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tfuinsah chapter 118 . 1/14
While the story is fun, it's also getting incredibly frustrating reading about someone like Eve. For all that she can do it feels like she's a side character with very little impact on the story. A few things have changed but the overall flow of everything hasn't been affected one bit. I enjoyed the original parts and the changes but again they feel like side stories with how they have little to no actual impact on the plot. Everything that happened in canon is still more or less happening here, I'm just reading Fairy Tail all over again from the perspective of an outsider.

Perhaps things change more down the line but after more than a hundred chapters and almost two decades of development I'm not going to hold my breath. A good measure I like for these kinds of stories is asking myself if taking the MC out at a decent point in the story would change it enough from canon to be significantly different. In all honesty if Eve died right at this point I don't see anything changing. The same characters still have the same personalities, same canon events will still happen. Most likely how they're played out will be the exact same too. The only maybe big difference is Erza being bi, that's really it.
tfuinsah chapter 113 . 1/14
I kind of want Eve to lose someone here. She's so hesitant about her own person it's frustrating. Suppressing a part of herself meant that she's now weaker than she could have been and that should have consequences. If she doesn't want to use it fine, but her being so fearful of something that is a part of her is stupid. Especially considering when she actual has a need for it she has no control, like right now. If everything worked out fine she'd go back to the same old Eve which frankly is getting quite annoying.
tfuinsah chapter 40 . 1/13
I especially detest when a person has main character syndrome. It's incredibly self-centred when they believe the world revolves solely around them, much like Eve believes here. It may be true that her existing means that canon changes but none of that is her fault. That'd be the same as blaming Hitler's great great aunt for being born and singlehandedly bringing about WW2. It's an egotisical point of view that's just ignorant.
tfuinsah chapter 5 . 1/13
Ugh, I hate when slaves are treated like shit. It makes no sense to do so, not from a work or obedience perspective. People need to be healthy to work and if they don't feel somewhat content with their situation they will rebel. Feeding them shit has no purpose.
Urtoryu chapter 69 . 11/13/2021
Seems like we have some new OCs as antagonists, and apparently 5 of them. Curious that you gave us the POV of one of them, maybe he'll be more important than the others.

Was Samara trying to get Erza jealous there? She usually says sister every couple sentences, but didn't say it once with Erza there, not to mention the hug and kiss. Now the question is if that was a way to test if Erza liked Eve or if it was an attemp at pushing them forward.

Eve didn't sense them blowing up the door, so they probably did it without magic. It could be a purely physical blow, but there's the chance they used a curse, and that's bad news. Maybe we're dealing with a Tartaros subguild here with someone like the guy in the Sun Village arc, or they have control over a demon like what happened with Lullaby. Either case can be very bad.

Interesting, she is from a rich family herself, but they refered to her as Bertrand's fiancée. Which means that Bertrand is the one who's most important. I think the most likely possibility is that Bertrand is their true target, and they want Samara as a hostage, maybe to trade her with him in exchange for what they want or something like that.
Urtoryu chapter 68 . 10/29/2021
You described her in a dress and a hat, so now my mind automatically puts Michelle in the scene and I have to manually correct my mental image to put Samara (at least how I imagine her) in it. Damn limited brain, why can't you buy storage and efficiency upgrades in your brain in real life?

Mirajane is one of the few people who can have a normally weird looking hairstyle and make it look good just because she's the one with it. Her hair is kind of what makes her unique, and it became a type of stamp.

Casually talking about the time you were a slave... Tough life. Good to let her know Mui is okay, with the story Eve told Samara last time they met, she might've gotten worried about not knowing what happened to him, so it's nice to mention he's okay.

This thing you're talking about Samara, is a part of a physical phenomenon that researchers call Plot, it is a still considerably misterious discovery that affects everything in the world, and it has many different effects, such as the Plot Armor, which is a rule of the universe that majorly affects the probability of someone surviving dangerous situations affected by important events throughout their lives and the lives of those closely connected to them, or the Death Flags, which increase the severity of dangers according to some factors in the recent events on the person's life. Those two for example were the basis for the concept of Karma, though they were only recently scientifically confirmed to be real. One of the most prominent effects of Plot is the Protagonism (coloquially called Power of Friendship), which is what makes magic more powerful depending on emotion, an occurrence all mages are familiar with, but also affects normal people to a certain extent.

Unfortunately another effect of Plot is assuring the life of certain people is constantly filled with danger and magnitude, and that can make calm and peaceful moments scarce.
Urtoryu chapter 67 . 10/29/2021
Eve is S confirmed. Good to know.

