 . 7/1
This is brutal. Poor B.
Missyok chapter 48 . 7/1
Loving this story!
Vamps09 chapter 53 . 6/30
Love this story! Can't wait for more!
Mar.azul.14 chapter 50 . 6/30
Aro & Heidi have figured out what is going on between Edward & Bella..there is no doubt for that..
and how innocently Mckenna gave them to her my country we have an expression which says that you can easily learn the truth from little kids...
Jane was really unhappy & miserable in her marriage with Edward & probably their life together had become a living hell for both of them & neither of them deserve to feel/live that way..
So who is this mysterious blond woman? Is she a threat for Bella? No I don't think so, but it served as a trigger & Bella found the courage to try to speak with him & not to just send him a lifeless text..the direct approach is much better, more personal & meaningful..
The only thing she should have told to Edward was three words " I love you'' & even now she isn't able to say them to him, not even accidentally...
Great chapter...Well done !
Mar.azul.14 chapter 49 . 6/30
The Bella's image sitting in the window seat waiting for just a peek at Edward brought memories to me... I used to do the same thing many years ago in order to see my huge crush with whom we lived in the same neighborhood at that time...
Cooking is a nice, helpful & delicious distraction !
I can't believe that Bella still hasn't figured out what she did which caused Edward to be distanced & to need time away from her..her non response & her loudly silence to his " I love you" is the one reason & the other one is her crying after they made love for the first time in his birthday..for sure Bella gave an unforgettable gift to Edward...for the only thing I couldn't put blame on her is about her dream...that was something that she couldn't handle & control..unlike with the other two reasons that she knew very well what she was doing...
Most of the times we don't mean to hurt beloved people, sometimes not purposely, but we do it anyway..but what's that matters most is to realize our mistakes & try to fix the things asap...
Short but nice chapter...Well done !
Mar.azul.14 chapter 48 . 6/30
The flashback was enlightening enough in order to understand in a way how Edward usually deals in difficult situations & how figures out what's the best thing to do & as it seems the "see ya'' is a habit for him..and for one more time we took a glimpse for how tough & damaged had become his relationship with Jane..
So Bella was finally able to say these three magic words, but she admitted that she did it for her own benefit since she knew pretty well that he wasn't able to understand her " I love you " selfish & convenient it was that...
And in her message said that the last thing she would ever want to do is to hurt him, but it's too late for that...she already did it even though it seems that she hasn't figured out what went wrong ..she needs to realize it all by herself why Edward is acting this way & then she'll be able to fix the things between them..
I feel so sorry for the kids..they have to be away from each other & to suffer b/c of the immature behavior of their parents..poor kids..their relationship & interactions were so sweet & adorable...
Great chapter as usual...Well done !
Mar.azul.14 chapter 47 . 6/30
I'm still team Edward & I empathize with him but I didn't like the fact that he used their children as a barrier in order to avoid Bella & a possible talking about what happened the previous night..
So Edward puts the blame on him ...he feels guilty that he pushed her too much, maybe by saying that he loves her...and then made her to take the next, huge step in their relationship & after her reaction he is now convinced that she wasn't ready... logical but rushed conclusion.. maybe he needed to give her the benefit of the doubt & listen what she had to tell him & not to build a wall between them...but then again he was badly hurt & betrayed by Jane, so perhaps he doesn't want to be in the same position & situation again and with that hard/firm/rigid & even, why not, cruel attitude towards Bella, wants to protect himself... but it's not fair to blame only himself for what happened... Bella was there too & isn't a little girl...she is an adult who is responsible for her decisions/actions & she can deal with the consequences which come next...
So Bella is wondering how had things gotten out of control.. perhaps b/c she brought Alec's memory along with them in their "bed" & into their lovemaking... and even after all this...after seeing how hurt & angry was Edward she couldn't say to him that she loves him ... the only thing she managed to say was that she just needs him ...she has to think about Edward's needs too and that he wanted to be loved by her without barries & limits..
The key word for those two is communication & they have to find the way to make things work as better as possible, for theirs & their children sake !
Amazing chapter...Well done !
Mar.azul.14 chapter 46 . 6/30
Ok..the flashback was heartbreaking & it was extremely difficult for me to read brought tears in my eyes.. so powerful & strong emotions given with a vivid & a somehow raw way that was able to reach & touch my truly captured the depth & strength of their feelings/emotions & the love that still exists in those diffucult/tragic & intense moments...This flashback is the only part of your story that I read it only one's too painful for me but without no doubt is well written & straight to the point about how you feel when it comes to deal with the possibility of loosing & eventually with the loss of a beloved person...well done..I was/am amazed by this flashback !
