Reviews for Fairy Without Wings
erica.phoenix16 chapter 105 . 7h
Hooray! The equal amount of focus between Fairy Tail and Knightmare frame has been restored. :)
Imperial warlord chapter 105 . 9h
Awesome chapter.
Honest son from Akame ga kill.
sephiroth12285 chapter 105 . 11h
Last chapter Ultear and Meredy join V.V.'s guild, but now they are out of it already...all in all it could have ended much worse for them. Now we see Jellal has broken out and went for Ultear for revenge, but thankfully Jellal stopped himself from killing her.

A intresting chapter and I look forward to what happens next.
Lone Gundam chapter 105 . 14h
That went about as well as expected, though that last bit with VV raises the question of who rewrote that little shit's memories. And if the Magic Council becomes too concerned with their image they better be prepared to reap what they sow.
Game777Guy chapter 105 . 14h
This chapter was pretty good. Jellal and Ultear meeting at the end was a solid scene that worked a lot to develop those two characters, as well as show how they would come together to form Crime Sorciere. My one problem with it is that Meldy didn't viciously attack Jellal, or even notice the damage he did to Ultear. You would think Meldy would notice something like that, especially given her earlier outburst with Bosco, but it's completely glossed over. I also enjoyed seeing Kallen again, and it's nice to know that she's growing stronger as both a mage and a leader. I can't wait to see how this changes the dynamic between her and Lelouch once he picks the mantle of Zero back up. Aside from my little gripe about Meldy's lack of reaction, this was a very good chapter and I look forward to seeing the next one.
Death of Snipers chapter 105 . 15h
1 no comment on the fact that the rune knights are already basically useless from Kallen?
2 wow, I figured it would take longer for Ultear to find out how screwed up PS is
3 No comment from Lahar on her mentioning Zero as the good guy?
4 and here I was hoping crime scoire (no idea how to spell that) wouldn't be a thing this time
Guest chapter 105 . 16h
I really dont like the Meredy x Ultear thing going on. Dosent even feel like love just a obsession Meredy has over Ultear.
manticore-gurl071134 chapter 105 . 17h
Great update, thanks :)

Totally glad they are away form vv's guild. I wonder what Kallen's expression will be when she meets up with them (would they know who Ultear and Meredy are?).
Resisting the Borg chapter 105 . 17h
Well... That all happened really fast. Hopefully, the next chapter will be a little more slice of life.
Resisting the Borg chapter 104 . 8/28
Lelouch is sounding... very philosophical.
sephiroth12285 chapter 104 . 8/27
Well I wasn't expecting another chapter so soon, but I guess we all know what happened to Natsu and co and it seems that Meredy and Ultear were the stars of the chapters, but I guess just as things go high for them they are going to be sent tumbling down a very steep mountain.

Nice on Lelouch's appearance too.
Game777Guy chapter 104 . 8/27
I am shocked that this came out so quickly, given the A/N of the previous chapter. I thought I would be waiting for quite a while for the next chapter in the story, and then bam! There's one right here ready to read. As to the chapter itself, it was pretty good considering what it was going for. It laid the groundwork for what the arc is going to be, and developed the characters of Ultear and Meldy a bit (I am used to the Meldy spelling/pronunciation that I saw in the anime, sub and dub, so that's what I call her). I particularly enjoyed the scene with Lelouch and the one with Jellal getting thrown into solitary. I can already see the birth of Crime Sorciere (or however the heck it's spelled). The only thing I wasn't really a fan of was the pacing of the opening scene. I think it went by just a bit too fast for me to properly take in all of the emotion it contained. I just didn't feel as invested as I should have, given your previous development with the characters.
erica.phoenix16 chapter 104 . 8/27
At last, Lelouch is back! :)
manticore-gurl071134 chapter 104 . 8/27
Great update, thanks. Was nice to see the midnight and cobra and their perspectives. Also, was great to see Lelouch, though I feel Ultear and meredy are in for some trouble ahead.

And poor Jelall!
Cody the Worldwalker chapter 104 . 8/27
Why do I feel like Jellal will become the next Zero? Because I can totally see that happening now. Oh well the Black Knight's shall return and I look forward to it.
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