Reviews for You Don't See It?
ValkyrieDefender chapter 61 . 7/31
I just finished reading through what you have posted and I loved it! This is totally what should have happened in the finale of How I Met Your Mother! I too was disappointed with the writers on how it ended.
Swarkles forever!
BeneathTheUmbrella chapter 61 . 7/26
Heehee. When it comes to babies, my biggest fear would be poop everywhere. I shudder to think. But you've put that grossness—and humour of it, because really, you always have to laugh rather than cry—here perfectly. And B/R getting cleaned up afterwards is a nice touch. :p A sweet chapter; can't wait for more!
Still Waters chapter 61 . 7/22
You are on the mark again with ao many of these moments. Well done.
8srfan chapter 61 . 7/21
Amazing, as always! I just love these two so much, and I can't wait to see where this goes next. Kudos once again!
SnowboundMermaid chapter 61 . 7/21
Excellent job here, covering this many different aspects of Barney and Robin - the humor, the friendship, the sexuality and uncertainty, all adapting to this new phase of life.
McFlyandTwinkies chapter 9 . 7/13
In the show Barney was the first person Robin told that she can't have kids, but in this he doesn't know.
8srfan chapter 60 . 7/7
Took me a while, but I finally caught up to this story. And boy, it has been a perfect ride. I loved every single chapter, and I'm so glad I'm caught up now! I loved the parenting theme here, and it's really written in such a compelling and realistic way that makes it hard to look away when reading.

I've felt so spoiled, getting to read every chapter on such a short amount of time, now I have to get used to waiting haha! Will be anxiously waiting for the next updates :D
BeneathTheUmbrella chapter 60 . 7/4
Lovely snippets of parenthood, indeed. Aw that last part was rough on poor Robin, but I hope she is assured soon. She's a good mom; Barney can convince her, but hope she realizes it herself too! Great job!
SnowboundMermaid chapter 60 . 7/4
Love seeing these two adjust to parenthood their own way. Barney with Brianna on his chest is definitely worthy of record. The backwards tie, the RedBull on cereal, Robin giving up on the day,all realistic to parenthood and characters as well as their relationship.
Cybergirl chapter 60 . 7/2
Wow, so many great updates in such a short period of time, you are spoiling us! Loved the chapter and that you are showing the nerv wrecking side of parenthood too. And especially barneys realization about people with babies and how he used to frown upon them.
Still Waters chapter 60 . 7/1
Update! Yeah! And a lovely one it was. From what I can remember of the days with a newborn, spot on, too. Sleep deprivation. Hormones. Babies that won't cooperate. This was worth the wait. Looking forward to more.
tivamcabby5 chapter 59 . 4/5
Goodness, I just read this entire story over the course of 48 hours or so, and I loved it! It is so well written. Seriously, this is fantastic.
CyberGirl chapter 59 . 2/27
Woohoo, you updated! What an awesome way to start my day. And I loved the chapter! The pic of neil and the vid of cobie with Her infant have really made me crave barney and Robin baby fics and you incorporating it into the story was simply genius and made me aww. Thanks for taking the time to write this!
megt83 chapter 59 . 2/28
Thanks so much for finding the time to update this. It just occurred to me that this was one of the first fanfics I ever followed and its still going strong. You're a really good writer, so keep up the great work whenever you have the time.
AlwaysSandcastles chapter 59 . 2/28
Yay an update I still love this story.
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