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edinosaur22 chapter 208 . 10/11
If this story is compared to Marvel Cinematic Universe and Grand Magic Games Arc was The Avengers, Envoy of the Future was like Age of Ultron and Guild War is Civil War, then Rai is like the Winter Soldier and Tartaros is like Infinity war. I wonder were that leaves Alvarez?
Republic Che chapter 208 . 10/6
Please update again!
guest chapter 208 . 10/3
while 2 months late I cannot believe that you updated on my birthday thanks for chapter.
Evan deivant chapter 208 . 8/29
"How will you get stronger though? There are almost no more mountains for you to climb. And if all goes according to plan, you're only going to have one more chance." Enna Elsa chuckled. "I mean, I'd be more than happy to take the honor of tutoring you, but I think Master END would catch on if I kept going out so frequently. Can't have my true intentions outed so soon, right?"
Okay, what's with her ? Why is she trying to help Natsu ? What's her deal?

"Hmm? How strong am I?" Enna Elsa asked. She thought about it for a minute. "Let's see…well…if I had to guess. I probably could take on Nonette-chan by myself. I don't know if I'd win, but I could at least hold my own. So yeah," she smiled. "About on her level."
You seem even stronger than that, I know you weren't even fighting close to 10% of your power.

"Natsu's eyes turned wide. This woman was almost as strong as Nonette and she wasn't even at the top of her hierarchy. She was following orders. This END person was likely much stronger than her. Natsu had no idea that such enemies still existed."
Yep and far stronger than that.

"How do you plan on getting stronger?" Enna Elsa asked. "Chandra-chan can't help you anymore and Gildarts-chan is helping Erza-chan become Fairy Tail's next guild master."
Yeah, she knows way too much.

"Please!" Natsu exclaimed, dropping to his hands and knees. "If…if you had really wanted to, you could've killed me, Lucy, Lisanna and Happy and there's nothing I could've done about it! We're all working hard to make sure a bad future like the one Mordred is from doesn't happen!" Natsu looked at Enna Elsa with his eyes filled with determination. "I'll…I'll do whatever it takes to get stronger! I have to protect my friends from people like you."
Never thought I would hear Natsu begging to get stronger from the enemy itself.

"Well it's for my benefit too, you know. I can't get found out. Also, I don't know what your friends would think if they found out you were being trained by the enemy."
So basically you're planning on stabbing your guildmaster in the back?

"Enemy? I thought you were training me."
"No matter what, I'm not joining you and I'm not gonna learn stuff from you that would change the person that I am. I'm a mage of Fairy Tail! I'm not a demon!"
Figures Natsu's dumbassery would get himself beat up

"I don't know, but I know I couldn't land a solid hit on that woman. I got her with one lucky hit, but it didn't even faze her."
Yep and you got literally curbstomped.

"Looks like we got our work cut out for us if we ever want to stand a chance against them," Laxus said. "No wonder the council doesn't want anyone to aggravate them. If that was one of their elite and she made a chump out of you, I don't want to imagine what their leader is like. It'd probably take all the Wizard Saints just to bring them down."
Or more accurately, not even they stand a chance against him if END is anywhere as powerful as August and Irene let alone Ancologia.

"As Enna Elsa had said, Lucy and Lisanna were completely unharmed. Aside from a powerful sleeping drug, the two had suffered no injuries and no mental trauma. The last thing both remembered was talking to Enna Elsa in her human disguise and then seconds later they were knocked unconscious. Both were, of course, thankful that Natsu had done his best to rescue them."
Yeah thank god for that.

"Leaving Happy behind, Natsu followed the sound of the wind in his ear and, eventually, made it outside of civilization into a clearing. He could practically smell Enna Elsa on the wind. She had a very distinct, if but sweet aroma."
So he's now literally going through training from hell by Enna Elsa.

"We'll work on that, though. Eventually you should be able to dodge me when I come in," she laughed, "Well, unless of course you start to fall in love with me."
Maybe she's the Lu you're looking for Natsu, LOL.
"There. I made Natsu lose a fight. Happy now? "
You're acting ss if Natsu always wins within this fanfiction

" It was also a way to show you just how powerful the Brides of Zeref that congregated around Travis really are. "
This kinda feels like a plothole though.

