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Guest chapter 1 . 4/15
Es una historia muy buena pero creo la autora no seguira actualizando ya que ella en algunos capitulos anteriors anuncio que no iva a escribir mas de diez capitulo despues del cap 16 si no me equivoco es una lastima que no continue ...
Tessive chapter 24 . 4/12
Oh goodness. This story so sexy and smutty. I read American erotica too but after reading your story all the other be put to shame. I think Ulquiorra use sex as excuse to win Orihime good graces when they do fight. But I think Orihime she use sex as intimacy and express her love because I think Ulquiorra would be frightened or push her away if she tried to love him with words. He is slow like tree molasses but his way of thinking changing. All his actions are justified when he affectionate or tender to Orihime because he must appear to be certain way. I also think small part of him genuinely wants to be with her but he knows his nature and I think he knows that he has no right to be with her so he hate her for that too. Everyone is going to hurt in the end. This makes me sad but cannot look away. Want to read more. You make me addicted.
Midnightawakenonyou chapter 21 . 4/11
Ok this was the best damn chapter by far the humor was just gahhhh too much
Jc1009 chapter 24 . 4/11
Please update soon!
tralala26 chapter 1 . 4/4
wow, so it's been a while... i really really hope you haven't dropped this story and that everything is alright. i need me some dark ulquihime in my life XD it's awesome, and i'm still waiting to see how all this will play out. i love this. anxiously waiting for the next chapter :D
Weirdo-Lover chapter 1 . 4/4
Hey! Forget "Deathbychocolate"! His/her criticisms were too focused on their own personal taste rather than the FANfiction outline you're going for. Frankly, he/she was actually quite mean. I know you have hundreds of other comments to tune him/her out, so I'm sure you're fine, but I just wanted to encourage, just in case if he/she had put you off in any way, Mahi! See! Your story is such a success your readers even read your reviews! Bump "Deathbycholate"! 'Cause you know he/she still got your story on alert and they planning to follow this 'til you finish!
FurthestFanGirl chapter 24 . 4/2
Please update. I will wait... forever :(

don't leave a masterpiece unfinished.
Guest chapter 24 . 4/1
Gahhh! So good! Second time reading through! This is by far one of the best Bleach stories out there! Can't wait to read what happens next!
Guest chapter 24 . 3/20
Man, you have been getting some heavy reviews lately! Mine will be short. I love this fic. I love this fic. I love how you write this fic. I love your works. I love you as an author. I love how excited I get from reading your stories. Please keep up the fantastic work! :)
29th.spirit chapter 24 . 3/12
I don't know why, but somehow the review I have written doesn't show up as the most recent one. Perhaps because it's too long? Please check the reviews for Chapter 1. I have put my review there although it is for the entire story as far as you published it. Thx!
29th.spirit chapter 1 . 3/12
Hmmm... I wasn't sure I wanted to leave a comment here because simply it would turn out pretty long if I were to voice everything I wanted to say... I've been reading a lot of Ulquihime Fanfiction and this is by far the longest and deepest immersion into their world I've come across. First of all the stuff I really enjoyed reading:

You really write the Espada and their interactions exceptionally well. I especially love how you depict Grimmjow without damping any of his violent and at times oddly soft nature. Gin is marvelously sly and fun. And that chapter with mighty king Barragan and sparkly eyed Hime playing along as if it were the most fun game in the world had me positively cracking up. I loved how that stuff just kept escalating more and more with Hime completely ignorant of the danger and everything concluding in her ending up smiling guiltily at an exasperated Ulquiorra. Great comedy!

There was something you wrote about how Ulquiorra watched as Orihime painted the white of Las Noches and it's inhabitant with her colours. I can't find that paragraph anymore, but it was one to stick in my memory as it described her overwhelming nature very adequately AND showed how Ulquiorra finds himself drawn to her unwillingly. THIS is what I'm looking for in an Ulquihime story. That short and captivating paragraph didn't explain much and yet revealed everything essential about the fascination of Ulquihime. While both characters are pretty bland individually (Hime the exceedingly kind bubbly princess type and Ulquiorra the cold merciless unfeeling villain), throw them together and you get a complex mix of aversion, attraction, fascination and delicious tension. Orihime simply overwhelms Ulquiorra with all her human and alive emotions, she stirs something in him. He cannot comprehend it, it frustrates him and he sure as hell DOESN'T LIKE IT!

