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Sharkkiller302 chapter 130 . 11/20
Nicely done here my friend keep it up amazing job here
Guest chapter 130 . 11/20
Great job here
Guest chapter 130 . 11/20
update soon
Guest chapter 130 . 11/20
Nicely done here
SlashKiller190 chapter 130 . 11/20
Amazing job here can't wait for more chapters coming soon keep up the excellent job here you are a fantastic writer
Digifan303 chapter 130 . 11/20
Amazing job here can't wait for more chapters coming soon keep up the excellent job here you are a fantastic writer keep it up
amazing009 chapter 130 . 11/22
Poor Riolu being kidnapped for evil deeds, and then learning that the "helpful" humans that saved you from the lap also wants to use you for evil purpose as well. I don't blame him for not being able to trust any other person, but it seems that fate has plans for Ash and the gang (especially Ash) in order to meet Riolu. We finally get to see the other duo of the top pokemon ranger: Kellyn. Who is just as awesome as Solana is and was able to help inspire Tomo even more to becoming a pokemon ranger himself. Ugh, seeing Hunter J again is even a more bigger headache then before, and WOW to set a WHOLE forest on fire just to get Riolu like that... I'm REALLY looking forward when Karma finally decided to strike in order to fully punish Hunter J in all the evil that she done.
Even though she may have gotten away this time. saving Riolu was more important which I'm glad that he is now safe home. Hoping we can be able to see him again someday :)
Keep up the good work as always and Happy Thanksgiving!
p.s. Looking forward towards how your going to do the crossing path and Pika and Goliath episodes. In addition to when the gang finally meet Wallace :3 Just like Flint Ash will develop a big brother relationship with him considering that Wallace see's Ash as a new inspiration for the next generation of coordinators.
amazing009 chapter 129 . 11/22
Congrats to once again to Ash and Tomo in earning their third gym badge, and only five more to go! It won't be easy, but I have faith in the both of them. I can understand how Dawn Piplup is feeling because Dawn has not been training for any contest (especially since the Wallace cup is coming up soon) I'm worried how she will do. Considering how Ash only needs two more contest ribbons to win, and he will be able to enter the Grand Festival. Paul you really are a huge jerk not realizing how strong Ash really is. Which is why I'm looking forward later on when it's revealed that not only did Ash beat the Kanto Battle Frontier, he is a future battle frontier himself, and on top of that is now going the Sinnoh Battle what Paul will have to say then?
So we finally meet Team Galactic in the flesh after all this time being hinted. Wow, going as far to not only blow up their base in addition to causing a blackout to the whole city these guys really are extremely dangerous. Good thing Paul Electabuzz and Ash Pikachu decided to put aside their differences to get back the meteorites other wise who knows what kind of weapon they could have created with it. Everyone really has to be on their toes now, because if what Ash said is true then we are really in a fight of our lives.
On a brighter note, the gang is finally at the third battle facility: The Battle Arcade. I was very curious about how you changed how Dahila facility works compared to the manga/game. Since we see more than just the weather changing in order to test how trainers rise up to the challenge plus the deep bond they have with their pokemon. The battle between Ash and Dahila was great since both sides really demonstrated how they not only know to use the weather to their full advantages/disadvantages but really brought out the full strength of their pokemon. In addition, this was a great learning experience for Dawn considering how she has a Buneary she can be able to use what she learned watching Dahila Lopunny for her next contest/pokemon battle.
Only two more to go! Which won't be easy considering who Ash is up against but knowing Ash he will come though like always.
Nightshadegirl chapter 130 . 11/21
glad that riolu is safe and happy and back with its trainer.
MewNeko22 chapter 85 . 11/20
Wait wait wait. Shiftry fainted so how's he back out to battle?
bloody dragon fang chapter 130 . 11/20
My brother has the games but I don't
billingtond chapter 130 . 11/20
This was a good read. I can't wait to read the next chapter!
Rogue Deity Master chapter 130 . 11/20
I have to say that I am glad that I have my own character and that I had him end "Hunter K-T"
thor94 chapter 130 . 11/20
really good riolu chapter
D.J. Scales chapter 130 . 11/20
Well done. That was clever. I for one am surprised. However this is a good chapter. Keep it up.
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