Sabrine who is much stronger than Ateralla and Enna Elsa loses to Erza powered by Mavis who is only as strong as current Erza who is far inferior to Nonnete and Gildarts in power yet Enna Elsa is strong enough to completely curbstomp Natsu and claim to hold her own with Nonnete ? Nothing really makes sense with your powerscaling here.

PTS Erza(w Mavis power)x1
Current Natsux1
Enna Elsax10

? How did Sabrine beat someone far stronger than current Erza when she lost to PTS Erza powered by Mavis who's only as strong as current Erza who is inferior to Gildarts and Nonnete ? This feels like a massive plothole regarding power levels.

"The Sun Village arc is, of course, right after the guild war. Which was why I included a scene with VV to show that he's almost ready to enact his master plan."
What plan is that?

"Natsu has one month to get as strong as he can possibly get. Will it be enough? How will Fairy Tail conquer VV? What is that little bastard's master plan? And what the hell is the real deal with Morrigan? All those answers can be found next time on Fairy Without Wings!"
Wait only one month ? He has even less odds of getting more powerful in just a month, not that it matters considering Enn Elsa isn't even the 9 Demon Gates herself and just a lower level eitle compared to them , if she's that strong, imagine Kyokua
Evan deivant chapter 207 . 8/28
"It's not true," she repeated, "Because…you have me."
Well, she got you there.

"Erza…" Lelouch blinked out tears and then, as a means of calming Lelouch down, Erza kissed him. After the kiss, Lelouch buried his head in Erza's chest. He continued to cry as he buried his face between her breasts. "It's all my fault, Erza," he told her. "I kept pushing and pushing without seeing the warning signs. I conspired with criminals. I had CC use her geass on Nunnally." Lelouch pulled his head out of Erza's chest. He looked at his palms with terror and regret in his eyes. "Erza, what am I turning into?"
The very thing you're trying to avoid becoming. Yeah Lelouch, you were quite the asshole in this arc and frankly you're brash judgment got the better of you at this point.

"I'm not worth you, Erza. I'm not worth your love or your companionship. At this rate, I'll turn into Mordred even with you by my side."
Well you're not entirely wrong at this point, however, turning into Morderd ? That's never happening, the fact you prevented Pryha from dying and did everything you can to stop the deaths of Phoniex Grave and some members of Cracked Gemtsone shows you still have sanity and humanity left in you.

"Hearing that, it seemed even Erza had her patience. She held Lelouch out at arm's length and then smacked him across the face. She didn't want to do that, but he was getting hysterical. "You will never become that," she told him firmly. "Do you know why?" Lelouch didn't answer her. He just looked Erza in the eye with his tear-stained face. "Because you are going to stop thinking that you can. Even if you screw up, even if you make mistakes, always know that those were mistakes," Erza told him. "You have the power to choose right and wrong."
Thanks for proving my point Erza, this is why you're best character in the seires, aside from Lelouch himself.

"Lelouch gasped. His mind flashed back to six years ago. He remembered when he had a similar conversation with Erza atop Hydra Peak. Except, this time, their roles were reversed and she was the one telling him that he had simply made a mistake and that he would stay true to himself."
Back in chapter 92 when Erza was down from killing Morriana.

"Who's doing that?" Erza asked, sounding a bit annoyed. "You admit what you did was wrong, so what's there to yell at you for?" She embraced him again, tightly. "Makarov always says that the best way to keep someone from falling into darkness is to set the m on the right path, to surround them with kindness and warmth. And you will always be worth my kindness and warmth…as long as you are you. As long as you can still smile, show regret, laugh, and have the capacity to help others, I don't care how many mistakes you make. Because I know, more than anyone that you'll stop making those mistakes." Erza held Lelouch out in front of her, but not at a full arm's length, only so much that she could look him in the eye and put her hands on his shoulders. "Because that's the good that I see in you."
Again not wrong at all , Lelouch you more than deserve a woman like her.

