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agnar chapter 38 . 6/16/2018
funny that in a story named Harry Tano, Harry seems to be a complete fucking afterthought.

He may have been an early factor of change, but he has since become just another character of seemingly little to no importance.

He's not the strongest in magic or the force, not the best fighter, won't ever be leader of the earth jedi apparently, got chased out of the UK like a criminal, doesn't seem to be a genius inventor.

So I gotta ask, why the fuck is your story named after this afterthought character you've turned Harry Potter into?
The Ohvist chapter 33 . 6/8/2018
This is equal part-Butterfly Effect and part-Spanner In The Works, due to how quickly everything completely unraveled for everybody both good guy and bad guy:

*Sirius Black was cleared of his supposed involvement in betraying the Potters and let off scot-free with Pettigrew incarcerated.
*Remus Lupin and other Werewolf Clans banding together under Sirius' command and becoming the first "Mandoworgens" (I refuse to say "Wolfalorians", that just sounds too silly)
*The Death Eaters are being more careful and pragmatic with the whole Blood Status to avoid the Galactic Empire mantra that Riddle sought to employ with a "Democratization of Fear"
*Riddles Horcruxes are destroyed or purified (wish that Ravenclaws' Diadem was purified as well, c'est~la~víe)
*Tom Riddle is truly dead.

And Harry Potter hasn't even finished his first year of Hogwarts yet!
The Ohvist chapter 7 . 6/6/2018
Sith Seeker: that badass ability that Starkiller is known for using, unleashing a burst of a concentrated Force Push outwards while also mixing Sith Lightning into the attack that near-instantly VAPORIZES any living thing in close proximity to the blast radius.
The Ohvist chapter 7 . 6/6/2018
I've played Lego Star Wars before, but I think that this powerup is more in-line with Agent Starkillers' "Unleashing Force" ability from The Force Unleashed games where Starkiller gets a temporary power boost that allows him to perform moves like Sith Lightning, Telekinesis and the Sith Rush technique more quickly and powerfully...

...kinda wish that there is some sort of open comments section to read responses and other comments.
Wrin chapter 57 . 5/22/2018
This story was amazing! Thank you for writing and posting!
The Ohvist chapter 22 . 5/18/2018
There shold have been a running gag of how many times people ask that question: "What's a Jedi?"
The Ohvist chapter 13 . 5/17/2018
"The Empire is finished Sarkhli, you've chose the wrong side." -Han Solo, Battle of Endor 3 ABY

Alas, poor Pettigrew... you broke the fellowship by killing one you were meant to protect, betrayed the heart of one that stood up for you, and sent the last one into prison for your own crimes.

"Lord Mouldyshorts is finished, Wormtail. You've chose the wrong side." -"Padfoot", 1984 AD
The Ohvist chapter 30 . 5/16/2018
"Wolfalorians", no matter how many times I try to read it; it sounds a bit flat whenever I think about it. Why not "Mandoworgens" or "Mandoworgs" or "Lycanthorians"?
Worg being a fantasy term to refer to a type of magical wolf of greater power than normal wolves. Would really pull more at the whole Man or Beast angle. Aside from that, Werewolves indeed closely resemble the Mandalorian culture they have patterned themselves off of: Warriors that are cast out and shunned by society for their barbarism, and are loosely organized into Packs or Clans that add more members to their ranks by way of the Abandoned of War, taught in the ways of the Clan or Pack and to work as one towards the same goals.
The Ohvist chapter 53 . 5/15/2018
It was a good attempt at narrating the actions taken in a Firefight. Really felt like it was Star Wars there.
The Ohvist chapter 46 . 5/15/2018
Oh, sheeeet! Asajj Ventress has entered the story. So Earth really IS in the Unknown Regions. Guess BOOFIRE191 was right all along, only instead of a Hyperspace Explorer from Empress Teta flying into the Unknown Regions some-20 Minutes into the Future during the events leading up to the Battle of Naboo, instead we have a Ratataki-Born Nightsister of Dathomir entering the Sol System in the early 90s during the Age of the Galactic Empire.

Earth in Star Wars: Chapter One "An Optimistic Beginning"
The Ohvist chapter 38 . 5/15/2018
Werewolves have now evolved into Mando-Gilneans
"I love Darnassus, trees EVERYWHERE." "Worgen hard, or hardly Worgen?" "I just felt that I don't really know a person until I've sniffed their crotch." "...At least we don't sparkle." "I hope you like it ruff." "Being bitchy is in my blood, don't pretend you don't like it." "I just want somebody to pat me on the head and tell me I'm a good girl."

