Reviews for Child of Heaven
Speechless chapter 51 . 7/27
Wowww...! This is an amazing story! This is like the harry potter of fanfiction! Awesome!
felic42 chapter 126 . 7/27
pinkdoughnuts chapter 126 . 7/27
Thanks for the update.
Can't wait for the next.
HellKing666 chapter 126 . 7/27
... Well, on a cheerier note, CHAIN QUEST~

Fire Village, what is it I wonder...
helenGet chapter 126 . 7/27
I would love to see what happen next.
My Book of Demons chapter 124 . 7/24
Oh, yeah. I just noticed you updated!
helenGet chapter 125 . 7/22
More please.
pinkdoughnuts chapter 125 . 7/22
I had forgotten all about the wedding dress. Lol.
I love the Erza fluff.
Hope you update soon
- Z
the-last-one-sleeping chapter 125 . 7/22
Are there any artists out there that have drawn Eve? Just wondering...
SulliMike23 chapter 125 . 7/21
Samara's death is only part of Eve's problem. She shouldn't keep her demon side a secret for long. If anything of that demon inside her comes out during the GMG or Tartaros arc, they may have to choice but to kill her.
My Book of Demons chapter 121 . 7/21
Oh shit... well, that's disappointing and depressing.
My Book of Demons chapter 117 . 7/21
I wonder how Samara and Sakura will take Eve's seven year absence. Also, I hope Eve accepts her birth powers soon, what she is, it isn't a bad thing and only is if you make it that way.
My Book of Demons chapter 111 . 7/21
Kind of wish she used her demon power, but she didn't have the time. Have confidence she tells everyone, but she doesn't even have confidence in herself.
My Book of Demons chapter 100 . 7/21
somehow I had a feeling she would sing We Rock
My Book of Demons chapter 98 . 7/21
Though there was no battle with her demon it was still a good battle.
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