Earth had this cool thing called anime, it made life more worth it

Interesting that Eve found out of Jude going bankrupt before Lucy, that made me think how Samara can actually be a very useful contact to have, as she has information on high society, money and some influence.

The funny thing about Natsu is that he's not naive, it's not that he doesn't have any interest in girls, he just has complete control over his switch. On one scene he tries peeping on the girl's bath, then in the other he doesn't care at all that Lucy is naked, be it because he's in a serious situation, or even because it's a better time to make a joke and he won't lose the chance of laugh at her. The man is the perfect example of self control, he manages to keep his cool in any situation.

Curious bit with that Crow guy. The name Crow always draws attention no matter where it is.

"Promise that you won't keep the truth from me again"
"I promise. So, let's start with the fact that I'm an alien..."
"Can't you take this seriously!?
"I am taking this seriously, I'm actually a half demon undead gay alien who knows the future!"

I think now I get why she doesn't want to tell everything.
Urtoryu chapter 66 . 10/27/2021
Hearing about Totomaru was unexpected, nice touch. I think he was mentioned again after the time skip wasn't him? If I remember right, Romeo said he was learning fire magic from Totomaru. I mentioned in another review that because we didn't see him in the show after Phantom so he could've died, but I had forgotten about that, it seems he survived and is just fine.

"Taking out an entire dark guild" is not necessarily a great achievement. Some dark guilds are strong and would be hard to wipe out, but most are nothing special, and even Natsu can wipe out some guilds with ease. You can't consider that something so special if you don't know how strong the guild is.

The final scene with the Fairy Tail gesture is beautiful, so I won't complain that you included it. I like how they used the sign since the very start, but you didn't understand what it meant until this scene. It is definitely one of the most memorable things in anime, and I can't help but do it while watching some scenes. Sad thing Fairy Tail isn't real, if someone asked which fictional world you'd like to live in, Fairy Tail would be one of the best choices by far.

Original arc and a name that important sounding? Seems things will get interesting.
Urtoryu chapter 65 . 10/27/2021
Chapter 64 review:

Apparently this is the chapter I reviewed last time with what I said on the last one.

I like to interpret that Laxus reacted like that because he was in denial at what Levy said and was trying to convince himself that it was a good thing in order not to break with the news. He just couldn't bring himself to accept that Makarov was lying and tried to twist his view on it to avoid reality and suffering.

Blood ties don't matter? Say that to Zeref and let's see what happens...

Next chapter's title hyped me up a lot.

Chapter 65 review:

I almost forgot Fairy Tail had a bell. The only scene I remember in that tower was Gray trying to fly to beat his rival Happy, I love that episode. Wait a minute, that was shortly after the Battle of Fairy Tail wasn't it? Now I'm exited, can't wait to see what happens to Eve when she gets affected by that potion

Well, that wasn't the secret Erza was expecting, but Eve did have something huh... Honestly, I'm with Erza on that, not a good move to keep it from her. I believe that it's better to know that a friend is dead than to expect them to be alive even if they're not, and I'm saying that from experience. For example, someone I knew died during the pandemic, and I didn't even know it until months after, because the people that knew didn't tell me. I only found out when I asked about him and pressed them for an answer, only then did they tell me he was dead, and at least for me, finding out was better than not even knowing a friend was gone. That person wasn't nearly as close to me as Jellal was to Erza, but the principle is the same.

I guess Mystogan just confirmed that Edo-Eve will be on the kingdom's side, so she'll probably be one of the enemies during the Edolas arc.

That part with Mystogan was good, I liked it. But everytime I see Mystogan I get sad because I wanted him to have more screentime. Why Mashima, why did you abandon him after the Edolas arc never to be seen again!?

[100 Years Quest spoilers ahead, read at your own risk]

Yeah I know, he showed up again in 100 Years Quest, but having him there for 1 chapter was only enough for me to miss him even more, they could at least have made the Edolas part in 100 Years longer so we could see him for longer! Or for example, they could have found a way of getting more of those pills and visit him from time to time.
Urtoryu chapter 63 . 10/26/2021
I will take a look on Falling Stars, but I don't know when each chapter was written, so I'm worried of getting spoilers if I just go read all of it, so I think I'll look at it latter

Funny how she says Mirajane is insane, and follows with a "maybe she can give me a run for my money", if there's something Eve has too much of it's confidence. She's not wrong in thinking that, it's just interesting how "insane" "might be hard" in her mind, not anything more.

