Reviews for Déjà vu no Jutsu
Enkelados chapter 25 . 7/17
Loved your story. Thank you for writing it. Finally a reincarnation fiction with a real character with troubles, worries, setbacks and most of all a healthy relationship.
hypergirl15 chapter 25 . 7/13
Just finished reading this entire thing for at least the second time, as well as multiple rereadings of individual snippets. Love this!
AceInsomniac chapter 1 . 7/12
Totally random but I was just thinking about how much I appreciated the portrayal of the inner workings of the ninja corps in this story. I've always headcanoned that a lot of the ANBU are lower ranks on paper bc it literally makes no sense to just make all your most secret agents who are, by definition supposed to be lowkey, as prominent members of your military power w/o good reason. The writing is so much more realistic and I also love how you've broken down the actual ninja ranks themselves, like how there are probably a lot of genin bc most people are not gonna be elite ninjas (that's why they're, you know, elite) and how being a genin is a legitimate option for a lot of people and not just a stepping stone because everyone who graduates the academy is gonna be a chuunin or jounin like some assume.

I also really like how you portray ANBU as its own separate entity which, while overlapping with the regular ranks in some ways, largely exists outside of the visible ranks. By that I mean, ANBU isn't just used as shorthand for the character being really powerful but rather as its own specific career path with its own specific specializations and requirements. It's so frustrating when people just slap the ANBU label on a character without really thinking about why that character, who may not even have the necessary or relevant skills for a career in ANBU, would be in ANBU.

Anyways! Love it! You can tell there's been a lot of love put into this.
Angelicsailor chapter 3 . 7/2
Not gonna lie I definitely would have a total crush on Sakumo (not like I have one now or anything...who am I kidding he's hot asf)
X59 chapter 25 . 7/1
This was excellently done. All the twists and turns were handled greatly and it all felt natural.
Roxas fleur chapter 1 . 6/28
one word. WOW
Roxas fleur chapter 1 . 6/28
one word. WOW
Roxas fleur chapter 9 . 6/24
thankyou for this chapter. You should make more of this from the other perspective. It really explains some things
Roxas fleur chapter 4 . 6/23
when i was just going to complain about the lack of romance, you go and dump that on me
monochrome noah chapter 25 . 6/21
This story is so great! I just started gettting into SI fics, but this is so well written out. I love how much of the world building you have and n here and how in depth everything gets. Although, I fell like like the ending kind of leaves you hanging. I feel like there should be more to the whole mystery Uchiha situation. Overall, the story is great. I just finished binge reading it all at once.
Just A Fan chapter 5 . 6/18
why do I have the feeling that the third error (in the hiraishin) was that it only transported people and nothing else, so Natsumi ended up completely naked?
Kenshin135 chapter 2 . 6/18
The only real complaint I have with this story so far is that Inoichi is on Jiraiya's team. Ino-Shika-Cho with a Sarutobi Sensei is something that's hard coded into the lore and an important part of their characterizations.

Also a very minor complaint; I'm fairly certain ANBU Tattoos are always left shoulder. I'm also not entirely convinced that ANBU members have to keep the fact that they're in ANBU a secret, they just have to keep their mission participation, and maybe their actual persona, secret. They do live in a village of ninja after all; hiding their membership entirely would be extremely difficult amongst a population trained to spot things like that.

Otherwise, it's a fairly interesting take on the reincarnated SI genre. Skipping most of the kid stage, and having her very early on reveal the "secret" is something I haven't yet seen while binge reading the genre.
jj chapter 25 . 6/12
i re read this again and its still one of my favorite stories great job
honeybuddhachips chapter 2 . 6/6
i wouldn't mind waking up to sakumo's face everyday either
Guest chapter 1 . 6/6
i was convinced that wolf was kakashi then i remembered that he wasn't born yet
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