Reviews for Minimum Requirement
Winter's Folly - Summer's Vice chapter 9 . 12/15
Wao~ Lovely, my dear, just lovely.
Ina-Hina chapter 9 . 12/6
I love everything about this fic. Special props go to Hizashi, Fugaku, Mikoto and K o u.
Give more love to all of these people, they deserve it.
Mew chapter 9 . 11/26
I am laughing at this, now keep typing the dang story!
The Ancient Phoenix chapter 8 . 11/23
Best chapter yet. All I nedded were the last few paragraphs too XD
NerissaLaura chapter 1 . 10/13
please return to update this story and other
NerissaLaura chapter 1 . 10/13
I love it especially how the uchiha clan is involved in naruto rearing
SilentSnowLeopardNinja chapter 7 . 10/11
If you're going with the 3rd knowing all about prisoner containments and how to escape what's gonna be your excuse for why Orochimaru managed to capture him in one later? And what exactly is the reason for his volatile reaction? I think Fugaku has a point if he's not this concerned over what the Hyuuga do.
SakuraKoi chapter 9 . 10/10
The Lady Ayla chapter 9 . 9/12
Thank you for this! We need more Fugaku-isnt-an-evil-bastard fics. I look forward to the next chapter :)
Guest chapter 9 . 9/5
Love this
Laconeko chapter 9 . 9/5
I just read LoveLifeForever's review before writing this, and got hit with a realisation. Maybe the Uchiha will make it, but imagine Hinata and Hanabi as the sole survivors of the Hyuuga massacre. Shit just got pitch dark.

That said, I like the direction this seems to be going in.
LoveLifeForever chapter 9 . 9/4
Yeah, you need to create a scenario to destroy the Cage Bird Seal. I can't believe you didn't gag on the hypocrisy of death being an acceptable thing to make any child contemplate.

Perhaps the kids can turn the village against it. Yes there is the severance package, but that is assuming the villagers would let the clan take the kids with them. Considering they successfully made a bid to take away the children of a Founding Clan, my guess is Not Bloody Likely.

I guarantee the Uchiha clan would help with 'liberating the slaves', out of spite if nothing else. As soon as the Elders fought to try and take back the children, the Uchiha would rise up to 'defend the village' and that would be that. No more Seal.
sagar hussain chapter 9 . 8/27
Awesome chapter. Keep up the good work and please update soon.
Soulhope The Wolf chapter 9 . 8/18
Owe how i would have loved to read of the baby fight between Naruto and Sasuke.
Silvanon of the Orchard chapter 9 . 8/16
Awe, poor little Uchiha orphans.
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