"Erza's friendship and love. But it appeared that Erza was going to refuse to abandon him. As long as he stayed true to himself, as long as he knew right from wrong and did his best to do what he thought was right, she would always be at his side. And for that, he would be eternally grateful. And it was why his tears continued to pour out from his eyes into Erza's clothes…until they were all gone."
Yep, then again that is more than gold . Hell it's Erza's presence and existence that would prevent you from becoming the monster you became in the future.

"Farah's funeral procession was about as sad and miserable as Erza expected. Everyone was dressed in black and people were sobbing their eyes out. Erza was instantly reminded of her vision of her own funeral. The only difference was it wasn't raining. It was actually a bright and sunny day, which kind of clashed with the dreary atmosphere close to the ground."
Yeah, not exactly the kind of funeral weather you had in mind.

"I don't even know how she died. How am I supposed to know what I did wrong?"
Good question.

"Thank you for at least bringing her back home. This has not brought me happiness, but it has brought me peace." Makarov watched as Freed gave the shovel to Evergreen. "Do you have any idea who did this to her?"
Not a clue.

"But I do know one thing. VV wanted her dead for whatever reason. I don't think he got her in the end. But…that doesn't excuse his assassination attempt on her. At least…that's what I heard. It's unconfirmed information. Whatever she might've been able to say, dies with her."
Yep and you're now no closer to bringing VV to justice than before.

"I know," Lelouch smiled. His gaze scanned the mourners before eventually falling upon Erza, Kallen, Sindel, and the Black Knights. Both Erza and Kallen smiled at him. "That's why I have friends."
Yep powerful friends at high places.

"Sounds good to me," Lelouch said with a smile, "But this time, let's keep Max away from the broom closet."
LOL, what 's wrong? Max is consenting to his lover, why not let them be with each other.

"Hey! Who the hell drank the fireball cola in the fridge? I was saving that!"
There's a fireball cola ?

"Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!" The two former guild masters could hear people chanting for Cana. When she finally put the keg down they cheered. Cana had just beaten her record for most beer drunken out of a keg at one time."
Why am i not surprised ?

"Erza," Lelouch said, "If there was ever a time when you felt I wasn't worth saving…I don't want you to keep believing in me. If," he turned to face her, "If I truly go off the deep end…" Lelouch put his hand on his chest, "cut me down! Be merciful," he glanced away, "…to both of us." Erza just looked at Lelouch oddly. "You're attaching yourself to someone like me, someone hat can kill, a renegade to your paragon. I…I don't want to corrupt you. I—"
You're asking for the impossible Lelouch, that's not going to happen.

"After it all passed, I realized how fortunate I was to have Erza at my side. I refused to let her go. And I swore that, once VV was gone, and the dangerous life I led was behind me, I would wed her, guaranteed."
Yep, though you have plenty of roadbumps ahead of you.

Well you got them there, i just wish Ember put up more of a fight.

"A battle royal arc where guilds from across Fiore are going to be at each other's throats. VV will be plotting and taking center stage as the arc antagonist and alliances between guilds and guild members will eventually wind up changing at the drop of a hat. Also, the entire Order of the Rune Knights will be involved. (Note I am accepting suggestions for Rune Knight members at this time). It is the ultimate confrontation between Lelouch's and Suzaku's ideology and the end result will have lasting consequences on the remainder of the story. All of that hostility is coming to a head. And Zero's identity is on the line."
So in other words it's going to be a massive free for all between groups sympathetic to Zero and those who aren't and the Rune Kinghts would be centered stage.
Evan deivant chapter 206 . 8/28
"Name: Atarella Kozuki
Race: Etherious
Vitality: 100%
Weak points: Missing arm, missing eye
Threat level: Medium-high"
Medium High ? Yeah not much a threat,though I wonder how he would react seeing Erza and Kallen.

