Reviews for Love never runs smooth Part One
MsTeresaJane chapter 33 . 12/5/2013
I've been reading your wonderful stories about Nick for a while. I love all of them but this one is my favourite! I love seeing him happy. Especially after the way Lulu treated him. I was so angry when she wouldn't give Anne her Dad's last name. It had to hurt so badly. She knows he is a fragile young man too. It would have made him look bad in the community as well. Like he abandoned is ill child. I'm sure everyone knows that is not case. Nick's child has changed him and helped him grow up. Keep up the great work. Love Jenny by the way.
Mossi.b chapter 33 . 12/1/2013
This is a great place to take a break, and gather yourself up for new challenges for Nick and Jenny. I am glad that Lulu saw sense, she will do much better without Caroline...the woman is poison.

I love Nick and Jenny together, they make a good team, and Anne and they make a lovely family. Looking forward to the Christmas will be magical.
Laubelle88 chapter 33 . 12/1/2013
Have been reading and following, enjoying the story. Your Christmas Special sounds great!
Am glad Lulu is accepting and honest here in this scene.
Tiacelaya chapter 33 . 12/1/2013
Awwww lovely ending to part one. It will be good for both Nick and Lulu that they don't work together.

What is the real growth in Nick and Jenny relationship is that he wants to talk about his past with her. Nick has never been able to do this with anyone before, not even his dad.

Looking forward to part 2, thought I can sense that things won't still run smooth for them, but that's what makes it interesting.
Anna chapter 32 . 11/30/2013
Guest chapter 32 . 11/22/2013
I had forgotten how they met, until you mentioned the rain. I was up last last night as I went back and read the first 20 chapters. Remembering why I love this story so much.
Mossi.b chapter 32 . 11/22/2013
You captured the conversation really well, and also that Nick really didn't want to talk about it right then. Jenny is good for him I think that she will say the same as Burton, even though she will understand why Nick doesn't want to go down the Court route...I think he will have to, when Lulu gets home and she has Caroline drip feeding evil into her ears all day, she will try to stomp Nick out of Anne's life, and that won't be good.
Anna chapter 31 . 11/16/2013
Awesome! I never liked Lulu, so I am glad NIck found Jenny. Looking forward to more!
Mossi.b chapter 31 . 11/16/2013
Whoooo, you gave me quite a scare there...I really thought that Caroline had the upper hand, and Lulu wouldn't let him take Anne, I just hope that when Lulu is alone with her she doesn't make her change her mind. I think that Lulu knows Nick well enough to know that a) he means what he said about going to court, and b) that he is only doing it for Anne's sake.

I am so glad that he has Jenny, it won't be an easy ride for either of them, but I think that they are so good together, and have both had troubled lives, that they will see each other as a safe calm harbour.
Mossi.b chapter 30 . 11/11/2013
Oh dear...this IS a problem, Caroline will just LOVE to have a) and argument in the corridor, and b) the upper hand...what will he do? I mean the law will take such a long time, and as he says Ann isn't like most children...I know Nick won't let her be hurt by anyone...fireworks in the next chapter I guess!
Rosepeony chapter 29 . 11/1/2013
I think it's charming that Nick can't draw ... bet Jane can ... quirky but charming cartoons!
Mossi.b chapter 29 . 11/1/2013
You have managed to capture a beautiful moment, I am so glad that Nick feels so comfortable around Jenny, those two have something so good, I hope that the Lulu fiasco won't hurt it. Anne obviously is beginning to feel happy with Jenny can feel that this is the calm before the visiting time storm. i just hope that for once Lulu does the good sensible thing, and leaves this little family alone.
Rosepeony chapter 28 . 10/25/2013
I'm sorry but I just can't find it in my heart to have any sympathy for Lulu. Does that make me a horrible person... should I feel guilty. I hope Nick doesn't feel guilty because Lulu knew from the very beginning that he wouldn't be easy to live with ... it all boils down to the fact that she didn't realise that he wouldn't be able to handle rejection ... pushing him away and into the arms of another woman just because she didn't have the sensitivity to let him down gently when he made his clumsy attempts to declare his feelings and do 'the right thing' by her ... she never did understand him ... she didn't want him and yet she still expects too much of him ... and I'm not talking about Anne! She just always made me angry!
You must have got something right to make me write this much :)
Mossi.b chapter 28 . 10/25/2013
I do so love these little glimpses of the soft gentle Nick, it is typical of him to feel the guilt from Lulu's actions, and to also blame himself for not seeing that it could happen.I'm glad that Jenny is there, and that she is so accepting of Anne too. Looking forward to seeing how Lulu will react to seeing Anne...could be interesting.
Mossi.b chapter 27 . 10/19/2013
I wouldn't take offence at the words, they are right for the character, and probably how she sees her granddaughter she is an embittered woman. I think that for Lulu's sake Anne would be better with Nick and Jenny for a while, to let her sort out how she wants to live her life. I am so glad that Jenny is there with Nick, he need a sensible woman who can see him for who he is.
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