That's the next thing I really liked. That passage when Orihime told him she would gladly offer her heart to him if he were only to accept it. He backs off, terrified of that spec of emotion stiring in his otherwise perfect void. Most of other Ulquihime authors depict him as some simple fool in this situation, gladly accepting a heart when thrown at him. That he is not! His essence is the void, he even compares the void to happiness. It is his calm, his peace, his very integrity. All of that is suddenly threatened by a simple human girl. A weak being he never considered a threat to him. Of course he would back off. The heart is weakness in his eyes. The woman is threatening to make him weak. You describe it as him feeling that disgusting hideous overwhelming emotion shoved down his throat like an ocean (something similar, I recall from memory). He should be terrified by it, by the power a mere mortals proves to have over him. Yet here you seem to let it off. He simply goes back to his usual behaviour, even fucking her at every turn, not even struggling. He even gets somewhat touchy when he learns about how she cried for him. He can't resist her temptation. Seriously? He sound helluva weak suddenly.

Another thing that keeps bothering me. I can see how you try to make Ulquiorra cruel and manipulative. While I can understand how that plays in the angsty dark setting you are trying to create, I have trouble imagining him as such. His actions are cruel and manipulative but not he himself. He is much too empty to be malicious in any way. He follows Aizen absolutely and that is all there is. In a way he is too naive for true malice, very differently from Hime though. One needs a heart to love, but one needs a heart to be evil just as well. In a way I always thought his weird heart-stabbing habit had to do with some kind of unconcious curiosity about that thing he is missing. His relationship to Orihime always striked me as a pull-and-push kind. He finds himself drawn to her unwillingly, trying to explain his uncharacteristic behaviour with curiosity for the heart. But why would an entity of void who made it perfectly clear he viewed the human heart as nothing but weak be so enticed by it? Because he can't comprehend it? Because he fears what he can't comprehend, because he suspects deep down that it isn't as weak as he would like to believe it is? Why does he try to make Ichigo submit himself to defeat and desperation during his fight with him on Las Noches rooftop? He could have simply killed him, following Aizen's orders and ridding himself from a threat early on. Why prove a point? I believe he does that because he is not sure anymore. The whole Ichigo/Ulquiorra battle was a very physical manifestation of the battle raging inside Ulquiorra, hidden mostly behind his stoic façade. But that façade started to crack with Hime around. He even rage-faced in the manga (Thank you Kubo! Thank you for showing us he is not simply empty but rather extremely self-controlled!). When Ichigo mused over himself getting more hollow-like or Ulquiorra getting more human-like, Ulquiorra snapped breaking the entire floor. He more human-like? Ridiculous, isn't it? Not realizing how he practically admits to it by only repeating Ichigos latter assumption.
Wew, my analysis of Ulquiorra got a bit out of hand, didn't it? But it's all that conflict and denial that makes Ulquihime so delicious for me.

Another very important fact for me is that Ulquiorra and Orihime are enemies! They are everything the other one is not, they stand for two completely different beliefs. This is NOT Romeo and Julia trying to overcome the obstacles of adversarial sides! Although they impact each other profoundly they stay true to themselves! While I hate Kubo for killing Ulquiorra, I also believe he did the right thing. There is beauty in the impossibility of their fleeting connection.

And with this I get to another major issue I am struggling with. Orihime doesn't see Ulquiorra in this story of yours. She doesn't accept him, she tries to change him into her liking and to overlook everything she doesn't approve of. I can't understand at all how that should be love? She is weak, she is deluded, she is overall completely and utterly pathetic. I don't sense ANY real love coming from her. Stockholm? Yes, perhaps. But never love. If that heart of hers is so big and capable of loving why not love him without looking away? Why not love the monster with every conflicting emotion and questions of loyalty involved? She simply closes her eyes not wishing to face it. That is not strong at all. It's despicable to call that love. And I cannot imagine canon Ulquiorra to feel anything but disgust towards her behaviour.

While I enjoy some steamy smut more than I am comfortable to admit (alot more actually), this stuff just didn't do it for me. I just couldn't immerse myself enough to enjoy it. After a while I found myself skipping some of those parts because they bored me. Not because of any lacking of your writing skills, but because it just doesn't add up for me. Cute innocent Orihime, who shied away from stealing a kiss from Ichigo before presumably parting for ever just because it wasn't hers to steal, that Orihime suddenly sex-crazed, mindlessly giving in to an enemy, a creepy as hell enemy at that who announced to break her heart, without even being sure she loved him? Who is that girl? I don't know her, and I don't like her.
Same for Ulquiorra-suddely-turned-Incubus. In a way I see him as a pure being, so detached from everything emotionally that nothing can stain him. That Ulquiorra who doesn't flinch when having his arm cut off, who doesn't fear physical harm or death, who is practically immune to everything (with exception to the heart) suddenly caving in because of sex? Ulquiorra-the-epitome-of-self-control can't control himself because of his libido? Really? You can say he is just trying to manipulate her, but that's not really what this is about, is it?

