Reviews for Madness at the Gate
kristinamanga chapter 2 . 8h
je trouve que Unas dans la série Stargate, ressemble au Grinch... XD
kristinamanga chapter 2 . 8h
j'adore cette histoire !
Phe Reh1 chapter 14 . 10/26
i want him to travel to AU where Naruto and Xanna reside and them meet...
Ricee chapter 8 . 6/9
he never mentioned if he ever found the rest of Voldemorts horcruxs, and I find myself curious
Ricee chapter 1 . 6/9
I don't actually care for Stargate, but I got attached to this Harry and want to see how far he goes
JasonFrost7 chapter 5 . 6/1
HK-47 ?
Guest chapter 28 . 2/1
Nice chapter. It reminds me a little of a Stargate crack xover short where after Janet died, her body disappeared and she reappeared blinking in next to it, and a floating 'X1' turned to a 'X0'. The resident xicer character said 'everybody gets 1, except for Daniel who had to use the Konami code'.
Dayside chapter 28 . 12/20/2021
What about her soul tho? If you die, your soul leaves, she had no horcrux to stop the soul from leaving
Robot chapter 5 . 12/9/2021
Frankly I’d be more surprised if his AI wasn’t homicidal.
JKingSniper chapter 34 . 11/28/2021
Damn I loved this
Kinjo2k01 chapter 4 . 10/27/2021
noylj chapter 20 . 10/20/2021
Why wasn't the NID exposed to some real wet work? It is as bad as leaving Snape around children. There are things that simply can't be allowed to exist.
justlovereadin chapter 33 . 6/11/2021
i don't know the story was good just wasn't as good as the first one honestly it just felt like in most chapters Harry didn't really have an effect on how most things turned out, I mean most outcomes ended up going the same way as they did in cannon Stargate. I mean he did make some majer changes but those really only happened in 4 or 5 out of the 32 chapters. The rest of it just seemed to him be him making snarky comments which while fun ended up getting kind of boring when that was the only real content of a chapter.
IamKroGan1 chapter 29 . 6/9/2021
I think Harry and co are underestimating how much power they have here. What would the US response be if Harry said that if Kinsey has any power over the Stargate then you can't use my tech? They wouldn't like it but ultimately Kinsey would be out.
IamKroGan1 chapter 15 . 6/9/2021
"They were persecuted by humans as witches." What about all the humans that the magicals killed? Just in the 20th century alone two dark lords killed thousands. One of them tried to kill a whole city of millions! Non magical people in the Harry Potter universe actually have a genuine and real reason to be aggrieved with magicals. They kill us by the thousand and mind rape us daily.
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