"Imbuing her body with the power of the earth, Atarella became much stronger. With power, unlike anything Cain was prepared for, Atarella took a swing and cut his shoulder right open. The wires and fluids inside Cain's systems were exposed, the bio flesh torn clean off."Damn that's going to hurt in the morning,

"Atarella became even faster as the power of wind accented her body, pushing Cain onto the defensive. She was unleashing power and speed that she couldn't upon Sorano Aguira without killing her. This was the power of the demon dragon swordsman. This was the famous Bride of Zeref: Atarella Kozuki."
Wait she wasn't this strong within the Magic Games? Why did she hold back so much.
Vaporizing Rebellion—" Atarella was cut off by Cain leaping forward and, with a swift cut, slashed out her other eye."
Oh fuck, she's now blind.

"Unfortunately, as Atarella continued to use the water-based ability, her concentration wore thin and Cain began to parry her. It didn't help that the blood flowing out of her wounded eye was draining her magic, making her weaker with every passing second."

Well her losing wouldn't be anything net at his point. Seriously she's such a disappointingly weak MILF.

"Like a gale during a storm watch, Wendy raced onto the battlefield to heal the injured Skyler. His wound was bad, hitting vital areas in his digestive tract. No, not this time, Wendy thought, eyes filled with determination. This time, I will save my patient."
Yep, she's not going to fail like back with Rufus.

:Cain stood idly by, watching what was going on. He assessed Wendy:

Name: Wendy Marvell
Magic: Sky Dragon Slayer
Weak points: Inconclusive
Threat level: Very High"
Yeah he's fucked.

"What the…?" Kama looked to where Kamika was standing not too far from Wendy. He'd never seen her use silver paper before. Then he watched as the silver paper doused Atarella in tiny black particles. Magic Barrier Particles!? "Kamika! Are you crazy? You'll kill her. She's already got one foot in the grave!"
So Aterlla was saved by Magic Barrier Particles

"Willingly closing her freshly healed eyes, Atarella then felt a tingling sensation in her left shoulder. Particles were beginning to gather in great density where her left arm was supposed to be. The sensation itched. It was almost like her arm was really there."
Wait she regrew her arm ?

"Power levels rising. Danger level," Cain spoke stoically."
LOL! Looks like Cain got more than he barrigned for.

"Holy!" Skyler exclaimed. He watched Atarella dance circles around Cain with her power and speed. No special moves, no support techniques, just pure power and speed. Cain was left bewildered, trying to figure out where Atarella was, much less trying to get a read on her. And then with a forward lunge, Atarella took Cain's left arm clean off with her blade."

"Atarella's sword split Cain's in half, causing the machina to stumble back. He pulled out a new sword from the compartment in his back. He retreated back to reassess Atarella, but with a single swing, the wind pressure alone cut his blade in half. She then rushed forward and punched Cain in the face, denting the metal behind his bio-flesh just to feel the full force of her newly acquired power."
Well looks like i'm wrong about her, i didn't think she would regain her powers so soon.

"When Cain's processor tried to display the threat level posed by Atarella, his CPU threw a run-time exception error. Atarella's power readout was so massive that Cain simply didn't have a built-in response for something this dangerous."

Threat level, you're fucked !

"Unbelievable," Cain said in a very robotic voice as his entire body exploded into dust."
Exploded into dust...SHIT !

"Atarella's strength returning to her was not part of my plan, but I welcomed it with open arms."
Same here i vastly underestimated her and kinda feel bad picking on her for her disappointing feats in the Grand Magic Games.
"And it says a lot about Sabine, whose only defeats were caused by Gildarts, who is stupidly broken, and Erza, but only with help from Mavis. "
Yeah though current Erza would be as strong as she was when she fought Margaret.
Evan deivant chapter 205 . 8/27
However, his pleas would fall on deaf ears. Ember had no intention of stopping. She prepared one last Heated Shotgun to finish Pyrrha off. However, she was suddenly unaware of the clouds rolling on the horizon very rapidly behind her. "You should've known better than to—"
Than to what exactly, i don't get what you're saying and why lightning ? Laxus i don't think you stand much of a chance against Ember.

"Rain poured down in a torrential downpour like it was no longer the summer and had suddenly become monsoon season."
Wasn't aware Laxus had the ability to conjure rain.

