Reviews for Ash's Pokemon Journey
jay chapter 82 . 11/24
Dear Author
your story is good bt u the hell cn u let those idoits team Rocket keep stealing pokemons...for crying out loud ash has Aura n Pysch...and he cnt sense them bcuz he is to far...and he has been training since he got the book from Sabrina!...and as for the paring come on the guy is to focused on pokemons...i dnt think Anabel is not a good choice...N post faster
Bladeshalde709 chapter 82 . 11/23
Please make the next chapter please I can't wait for it it will be awesome keep up the good work
Gerry chapter 82 . 11/21
I have to agree with Peter who wrote the last review last week, about the suggestion for a new romance sub-pairing for this story; Dawn and May. If you need another reason to think it over; just look over the details SapphirePearlShipping that explains why Dawn and May would be in a romantic relationship.
SouKiller309 chapter 82 . 11/20
Wait I thought tomo I going to be a Pokemon ranger so now he going to the sinnoh league so he going to collect bages now
Guest chapter 82 . 11/20
yes for me for tomo to try out league in sinnoh. but is tobias going to be at the sinnoh league. if he is ash going to use his own legendaries against him
Peter chapter 82 . 11/18
Hey lovecartoonsandanime, if you need any ideas for a future sub pairing for your Sinnoh League chapters, why don't you make it May and Dawn since it was pretty obvious that they both liked like each other in the cartoon anime. Just give my suggestion some thought.
Horus chapter 82 . 11/18
When are you going to update I really like this story and hope you update very soon.
Xyoras chapter 13 . 11/18
Zorua isn't a legendary, it's just extremely rare, that we'd, you should probably fix that before you have him catch one, that is if he hasn't already caught one. Another thing is that, if you do chose a new legendary then here is my list Mewtwo, Lugia, Celebi, Giratina, Darkrai, Victini, Meloette, Keldeo, Diancie, or well that's all the legendaries that have a had a positive or good reaction to ash,
Mewtwo, ash showed him lost of important things.
Lugia, he helped save the world and let's face it that is awesome.
Celebi, he risked his life for and refused to accept C's death.
Giratina, G saved ash and company in the Arceus ATJOL movie, and was saved by ash in GatSW.
Darkrai, A saved D's life and D saved a town.
Victini, Ash nearly dies for him, and they made TWO movies for it.
Meloette, seriously the thing sat I Ash's lap, played with his Pokemon, and Ash saved her life, Ash should really have caught her.
Keldeo, it would teach K some humility and they did act as good friends.
Diancie, good friends with ash, Pikachu **or was it ash, the same scenario played on Mewtwo Strikes Back its kind of confusing** turned to stone for her.
SoulKiller309 chapter 82 . 11/15
This is going to be awesome I happy you made this story you are awesome and are a genius write keep up the excellent job here
DarkSonic303 chapter 82 . 11/15
Awesome work here I love this idea of your keeps it up
Shadowdragon27 chapter 82 . 11/15
Ki can't wait for more chapters keep up the great job here please make the next chapter
Bladeshalde289 chapter 82 . 11/14
This to awesome you work is great I hop we see more of it you work is genius keep up the amazing work
Shadowdrago45 chapter 82 . 11/14
Please make the next chapters we all want to see more chapters keep up the amazing work
Guest chapter 82 . 11/13
What is your estimate time span between chapters? just asking not trying to rush anything.
Guest chapter 82 . 11/13
I don't really mind team rocket catching those beldum because right know they only know takedown but why have them catch so much but who cares they got to have someway to not get fired, but like the shiny metagross part don't like the anabel or angie part
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