Wait, how does she know Bickslow's down? She took out Evergreen and just saw Freed, but how did she know that Bickslow was defeated? If she used Heaven's Resonance it'd make sense that she sensed it, but she didn't... I guess I can accept that she was looking for magic signatures when searching for Laxus and found out that he was defeated like that.

Ohh... She didn't make it fast enough to see Mistogan. Sad, I wanted to see that.

WHAT!? Heaven's Gatling Gun was effective? I always thought that spell was completely useless because it never worked...

One hit... I think my review for this chapter the first time around was about this too, but I really expected more. She should be able to take at least one hit, or maybe even not get hit at all by protecting herself with RuneSave. Laxus is very strong, but I can't imagine him defeating Erza with a single hit, and I think Eve would also not fall with only that. But I blame that on trying to follow canon for how the fight went, not on Eve's strength, so I'll still consider her to be around Erza and Mira's level.
Urtoryu chapter 62 . 10/26/2021
The way Laxus asked Natsu a question and completely ignored him when he answered was so rude that I felt bad, what a dick move.

Eve's just threatening the guy in control of the entire situation... Of course Laxus won't hear it when he is on top, specially with how proud he is. He's never going to take a treat seriously in this scenario.

I think Heaven's Chant was overkill, she didn't need all that just for Evergreen, I was worried she killed her for a moment there...

5 minutes? I meant he didn't look like he would last that long, but Siegrain did stop you before you could start, so who knows...

Up till now, Eve's presence didn't change anything in this arc, but with Gajeel gone, I imagine the battle in the cathedral will go very differently.
Urtoryu chapter 61 . 10/26/2021
It's funny how Ever calls her a Phantom girl even though Eve is being much more of a Fairy Tail girl than she is. But I guess these three are just following Laxus in whatever he decides to do (especially Freed, he is to Laxus what Juvia is to Gray, only more platonic).

Eve can sense the ethernano, can't she detect the magic energy of the traps before being caught and avoid falling on the traps that way? Or did you just not think of this?

I don't understand one thing, when Natsu and Gajeel couldn't get through, everyone thought they were somehow over 80 years old, but why didn't anyone consider that they might be stone statues?

Seeing the Battle of Fairy tail reminded me of the Second Battle of Fairy Tail in 100 Years Quest. Are you reading that? It is really good, you should do so. I'll never forget Gajeel Kaiju, Juvia Make Magic and specially, White Jellal, the comedy in that thing is priceless.

So Eve will wait a bit to make people fall into the traps for her, and go afterwards to hunt down Evergreen and release the statues, leaving Laxus for after that's done. Now we'll just have to see if she's still there by the time Erza wakes up with her magic dispelling artificial eye.
Have you seen Edens Zero? There's one thing I can't bring myself to accept in it. Edens is amazing, and while I've only seen the anime, it seems to have potential to be far better than Fairy Tail and even Rave. The anime is futuristic, with robots and all, but there's this character named Elsie, she's a exact copy of Erza, but the thing is, she has an eyepatch. Erza, a character in a magic anime with no focus on technology has a perfect artificial eye, and Elsie, in a sci-fi anime where robots and space travel is normal, has a normal eyepatch. Am I the only one who sees something wrong with that?
Urtoryu chapter 60 . 10/26/2021
Chapter 59 review:

I like how Eve confirmed that she still cares about Jellal with what she said. Simon being alive means Kagura won't have a reason to go after his head too, so it seems things are better for him this time around.

"You're such a child" says the one who was acting like a kid right after the Phantom war...

I thought it was obvious, but there's probably some people who didn't notice it. That's a great pairing for me, so I'm totally fine with it.

Chapter 60 review:

Fantasia is pretty much Carnival, and as a Brazilian, I know how noisy things get (A whole week off, so I don't complain). Sad thing Laxus wants to ruin the show, he could've at least waited to make the war after the festival, why interrupt it. He's just being a bother to everyone.

500,000? So that guitar costs as much as Eve's face?! No way, too expensive. Eve is obviously worth far more than a flashy guitar, they should at least in rise the reward for that photo!

It's nice to get a moment with Gray. I wished there were more scenes like that with Eve just talking with people on the guild, as we mostly just see her with Erza, Gajeel or Juvia. She does talk with Mira too, and there was the job with Lucy, but I'd like more of that. Like, seeing Eve in the guild hall casually talking with Elfman or Natsu and things like that, it would make her feel more like part of the guild.

I'll be honest, with what each one did, I'd totally vote for Mirajane, hers was the best by far. I mean, the swimsuits are great and all, but man, that Gajeel face! I couldn't stop laughing when I saw that. And I'll give you a lesson on life, a girl that makes you laught so much that it hurts is far better than just a sexy girl.