"Rain?" Ember questioned and tried to raise the temperature, but her magic was being blocked. Whatever was causing this freak storm was overpowering her and it was doing it without fail."
That's not Laxus is it. ... if i think who i think it is, then oh boy Ember is fucked.

"As the rain splashed onto Pyrrha's hot body, she began to feel better. The cool air from the sudden storm's breeze began to revitalize her. Wait, storm? Pyrrha thought. She craned her neck up and then immediately turned over when she saw standing behind her."
Yep Ember is beyond fucked now.

"It was her mother. For Ember it was almost like looking in a mirror. The only thing that seemed to separate the two women was hair length and the fact that while Ember was wearing a red dress, Alice was wearing a black one. Of course, there was another, less obvious difference between the two women: their expressions."
Yeah, this was the last thing Ember wanted.

"Get away from my daughter," Alice demanded calmly and coldly as she held up her right hand, lightning blindingly encapsulated in her hand.
"YOU BITCH!" In the next instant, a Sage's Thunderbolt went roaring over Pyrrha's head and struck Ember directly in the stomach, leaving a burn mark on it. Ember went flying. She tried to balance herself, but she wound up turning her body in an awkward position and tumbled along the ground. Ember pushed up off the ground, but Alice didn't give her a second more to recuperate. She was already charging towards Ember, hand coated in ice."
Yes, I'm really liking where this is going.

"Oh, a cute little kitty-cat told me," she said and then chuckled her usual creepy laugh."
Cute little kitty kat? Authur, so that was Lelouch's plan ? Boy did he ever need to come through now.

"Okay! NO!" She shouted angrily. Heat flashed from her eye and she prepared to fight Alice head on. "Heated Shotgun!"
Oh yes, the beatdown is going to happen.

"However, as the heated blast approached Alice, the mage, with a stone cold expression on her face, snapped her fingers. Instantly a font of water shot out of the ground in front of her, blocking Ember's attack and converting the connection of the attack into steam. The steam was quickly blown away when Alice waved her arm, taking control of the wind around her."
Well, you couldn't have picked the worst opponent to piss off Ember.

You I'd say you're adorable for trying to pick a fight with me," all of the cruel joy disappeared from Alice's face, "but I'm going to skip the pleasantries." Alice's face became an intimidating glare like the gaze of an angry dragon. She then spoke very seriously with a tone of voice that was much deeper than her usual, upbeat, sassy, quirky one, "Nobody tries to kill my baby girl and gets away with it." Then, returning to her normal voice on a dime, but still not smiling, Alice said very casually, "You're gonna die."
Well, any chances of you winning and carrying out your twisted plot just went to shit Ember.

"Mommy's very angry."
Yeah, I think I prefer picking a fight with a T-Rex right now.

", I did cut the chapter here just so I could use that quote. You guys think Kasumi has Mama Bear issues? By the time Alice is finished with Ember, she is going to wish she only got off how Racer did when Kasumi got a hold of him. Cause, in case you forgot ALICE IS FUCKING NUTS! "
Well someone is going high up my list the next chapter in.
Evan deivant chapter 204 . 8/27
"His eyes flashed with murderous intent. Your days are numbered, Ember Garnet. You and your guild will suffer the consequences of the hell you've wrought. I swear it!"
Yep but you have to first take down VV which again is much easier said than done.

"It's no good, Zero. They're dead," Tsukaima said to him.
: Because of his choices, two people were now dead. Two innocent rune knights lay dead at his feet, people that could still be alive if he hadn't been so thick headed and decided to take care of them himself, or ask Tsukaima to do it."
Yeah this was your biggest mistake Lelouch. Guess Suzaku was right to some extent...BTW still hate Suzaku.

Phoebe tilted her head. "Are you against that, Zero-sama?"
"I am. Vehemently," Zero answered crossly.
Yep goes against his own beliefs.

"That's a relief," Phoebe said, placing her hands over her chest. Zero was surprised by this statement. He had almost fully expected Phoebe to go into a huge tirade about how wonderful Ember was. "
Isn't she a fangirl of you Lelouch?

