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LyonPrinceOfGrado chapter 22 . 7/2
Kominaaaaa... This is so good please write for it again..
Anonymous chapter 22 . 5/18
I have really enjoyed reading this! It is very well written and the stories were captivating! It's unfortunate to hear about your trials that have occurred throughout writing this, but I sincerely hope you pick it up soon if you're able! I'll be waiting for the next part! :)
Wretched Abyss chapter 22 . 5/11
I love the dynamic between Robin and Cherche, as well as Morgan and Gerome. I really like this plan for the story. I'm all for it and I can't wait for the next chapter!
PersonaUserOrpheus3245 chapter 8 . 4/18
So yeah you've got some fucked up ideas about what constitutes a healthy relationship. I don't see a relationship in which one party constantly bullies and physically threatens the other as health. Then again you don't seem to understand how human's work so that's no surprise. Also Robin's the tactician, y'know the guy who actually leads the army, if denies Cherche then she damn well better listen because then it's insubordination and he can have her relieved of duty. Not sure how you think armies work but grunts don't have much of a say in what they get to do. Not to mention that seeing as how she's one of the three fighters capable of flight in the shepherds she'd be more needed holding off the enemies air forces.
PersonaUserOrpheus3245 chapter 7 . 4/18
I picked up this story again, then I dropped it on the floor and stomped on it a few times. You really don't understand basic concepts like human empathy do you? If I saw a friend trying to kill himself I wouldn't just shrug it off like Lissa did nor would I so flippantly make light of it like Libra. Suicide is a serious matter and it's pretty offensive how you're basically using it for comedy. You really don't get these characters at all do you? Also there's a fair bit of sexism in this "story" as well. Tell me, why is it okay for a women to physically intimidate a man but when the opposite happens it's seen as abusive?
LordAzrael1 chapter 22 . 4/6
Although it's sad that we may see a bit less of Vaike and Co. I am fine with interactions with the family.
LordAzrael1 chapter 1 . 3/27
This story is amazing. It is one of the best fire emblem fanfics I've read and I've read quite a few. The characters are very fleshed out and have been developing at a really good pace. In my playthrough's of Awakening, I've never considered Cherche to be waifu material, but the way you wrote her and her interactions made me change my mind on the topic. Please continue this amazing piece of work, that me and many others appreciate and enjoy to read. It makes me laugh, squee, smile, even almost cry at times. This really has been a roller coaster. I understand you may never read this, but if you are, know that the one of the worst feelings is seeing your favourite videogame/book/fanfic go unfinished, please don't let this be the case. I understand that when we write, it is pretty much on a whim, and that you to have a life outside this, that is if you are still breathing (that got dark fast). But my point still stands, either please write a A/N saying that this is going to be discontinued, or let us know when you can continue. People'd rather have closure and certainty than not knowing.
Novaclysm chapter 6 . 2/24
Nice chpater, though I would have thought Robin would have put in somewhere the fact that he has no memories and that he had nothing to go back to, so that he holds on to everything he has right now.
Random Reader Guy chapter 22 . 1/21
I agree with all of your points, except that I think the rewrite should happen after you've completed the story.
DedicatedReader chapter 22 . 11/5/2016
I read your story in one day, I guess I'm spoiled compared to my fellow followers of this story since I didn't have to count days or months wondering what will happen next. I didn't need to reread other chapter just to refresh my memory of what happened.

A lot of times stories are not completed because we lose inspiration, we always write when it flows, we have the idea and then it leads us. But then what? It happens. I always encourage people to continue writing their stories, to finish it. It's heart breaking to see these characters to be so fleshed out, to write how they met, fell in love in the midst of the chaotic past without them ever seeing the end. I implore you to continue it, I would also be happy to see you write other things, because there are other paths to venture onto before finally getting that inspiration.

And yes, I do agree that some chapters need to be rewritten as you noted, when Robin went insane, since I read it one sitting, it really felt fragmented. It was probably ended up that way because there has been a long period between the other chapter...I honestly thought that his vulnerability being exposed would be something that will bring them closer. It's kind of unclear to me how they have gotten so close...really didn't like that Morgan came early because it kinda felt like oh, even if they're fighting they NEED to work it out because they have a kid etc. honestly felt like their reason for being close was just because Morgan was there.

These were just my opinion, but I thoroughly enjoyed your story. Thank you so much for dedicating so much time, thoughts and efforts into it.
Guest chapter 22 . 9/21/2016
I say you should continue of wyverns and men it's a really great story so far and I am really excited to see how you plan out robin's interactions with Cherche's family especially her father since that's an important obstical he has to face since he would need his blessing to marry Cherche in the first place
miraak of solstheim chapter 22 . 9/21/2016
i think you should continue with Wyverns and men its a really good story and i have been waiting for years for the next chapter.
William chapter 22 . 9/4/2016
I vote for Wyverns and Men
crazyemeralddragons chapter 22 . 9/3/2016
I haven't read your other story, but I'm very fond of this one, and I look forward to every update. My opinion might be biased, but if you're taking a vote, mine goes here!
ukozafei chapter 22 . 9/3/2016
I vote on continuing Of Wyverns and Men as well, I just love the pairing and the story that you've created here, it's great. There were some weird ways you went about the Elise bit, not sure which it is or where (kind of forgot :P), but it didn't bother me all too much. As for the small rewriting stuff, change only if you really feel the need to. I just think it's fine as it is.
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