Reviews for Child of Heaven
Guest chapter 207 . 6h
As much as I would have loved seeing a more in depth interaction with her fans. I would rather have the plot moving forward. Preferably some Eve and Erza time whether to further their relationship or going on that S Class Job to showcase and finally get a more in depth explanation on her magic. I'm hoping that at least the plot will move back to canon by 2017.
Guest chapter 207 . 12/3
Oh chapter cover today huh
Tobias97 chapter 207 . 12/3
Great chapter, but I'm wondering when you'll return to the canon arcs. I'm hungry for Tartarus
GotNoName123 chapter 113 . 12/3
i wanna know? Is it possible that a DarkEve or just SkySlayer and Eve are going to like start getting along and whatever over time, so it won't be so bad in the end? You know like how Naruto befriended kurama?
GotNoName123 chapter 112 . 12/3
i am scared for Eve
GotNoName123 chapter 104 . 12/3
Ya...way to goo, wooo
grifman275 chapter 207 . 12/3
Darn, I was hoping that Erza would find out about Eve and Kagura's kiss, and a whole new world of possibilities would of opened up XD
GotNoName123 chapter 84 . 12/3
he probably slept with your mother or something
GotNoName123 chapter 77 . 12/3
There's gotta be something i'm missing maybe Runesave was used there or something, just something
GotNoName123 chapter 72 . 12/3
This is only chapter 72 from 206 and she's already decending to darkness and i don't know how to feel
GotNoName123 chapter 50 . 12/3
i would feel sad if there weren't another 150 chapters to go
GotNoName123 chapter 30 . 12/3
I cross my heart and hope to die that Eve would be the one that saves them all
GotNoName123 chapter 28 . 12/3
Oh no, i've been looking forward to this but now that i've reached it i don't know
GotNoName123 chapter 13 . 12/3
Future Chapter Theory Time: I'm guessing if this follows the canon exactly (Which it is probably) then when the Phantom Arc comes when the fight does happen either Eve fight against Phantom and with Fairy Tail not accepting whats happening, or she would be out on a job and messed out on the event
GotNoName123 chapter 6 . 12/3
This is story is golden and so freaking amazing. So i was checking to see how many chapter there is thinking 'I hope this has a bunch of chapters' and whipdee do! 200 CHAPTERS! SO amazing, just give me a moment
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