You know, when Elfman said "she's a man", I always just assumed he was talking about her courage to do something so ridiculoua in front of so many people, but I just noticed that she had Gajeel's face, so maybe he was just being literal in that she turned into a man. Never noticed the deep double interpretation of that sentence, Elfman is such a poet.

I kinda wanted to see Lucy doing something, Ever really did need to ruin the show didn't she? Laxus's people are just no fun.

Now's finally the battle of Fairy Tail, so let's see how Eve participates in that. Will she see Mistogan's face too? Or maybe her sensing abilities will allow her to notice he's from Edolas, by sensing that there is no magic in his body, only in the staves. Also can we just talk about how Mistogan rivals Laxus in strength even tough he has no magic? He's amazing!

I said it already but I'll say it again, I'm really liking this story. I think you did a good job in capturing why Fairy Tail is so good and applying it here.
Urtoryu chapter 58 . 10/25/2021
I'm pretty sure that in the scene Gajeel took the lightning Laxus trowed at Shadow Gear, he just blocked it with his arm in the manga, but turned his arm into a steel rod in the anime (probably for censoring purposes). So while you are using mostly the anime as reference, you do get a page from the manga when you want to. That gives me more hope for seeing the OVAs.

I think Eve got something wrong, she's obviously not his mother. Because he's not her son, just her pet. Of course you take care of your pet and love him like he's family, but he is just a little animal in the end, you can't call him your son.
Seriously now, she might not work as his mom age wise, but she could be considered his sister. Eve has at least 4 siblings already doesn't she, what's one more...

It's funny how almost everyone hates Gajeel during Phantom Lord arc, but almost everyone loves him afterwards, he might be the best example of a character who was completely redeemed. And of course, one of the many things that make us love him so much is how good of a pair him and Levy are. Gray and Juvia might be the best for me, but Gajeel and Levy are also amazing (and they ARE, because Gray is taking seriously too long to accept Juvia's approach, while Gajeel's getting a kid already)

Eve's given stared to Mira, Lucy and Erza already, but Juvia doesn't get any attention. I guess it's because she usually has her clothes on, but not even reacting at all when she slept in the same bed as her surprised me. Maybe I'm just too much of a Juvia simp, but she's definetly the prettiest in my eyes.

I'm a little disappointed they went out of the city, I imagined a huge crowd watching the fight in the middle of the city like a festival. But I think not exploding everything might be better than doing a show. Heaven's chant could very well wipe out a district, and that might not be the best of ideas.

One thing I didn't understand, not this time around, nor the first one. What even is Heaven's Stream? I have a good mental image of how each attack looks, except this one. It was never described, and we only saw her using it in the middle of fights without any way to visualize it. The name makes me think of a type of bean attack made from feathers, but she seems to always use it on melee, so maybe a feather coated punch?

She won?! I mean, Erza did throw the match, so we don't know for sure how it'd end, but even so, great job Eve!
Urtoryu chapter 57 . 10/25/2021
New opening would be 13 in that instance right? It's pretty good, but 14 and 15 are the real good ones, I'll never forget those. Fairy Tail has great openings overall. The only one I don't like is 8, the others are all really good (and 8 is good too, I'm just not into it, but for the type of music it is, it's a good one)

Yellow bird talking? That's normal man, I've seen cats talk, dogs who talk, a bull that talks, talking fish, talking monkeys, a talking snake and even talking LEGO.

Liked the foreshadowing. Was thate "Claire" thing auto-correct, a mistake, or Eve hearing wrong? Doesn't matter, I just got curious.

That bit with the reward for a photo of her face reminded me of that part in Hunter x Hunter when they found out that a picture of a Zoldyck is worth tons of money, and Leorio started complaining that he should've taken a picture of Killua. Reminding me of Hunter is good.

Eve is pretty misterious isn't she... Not only she hides her face, she also never tried to be S class despite being stronger than the ones in her guild, (almost) no one knows her background, she has a unique magic and a legendary sword has a magical effect which only affects her, not to mention the legends regarding a Golden Angel, that apparently exist even in Edolas according to Pink-Haired-Woman-With-Hard-Name.

That fight would've been cool if it had broken out. Eve would most likely lose in the end, but it would still be a great fight. At this point in time, Laxus could very well be weaker than Azuma, she can probably give him a decent fight.

Wait, Eve vs Erza? I really hope that's not a click bait like Natsu vs Erza or Natsu vs Laxus were, because I want to see that fight.
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