And what's up with all that holier-than-thou not-killing vibe? It's war for Christ's sake. Either get your resolve together to kill or be killed or just go home. It's fine to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, but even Orihime can't be so ignorant not to expect deaths in this war. Especially after that bloody welcome in Hueco Mondo she received. And her expecting Ulquiorra not to kill anyone? He is a hollow, his whole life is one long succession of bloodshed and atrocities. I'm really mad at Hime.

I also think Aizen is threatening too much. I really liked how Luppi's threatening and bikering behaviour towards Grimmjow in the beginning showed how insecure of his superiority he truly felt. But Aizen doesn't need threats. He is above the necessary of threatening. The only real occasion for him to actually need to threaten someone was Grimmjow and that's just because of how out-of-control he is.

Perhaps as a last note: I loved that answer Ulquiorra gave when asked why he served Aizen. That he was promised something he didn't even know about. I'm really curious what Aizen could have promised him that is great enough for Ulquiorra to leave his void, that 'happiness' of his. It also means Ulquiorra is in persuit of something he doesn't understand enough to put a name on it. But would Aizen promise him a heart? Or the absolute void? Or perhaps a purpose?

Wew, that was pretty much harsh critique. Please don't be mad at me. It's just my honest opinion. And if it can help you in some way or the other that would be nice. If not, please feel free to ignore it. Most of the stuff I wrote was just me ranting about my Ulquihime obsession. I know this is your story and of course you are free to write it as you like. There is a ton of positive reviews, people love it, that I am aware of. I just wanted to point out some stuff I felt uncomfortable with. Just don't feel discouraged. I liked your story well enough to read every chapter and actually write a 3-hours-review on it. Perhaps that can cheer you up a bit.

Thanks for reading and writing, dear author!
157yrs chapter 3 . 3/9
After reading this chapter and the previous one, I can't help but feel like Aizen deliberately left Orihime in Ulquiorra's care. But to what end? I also suspect that Ulquiorra, being as perceptive as he is, saw through Aizen's schemes and just decided to go along with him because of his apathy. I'm dying to know Aizen's hidden agenda...

The beginning made me very suspicious of the Fourth. He really did see to appear out of nowhere as soon as Orihime left her room. His little lecture to Orihime seemed a little bit forced though. I'm not sure if it was just obnoxiously done because he was annoyed or he hoped to relay the hopeless of Orihime's situation to her in an attempt to get her to buckle down and submit.

As for the whole mess with Ichigo and Soul Society. Ugh, those politics drive me up the wall. It's Bureaucracy at it's finest. The lack of empathy and urgency from the paper pusher on top are just plain awful. Ichigo's prophetic dream had me a little intrigued though. The insight would have served him well if he had tried to rely/use it more.
157yrs chapter 2 . 3/9
I didn't get to finish my last review before I accidentally hit the button. What I wanted to say was that I really enjoyed reading about the Second Division patrol and how genius it was for Ulquiorra to lure them to the Arrancar's departure point so that they could witness Orihime siding with Aizen's forces.

And now for chapter two. First things, I am so glad that Luppi is gone. I couldn't imagine him and Orihime residing under the same roof, no matter how big it was. He was too unstable. Also, I am impressed how you used him as a catalyst to draw Grimmjow's interests closer to Orihime. I am definitely picking up more unspoken vibes and foreshadowing. I've said this before when pertaining to Ulquiorra, the less said the better and more accurate he is portrayed. One a larger scale, I can apply that to your story as well.

There were some good prose and satire in this chapter as well.

One of my favorite things about ch two, though was reading about Ulquiorra's reaction to Aizen assigning him to be Orihime's caretaker. In the canon I always assumed that it had been a premeditated decision but seeing Ulquiorra's reaction was just so refreshing! He really didn't want to have anything to do with her. His indipendnt vibe makes me wonder if he could openly stand up and openly defy Aizen if he wished to, or if he was buckled under fear or the logic that Aizen's power was stronger than his. I don't have the answers but the theories are very interesting. Another theory I have is that Ulquiorra is just biding his time for something and that anything that happens in the meantime doesn't matter to him.

Anyway, it was still interesting to read about. Oh and Orihime's interactions with Wonderweiss were just lovely. I feel like Kubo sold that poor little Arrancar out in the canon. I'm so glad you expanded his role in your story.
157yrs chapter 1 . 3/9
I've been following this story closely since you first published. Last summer, I reviewed chapter fourteen but never bothered to leave any other reviews since. So I thought I'd go back to the beginning and start.

This first chapter was incredibly complex. The politics between the Espada, for one thing, was very interesting. Their dialogue was very casual but a lot of silent things were said as well. Luppi particularly, reminds me of a walking time bomb. The kind that go off and shoot out shrapnel. Even amidst her enemies, I think he is the biggest antagonist at this point.

I also wanted to commend your personal twists to the story. The
fiejen chapter 1 . 3/8
Please update soon, this story is amazing!
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