I regert nothing!
The Ohvist chapter 36 . 5/15/2018
The Republic had experienced a long period of peace that lasted for at least 1000 years, long before that peace, the Republic had no true standing military of their own, only a Security Force, and it was inefficient against the Mandalorians during the Mandalorian War. BOOFIRE191 sums up things better in this video: watch?viem7qZV_Vhk
The Ohvist chapter 27 . 5/14/2018
You cannot deny it, Severus Snape has style when it comes to cloaks.
The Ohvist chapter 22 . 5/14/2018
Okay, so Hermione has her own Lightsaber too, I take it that Ahsoka and Harry took her on her own Gathering long before the trip to Diagon Alley, I just remembered that fact. What is the colour of hers and Harrys' blades? If you've read my musings on how a Jedi or Sith performs their Gatherings to gain the crystals to make the Lightsaber, than you are due to hear what the colors of the Lightsaber blades represent.

As we've all seen in the movies, there are mainly three colors that a Lightsaber blade can take when activated: Green and Blue for Jedi and Red for Sith, what few that haven't bothered to read the Expanded Universe materials would find interesting is that there are more blade colours, and that each one of them represents something of the wielders' personality and skillsets. Let's talk about the colours, along with offer an example of a famous Witch or Wizard that would most likely carry around that particular blade colour. Let's start with the first three Lightsaber colours and work from there.

Blue Lightsabers are used by the Jedi Order, namely by one of the three major branches of the Order: the Jedi Guardians, Jedi Guardians tend to focus less on training in the Force, and more often on training their skills in Lightsaber Combat instead, the highest rank that a Jedi Guardian can achieve below that of a seat on the Council is the rank of Battlemaster. Jedi Guardians often spend their time and attention on fine-tuning the different forms of Lightsaber Combat, often creating better revisions and even newer subsets of the forms altogether, which is one such method of attaining the rank of Jedi Master in the Order itself and advancement to higher positions. If any Wizard would likely carry a Blue Lightsaber, it would have to be Godric Griffindor: not only did he use Magic to regularly duel other Wizards, but he also practiced swordsmanship so he would be able to fight against Muggles on their own terms, hence why he had a Sword in most of his portraits and is one of the relics left behind by the Founders outside of the Sorting Hat that originally belonged to him.

Green Lightsabers are also a primary colour of the Jedi Order, and are carried by another branch of the Order known as the Jedi Consulars. Unlike the Guardians who preferred to master the art of Lightsaber Combat, Consulars tended to focus more on attuning their abilities in the Force instead, and would rarely even use their Lightsabers at all. Many Consulars would spend their time seeking to understand the multitudes and intricacies that can be understood of the Force and apply that knowledge to better use, many of which involved using the Force to heal individuals. A notable Witch or Wizard that would carry a Green Lightsaber would likely be Rowena Ravenclaw due to herself priding on the acclimation of knowledge and how to better use it for the benefit of everyone.

Red Lightsabers are the most common colour of the Sith Order, and as mentioned before in the Gathering, Sith Lightsabers are powered by Synthetic Crystals instead of Natural Crystals, Sith would channel their emotions and power over the Force into the Synthetic Crystal as it formed in order to shape it to be both stronger and better than what a normal Lightsaber crystal can produce, it was also noted that Synthetic Crystals were verified to be indeed better than most Natural Lightsaber Crystals that the Jedi utilized, and that the creation of such was prohibited by the Jedi Order. A Witch or Wizard that would likely carry a Red Lightsaber would very well be any Death Eater, due to their notions of superiority over other breeds of Witches and Wizards.

Now that we cleared out the common three, let us focus on the Expanded Universe of Star Wars now, starting with Purple.

Purple Lightsabers are a product of the mental discipline and training of the Force-Sensitive, and that both a Jedi or a Sith can wield it equally. The blade represents the duality of the Force as being both Light AND Dark, and that abilities that can be used in one field can have an application in another, with the most notable Jedi and Sith having recieved training and insight into the opposites knowledge and disciplines. One of rhe most powerful Force-Sensitives in history that carried a Purple Lightsaber was the legendary Darth Revan, who came the closest out of anyone in history to becoming a true Je'daii, who indeed viewed the Force as not just Dark and Light, but as the Balance between both sides equally. A notable Wizard that would carry a Purple Lightsaber would likely be Severus Snape, who while indeed serving Voldemort as one of his Death Eaters, also served Albus Dumbledore in the Order of the Phoenix, and seeking to become the teacher of Defense Against the Dark Arts to prevent the fall of other future students from becoming like Voldemort.

