Reviews for Ash's Pokemon Journey
Kenny chapter 96 . 7/18
Please tell me that when you have Ash and his friends meet Anabel, you're not going to have him be a complete idiot and not be able to tell that Anabel has romantic feelings him? Anyone who had watched that episode on TV and on YouTube could tell that Ash really liked Anabel and that she really liked him. It'd make perfect sense that you'd have them be a couple in this fanfiction and it'd be a complete waste to have Ash walk away after winning her Frontier symbol.
Katz chapter 96 . 7/16
Yes all of them yes now please update and only too has a shay min but it hatches out of an egg and imprints on him a boy or girl your choice
Guest chapter 1 . 7/16
Way, way too many Pokémon in this story. Not much semblance of a plot either...
MR.X chapter 96 . 7/15
i don't think ash will know how anabel feels about him. hey i am just saying his goal is to become a pokemon master nothing ties him down you know?
Mikey chapter 96 . 7/13
Really great battle between Ash and Spenser, it was good that you had Ash use his Nidoking, Rapidash and Celebi against him. Just out of curiosity, which Pokemon are you going to have Ash use against Anabel? I can't help but also wonder and agree with Robert's question; are you going to have Ash and Anabel spend time before and after their battle to admit they have romantic feelings for each other and kiss, since you decided to make them a couple?
eldarfan1 chapter 29 . 7/14
when did ash get lugia?
eldarfan1 chapter 28 . 7/14
i hope team rocket is ok, its been proved blastoises cannons are DEADLY.
Guest chapter 96 . 7/10
Will you update the next one soon man I want to see the new one
jiv chapter 96 . 7/8
yes for the two questions.
Guest chapter 96 . 7/6
Hey name uzukaze make a list of girls ash should be with
Olivia chapter 96 . 7/6
Yes to both and I might send in a drawing from Deviantart if that's okay with you.
Guest chapter 96 . 7/5
Yes make tomo catch a Shaymin it will be so cute
Lejla sisic chapter 96 . 7/5
I believe that Ash would look best wearing his costume in the Sinnoh region contests.
Nightshadegirl chapter 96 . 7/7
awesome battle ash had against spencer. as for the questions at the end, no for the contest and yes for shaymin.
josh skinner chapter 96 . 7/5
this chapter is great and as for your questions a(no i don't think ash should enter the contest because he already has five ribbons)
and b(i think tomo should catch a shaymin).
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