Reviews for A Certain World of Darkness
Biscione chapter 30 . 10/1
Basically, I'm super hoping there's more to come, so far this story has been really good.
Guest chapter 30 . 8/13
Is the autor dead?
Anon chapter 1 . 7/31
this is good... NEED MOAR!
syndorias cinders chapter 1 . 7/29
nobodyreallyimportant chapter 30 . 7/8
real story begins now
doesn't update for months
zorro99 chapter 30 . 5/10
Are you still updating this story? It's been a while.
FateBurn chapter 15 . 5/1
good chapter
FateBurn chapter 5 . 5/1
good so far.
Guest chapter 30 . 3/31
Is the author Really dead?
Guest chapter 29 . 3/30
The author is dead...Rip
pltrgst chapter 17 . 1/13
well written. but too classic. imo anyway
Soul Titan chapter 30 . 1/7
Any money will not be worth the future Touma will have to face.
Guest chapter 11 . 1/1
Amazing way to establish ORDER as a credible group.
Happy new year!
Engelmohr2004 chapter 16 . 12/11/2014
I'd really love if meltdowner which is a very stupid code name by the way "melted" Toumas right arm off then they can all get the shock of their life when they get exposed to insane invisible thing controlled Touma then she'll know what true power really is.
NirvanaFrk97 chapter 30 . 12/10/2014
While I regret to admit that I'm not as immersed into this series as much as I would like, I can still find myself able to follow this story. Am I to assume that you're using the Touma that hasn't lost his memories because his will isn't as strong as his amnesiac self? Also I'm just wondering, as much of an AU that this is, is Index still going to appear? Because like it or not, she still exists and is probably running from Stiyl and Kanzaki. I really like this story by the way, keep up the good work.
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