Yellow and Orange:
Yellow and Orange Lightsabers are the signature blade colours of the third and final major branch of the Jedi Order: the Jedi Sentinels. Jedi Sentinels are the most secretive part of the Jedi Order, sent out on the sorts of missions that Guardians and Consulars would be ill-suited to deal with, missions that involve tracking down aspects of the Dark Side such as Sith artifacts and practitioners, to even counter-insurgency operations. This makes the Sentinels one of the most paradoxical branches of the Jedi Order: that barely anyone knows about them, yet at the same time you are more likely to run into one of them unknowingly. These Jedi rarely ever engage their Lightsabers when out on missions, and can even remain out in the field for months if not entire YEARS without ever returning to the temple for debriefing. Their skillset is often talked about in an analogy involving a Locked Blast Door when referring to the other Branches of the Order: A Guardian would use his Lightsaber to cut through the Blast Door, A Consular would use the Force to get the Blast Door open, and a Sentinel would simply Hack into the Control Panel and use it to open the door without leaving any trace of forced entry should anybody see it. In fact, after the events of Order 66 when Palpatine began his search to hunt down any Jedi that managed to survive, he correctly theorized that over half of any remaining Jedi would very-likely be Jedi Sentinels due to their covert nature. A likely Witch or Wizard that would carry a Yellow Lightsaber would have to be Salazar Slytherin, who was both smart and cunning and preferred subterfugue methods to achieve his goals, also any Aurors would qualify for a Yellow Lightsaber due to serving a similar capacity that the Jedi Sentinels provided.
The Ohvist chapter 9 . 5/14/2018
I just have to ask, what is the core of Harry Potter's Lightsaber supposed to be? Wands have cores imbedded within the wood, usually taken from the tooth, horn, scale, hair or feather of a powerful creature of the magical world, barely any wand core comes from the same creature twice-over, the only exception being the wands of Harry Potter and Tom Riddle: both of which have Phoenix-Cores taken from the feathers of Albus Dumbledore's beloved pet Phoenix Fawkes.

Lightsabers on the other hand are created in a completely different and arguably more complex-yet-similar method than what Ollivanders' does to make Wand Cores. To start with, the individual goes out on a pilgrimage many would call The Gathering, it is a journey of both self-worth and self-discovery, and it usually serves as a test of character to the individual that goes out on this journey. It reveals to them the deep-seated faults of themselves and how they view the world around them as a result: A former slave would be confronted with the thoughts of being trapped after having been freed, the impatient and daring would be conflicted with patience and calmness, the conflicted would be faced with a choice of abandoning their attachments for the greater good, the dependent would be faced with confusion and internal strife over their goals, things like this. There is no telling what trial the individual would face in these circumstances, however they would only rely upon the Force as their compass for this journey. At the end of it all, the pilgrim would usually find the Force calling out to them alone from an object, usually a stone or a crystal, the Force between the Pilgrim and the object would resonate with one another and merge to reveal the unity that they sought: two halves of the same whole. This is how a Jedi and a Je'daii obtain the Cores for their tools, the Lightsaber and the Forcesaber respectively.

The Sith have their own methods of making Cores as well, and is just as harrowing of an ordeal as the Jedi face, the Sith Acolytes go out on a journey of self-discovery as well to gather the components required for the task; usually in the form of minerals and materials, some prospects take the materials from locations that hold deep significance to the individual like their home town or wherever they first felt their connection to the Force bloom at, or to part-take in a pilgrimage to an area steeped strongly in the Force that it becomes a nexus of raw power, namely worlds that are strong with the Force itself. Planets like Korriban, Dromund Kaas, Yavin, Thule, Dathomir, and Lehon would be prime examples of such nexuses of the Force that would draw in immense strength and emotions from its environment. Once the materials are gathered, the Acolyte would then place the gathered materials into a machine known as a geological compressor, a tool designed to replicate geological environments in a labratory and leave the materials inside to bake for a period of time, often standing before the device and channeling their control over the Force into the crystalline structure as it is forming to better tailor it to their own skills and necessity.

In this respect both Light Siders and Dark Siders do similar things, they would meditate on their Cores and shape them to become a reflection of themselves through a process referred to as Attunement, often pouring into them their strengths, understandings and even rarely their raw emotions into the crystals as they take shape and make them stronger than they were before; rarer still would be that when this happens, the Core would change colour as well.

Afterwards, the Prospects would use this Core and gather materials for the Lightsaber, sometimes the materials would be provided by their teachers or overseers but other times the Prospects would take materials that hold special meaning to them either personally or emotionally.
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