Reviews for The Departure Transformation
Rachelshamyfan chapter 67 . 2/18/2014
Perfect end to a lovely story
pfps chapter 67 . 2/17/2014
Great chapter all around. Really nice talk between Leonard and Penny especially regarding Leonard's career. Nice that Amy realized something was going on with Sheldon and she was able to talk to him about. Great chapter.
TerribleWaitress chapter 67 . 2/17/2014
This was definitely worth the wait baby! Although I have to say I'm super sad that this is coming to an end very soon :( But it was nice to see this. Such a cute chapter all the way through. I saw the Shamy parts and was like maybe I'll scroll through and read all the L/P stuff first, and then go back and read the Shamy. But nope, you get me all caught up in the world of Sheldon & Amy here so I didn't do that in the end I was just reading it intently like oooooooh. This is not one of those stories where you can just scroll through, I actually WANT to read every word of this. So you should be proud of that for sure, pumpkin. I was so excited that he kissed her here, especially after the SIK on the show, aah! Good times, good times. I'm so glad he done that though and I like how even though he couldn't admit he loved her she knew, and he danced with her and kissed her because the need was just too much. It reminded me of one of the earlier chapters where he realised that what he felt was desire. Now he finally acted upon it, yay! Okay now Leonard and Penny. I love what you done with them here and also LOVE the mention of the photobooth. Hope they made good use of that as a souvenir of Leonard's return oi oi! Glad that she's still a bit funny around Alex because I don't think that would ever go away so yeah that was good to see and that you didn't just decide she's okay with her now. The section where they was talking about the chance of him possibly going away again was so good man. At first I was like 'say no, Penny!' and really hoping that she just flat out went 'no, I can't do that again.' but what you did was way better. That she really thought through it and realised that she'd done it once she could do it again, especially if it was something that would benefit him because she's not going to stand in the way of an amazing opportunity. That part was so cute. And all the couples slow dancing! Utter cuteness. Such perfection all round.
SRAM chapter 67 . 2/17/2014
That was a very touching scene with Sheldon and Amy, and I like that Sheldon took to task everyone that was staring at them. I am not happy Leonard is actually thinking of actually going away again in the future after how Penny acted the first time. I hope he changes his mind. I can't wait to see what you have in store for Shamy and Lenny.
giggsy328 chapter 67 . 2/17/2014
so sad its near the end, good to be finishing on a party. l/p as usual written to perfection, what a great job you did on shamy, just hope you stay with lenny hahaha! the good thing with this ending is that it frees you up to start something new...hopefully! keep them coming thanks
mjc45 chapter 67 . 2/17/2014
what a sweet party, lot of old faces where there.
good news -tenure.
looks like you had caught a little shamy fever.
so sad comming to a end.
ajond chapter 67 . 2/17/2014
extremely good chapter. Loved the L/P interaction. Though L might decide not to leave P again but an opportunity that he might be having would be too good to pass up, Loved the way they spoke about it, Sad this story id nearly at an end but its been a lovely ride.
Gorn on the sofa chapter 67 . 2/16/2014
What a wonderful chapter! I'm sorry this is coming to an end, but you've done *such* a great job! Can't wait for the epilogue!
Tensor chapter 67 . 2/16/2014
Ahhhhhhh, it must be the weekend for updates from the past. As usual, you did so well with Penny and Leonard. Penny's analysis of what they should do if Leonard gets another offer was just lovely. But, I have to tell you just how great you did with Sheldon and Amy. You caught the characters and moved them forward slowly, yet got the through a big event. It's heartbreaking that the epilogue for this wonderful story is all that is left.
5Mississippis chapter 66 . 2/3/2014
Love it! Love Leonard's overthinking about their living situation! Glad Penny could ease his fears! And yea! Good grades for Penny! They are so wonderful together!
pfps chapter 66 . 1/23/2014
So typical of Leonard over thinking things and getting himself in trouble. It was really nice how Penny straighten him out and how she tried to explain how life in general needs to take chances. Very nice how well Penny did in her course and great overall mark... Really nice chapter.
TerribleWaitress chapter 66 . 1/23/2014
Ah baby how I loved this chapter. Ever since you were like 'oh, the next one is getting smutty, I should stop' I was like I need this chapter. And finally it is here, and it did not disappoint! I really enjoyed the swinging between hot and cute that went on throughout this chapter, kept it all fun and interesting. The way she told him to get back in bed was cute, that just really shown how much she missed him there. And his worry over if it wouldn't work out, and her admitting she'd freaked out about it but telling him it was just something they had to do - loved that. I like that you have her so that if she wants something to work out, even if it scares her, she does it and managed to calm Leonard's fears along the way. Love her obsession with his newly defined muscles but being okay with them not staying - must make Leonard feel good, since he was always saying how she went out with all muscly guys and stuff, and she's saying she doesn't care if he doesn't keep his toned form. And umm obviously she's getting something to eat there, oi oi ;) Ha absolutely loved that part it made me laugh. Or, you know, grin, because I make no sound when I laugh at the moment. And his little tickle attack and then them both realising that maybe they shouldn't do this again and actually get out of bed. Oh! 'Little Leakey' that made me laugh on so many levels. Love that she made french toast. Obviously Paul and Karina got together, he went to visit her down under ;) It's so cute that he's upset they didn't tell him. I'd completely forgotten about her college results, that was so good how you done it. His little "i'm proud of you" aww so cute. So happy she got an A-! Go Penny! You go girl. "My girlfriend's a nerd" that had to be one of my favourite things about this chapter. Love it! :) But sad it's almost over. Single tear.
Tensor chapter 66 . 1/23/2014
This was just so sweet and adorable. Just spending time together. Paul and Karina made me think of Nograv, I think he's leaving today, and I thought of the Tim Tams he brought me. I was cute how Leonard felt hurt they didn't tell him. And congratulations Penny, as Leonard says, his girlfriends a nerd. Sad it's almost done.
hokie3457 chapter 65 . 1/14/2014
Well, you have done something that not many can do successfully-you have captured Sheldon! Everything you have him doing here is so in character. From the germaphobia at the airport to his excitement in asking Leonard what he saw in the North Sea (walrus? Loved it!), to his discomfort in discussing that taboo subject with Amy. Great job. And the "love" slip? Perfect. Poor Amy. Such small baby steps this relationship is taking for her. I guess her mantra is patience is a virtue! The way you describe the physicalness of Leonard and Penny is very enjoyable. I can picture them holding onto each other-sort of like a life-line. Also great job on melancholy Leonard visiting his "old room" and the fact that he admits to looking forward to leaving it behind for his new home. Then the Leonard and Penny scene at the end. Wonderful with the key-the real key! Her excitement in giving him the grand tour! Just a great job all the way through! Thank you Molly!
pfps chapter 65 . 1/13/2014
Great chapter! It was a really nice homecoming for Leonard. I really like how you had Leonard explored his old room and the changes that were made. It finally closed a chapter of his life and started another one with the girl that he met that first day she moved in. The tour of their new life as Penny showed him the changes that she wanted and made for Leonard. This chapter was really priceless and very well written. Awesome...
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