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Jane chapter 1 . 10/18
Mui and Sakura going to try and rescue Eve? The hype and suspense builds at an inevitable confrontation.
Guest chapter 251 . 10/18
Wow I'm so hyped right now ! Sakura and Mui are coming to try and get Eve back ! I want to see how they are gonna meet and if Eve will make them believe in her betrayal or maybe she could explain that she's her for Mavis. It would be awesome !
Guest chapter 251 . 10/16
In the manga it makes me wonder how Mest convinced Angel to spy on Alvarez. So I suspect Mui will replace Angel or something. Maybe Mui will have a better chance at sneaking in. Or maybe Mui will come along when rescueing Makarov to witness Eve with Zeref. In five months. If Angel couldn't really get in Alvarez I don't see how Mui would. But considering his magic. It's possible.
The Observer chapter 251 . 10/16

I read all 251 chapters (I know there'll be more) and I must say I am impressed. Granted a lot of the early chapters had many (and I mean a huge amount) of spelling mistakes but they're easy to to ignore, and I can see that your writing grew more and more refined as the chapters went on. Your integrations of a modern-day person into the Fairy Tail universe was almost seamless and the way you managed to tell her story, rather then retell Fairy Tail's story with her in it, really shows your understanding of the story line.

It took me some time to realize however that you used the English version of the anime for point of reference but I attribute that to you using the one you're most familiar with so that's Ok.

Eve, eve, eve. My gosh, what a unique character you've made. A Fairy Tail whose impact as an OC on the main timeline is absolutely a joy to behold. You made me care for her in a way most other authors wouldn't be able to for other Fairy Tail OCs. And not just Eve: Mui, Miyu, Sakura, Samara. You stuck to what was relevant and wrote Eve's story, and made sure that if your reader has an in-depth knowledge of the Fairy Tail universe, they won't be disappointed by "Child of Heaven". You have emulated Mashima and more. You made Fairy Tail your own in a way and I couldn't be happier.

And now we come up to the Alvarez arc. After everything Eve has been through, all those adventures, all those story arcs and you're building it up in a much more sophisticated way then Mashima did, that's for sure. Eve has gotten so strong now (just like a Fairy Tail character would) and now she's on Zeref's 'team'. I look forward to what else you'll do Jacques0.

Keep up the good work! :D
Nyanya chapter 251 . 10/15
Considering that we never got to truly see God Serena's potential. I guess he could be the third strongest Spriggan right under August and Irene. Since Neinhart's historia's arent that strong, but still. Gildarts was kinda on par with historia serena. And considering that most of the weaker Spriggan were defeated by S class wizards. I suppose that Eve could be stronger than the other 10 Spriggan. Though eventually if Eve keeps training and grows at the same rate as those first 6 months. Eve could potentially surpass Serena. Though im stil wondering if Eve is hiding her Slaying Magic. Maybe it's not as powerful as her God magic but having the ability to consume and combine her elements is an asset. The mysterious technique could be like a super powerful God form maybe. Or something like a Legendary spell like Law..
Hitler's Moustache chapter 1 . 10/15
I was just scrolling through self inserts most stories having like 2-10 but then BOOM FUCKING 251 CHAPTER STORY IVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE?
WolfOfHell chapter 251 . 10/14
I'm so impatient to see what is the technique Eve can't use unless it's really critical ! I bet it's a really powerfull one !
I hope we will know soon why Zeref decide to give to Eve a place within the Twelve, I think he will try to use her and her book to hurt Fairy Tail.

I'm so happy that Mui and Sakura are going to go and try to find her, I think a lot of problems are to come.
Guest chapter 251 . 10/14
So.. did Erza tell Sakura and Miyu about what Eve is? Since Miyu should know about Eve's transformation and the fact that she hasn't been turned back yet. Miyu will have questions. And I think Erza would get them to understand the situation. Also since Mui is contacting Sakura to come along. I believe it's true. Also poor Nyssa, maybe this will cause more distrust between Nyssa and the Empire. Knowing that they never intended for her to be shield and that they were leading her on. Oh man, can mui and Sakura really sneak into Alvarez? Or maybe they will be captured.
ShugoYuuki123 chapter 251 . 10/14
Awesome so we've found what what Mui is up to, and now Sakura is going after Eve. Looking forward to the next update :)
DschingisKhan chapter 1 . 10/13
Falling into a world you know of from fiction seems to be a common setup for this kind of story; a common mistake. Meta knowledge greatly strains willing suspension of disbelief and artificially limits your own opportunities for presenting the tension and triumph of your character finding their way in an entirely novel (to them) place.

Your writing is serviceable (precocious toddlers aside), though, so I'm willing to give it a few more chapters.
Guest chapter 250 . 10/13
I get the feeling that Nyssa might blame Erza for Eve leaving her. So I kind of want a cat fight between Nyssa and Erza.
Bluemoon76 chapter 83 . 10/11
No. Simply no. Je l'aime a mourir from shakira feels like a sin. The original version by Cabrel is the only one worthy.
Guest chapter 249 . 10/10
you know how Juvia is basically her own water magic and like how Azuma became the trees? Maybe Eve's body was kinda unstable because of the demonic aspect but her godly magic was evolving. It would be so cool if Eve is becomin more heavenly. Eve won't just be a demon with holy magic. But become a real angel demon hybrid! That would be badass.
sarge1234 chapter 250 . 10/10
I really love this fanfic I been here almost from the beginning I always get exited whey a new chapter is uploaded keep up the good work.
WolfOfHell chapter 250 . 10/8
Awesome chapter ! You really portrayed well the gray aspect of war, on each side they think they are doing some good, it's never evil versus good.
I hope Nyssa will want to follow Eve once she reveals that she is a spy and returns to fairy tail !

Eve totally crushed God Serena ! Now that she can manipulate the Ethernano, she is litterally intouchable and invicible, minus maybe Zeref if he has her Book.
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