If I tell you that I feel sorry for Bella, I would lie to you in a way she deserves the silent treatment from Edward..What did she expect from him to do? To open his arms for her?He did & recieved nothing back..He was patient & sweet with her...he treated her with respect & nothing else but love...unfortunately Bella's reaction wasn't the one he expected & wanted for their first time together..I can't imagine how sad/disappointed/hurt/rejected & even betrayed must he felt..
And if Bella talked loud in her sleeping during her vivid dream with Alec & Edward then that it has to played a main/huge/crucial role in the change oh his behavior towards her .. In my opinion Bella made a huge mistake when she decided to wait till the morning to speak with Edward in order to clarify & explain to him her feelings/reaction/actions/thoughts...sometimes actions speak louder than the words & in this case Bella's actions & silence spoke volumes into Edward's heart & mind..
I don't blame the poor guy for his behavior...So Bella finally started to realize some things...good for her...and would be even better if she thought for a moment Edward's feeligs & needs too...
Extremely well written chapter...excellent...Well done !
Mar.azul.14 chapter 45 . 6/30
That was indeed a riveting chapter...a true roller coaster of, heaven-hell, ups-downs, happy-sad, eagerness-disappointment, handled & captured their emotions/feelings/reactions/actions in a realistic, believable, human way, although I've to say that right now I'm not the biggest Bella's fan amongst the readers of your story... I'm wholeheartedly with Edward since the beginning & I'm not going to change my mind now..the way you've portrayed Edward in this ch. makes it nearly impossible not to fall in love with his character/personality/attitude...he is such a sweet, sensitive, doting, loveable, selfless man...he is a natural father/family man/husband & a caring & charismatic lover...On the other hand we have Bella..I really tried very hard to understand, in a way & in some level I did, and to justify ,which I couldn't, her reaction/outburst ...I know she had a good/happy/easy life with Alec, unlike Edward, obviously her loss was unexpected/unfair/shocking & it's terribly hard & scary to move on with someone else so soon ..but that's why she went to a therapist in order to deal with her emotions/feelings/loss/pain so at some point to feel ready to live again, not only as a mother but as a woman too...And she is extremely lucky to have this oppurtunity with a man she knew for years..she knows his character & beliefs & most important of all she knows what he went through during his marriage & how hurt & betrayed was/felt by Jane...Bottom line she knows the whole him crystal clear..
Reading this ch. I got mixed signals from she was able/comfortable/sure to discuss having more children with Edward but after his love declaration she didn't say anything not b/c she didn't feel it/want it but b/c she couldn't ...seriously Bella?...I can't believe she was naive about Edward's feelings for her, let alone she now knows he had a crush on her all of these years...Edward was honest towards her from the beginning...he told her what he wanted for his life..he wanted something serious with her & he was willing to go with her speed waiting for when she would be ready to consummate their relationship...and once again he offered her the chance to rethink and change her mind/decision about making love for the first time...nevertheless she was determined & went for it ..and after the most intense orgasm she'd ever had in her life & even though Edward was loving/sweet & tender with her & as much as she wanted to be with him she still missed Alec, but at the end she would always choose Edward over Alec...and then she cried uncontollably in his arms saying sorry..& what Edward was supposed to think/feel about her outburst? Edward didn't deserve to be treated like this from Bella..He didn't deserve to give his heart/soul/body to a woman who after all this time & what they went through, she didn't know for sure if she loved him..And she needed a vivid dream in order to finally let Alec go & to realize that Edward is the love of her life & soulmate, the love she'd been unknowingly waiting for her whole life...and for sure Bella's mind is complicated as hell & she has to put in a logical order her feelings, needs, wants, thoughts towards everything & everyone as soon as possible...
Captivating chapter...amazingly written...WELL DONE !
lullaby2009 chapter 53 . 6/27
I hope she helps Edward pull his head out of his ass. I get he's confused but he should be talking about it and not running.

Great story btw so glad it's back.
bonz245 chapter 52 . 6/27
Very good...thanks.
banshee69 chapter 53 . 6/26
What the hell is up with Edward? Is he running or is he preparing to buy a house big enough for them all? At least Aro and Heidi know and it wasn't as bad as Bella thought it would be.

agatona chapter 53 . 6/26
Oh my word! Edward is being totally shady! I have faith in you & the eventual HEA.
And the flow of the story is fine though frequent updates are truly appreciated.
Aro is awesome in this story. He is compassionate & considerate that Edward & Bella found another kind of love with each other. It happens.
Can't wait to see if Edward is going to jerk Bella around or maybe he is planning some grand gesture!
Please update soon. Thank you.
banshee69 chapter 52 . 6/26
EPOV would be awesome. I'd like to see what's going on in his head.

I'm glad Jacob gave Bella a pep talk. She needed the encouragement.

jenninemarie chapter 53 . 6/26
Omg not liking Edward at all, but Aro omg how sweet
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