I am fully prepared to kill anyone you asked. Whether it's a criminal, an innocent, or even Lady Ember herself! If Zero-sama ordered me," Phoebe smiled lustfully, hands on her face at her beloved, "I would feel I would have no choice, but to do anything he requested."
Well, this might be interesting.

"She was worth saving. No, more than that. I might have use for you yet, he thought. All he had to do was treat Phoebe right and she would make an excellent member of the Black Knights."
Tell me about it, she also might be useful for dispatching and destrorying cracked gemstone.

"Mission complete, Zero," Ember grinned."
Yeah i have a feeling you're going to turn on Lelouch by the end of this chapter.

"While the heist had been successful, escaping was still an issue. Rune Knights were still in the building, many of which would've heard Stacy's emergency alarm if Cain wasn't jamming the signal. Caution was important, but speed was now a priority. Thundering footsteps echoed through the building as Cracked Gemstone and Knightmare Frame worked in tandem to get out of the council building through their various escape routes."
Yeah after Emeber's stunt, it's going to get ugly from here.

"However, before he could grab whatever he was trying to get a hold of, Vanilla stabbed him straight through the left side of his stomach, dyeing his white coat a deep shade of crimson. The trauma of the stab caused Lahar to topple to the ground after Vanilla pulled it out."
Oh crap, this is not going well at all. Yeah Lelouch, alot of innocent blood is being spewed because you allowed yourself to become the pawn of Ember.

"Kallen stood there, frozen in fear. He's going to die! I'm standing right here…and he's going to die. Fortunately, Vanilla noticed Kallen's increased volume and erraticism in her breathing patterns. She held up her Thought Paddle, which affirmed her confusion."
Well that's one person who's not getting paired with Kallen?

"In his traumatic haze, Lahar had no idea how much time had passed between him being stabbed and Kallen supposedly coming to his aid. He was drifting in and out of consciousness. Lady…Kozuki? He could hear Kallen's voice distinctly, but his vision wasn't so good. Everything was dark."
Yeah this isn't good.

"Kallen was no nurse, but after years of bandaging her own arm in a wrap and a sling, bandages she knew. Tearing a proper portion of Lahar's clothes off his stomach, Kallen got a good look at the wound. It was pretty bad. He was bleeding out fast. However, Kallen remained calm. Using her takeover, she transformed only her hand to its demonic state and used small doses of her radiation magic to accelerate the molecules in Lahar's body to try and close up the wound even the slightest bit. While she didn't succeed very well—her magic wasn't designed for this purpose—she did at least keep the wound from expanding and she slowed the blood flow. Then, taking the bandage roll from Vanilla, she began removing strap after strap after strap, biting each piece off with her teeth as she did her best to wrap Lahar in fresh bandages to keep him from bleeding out. Lahar still lay on the ground, panting from his open wound, but Kallen was certain she had done her best job to keep him alive."
So Lahar lives another day ? Thank god for some basic skills Kallen picked up over the years.

"How are you feeling?" Lahar turned his head to see none other than the Grand General of the Rune Knights himself, Siegfried Karn. "
Well Lelouch is in serious trouble.

"Falling Leaf Half-Dragon, the armor's name, was said to have first been worn by the first human to have ever wielded dragon slayer magic. That same human was taught dragon slayer magic by the same dragon that kick started the dragon war. Although the dragon's name was lost to history, the armor remained a symbol of hope to the people of Fiore, for the one wearing it was oath sworn to protect the country from evil."
Wait, who is the first Dragon Slayer Mage?

"Strangely enough you were found pre-treated with bandages after being stabbed with a fresh wound."
"Grand General…you don't suspect I had anything to do with whatever happened last night, do you?" Lahar asked.
That's a good question.

"If God Serena didn't find Leyla Lazuli, then VV will be put on the council for sure. The idea of that happening has me walking on pins and needles. I'm only hoping that in the last three weeks that someone found a much better candidate than that bastard." Kallen sipped more of her coffee. "If you're hungry, go eat. I won't stop you."

That's the least of your problems considering if the magic council traces the murder that occurred yesterday of two major generals to you, you have much more to fear than just VV.

". Unless Lahar had proper evidence to suspect her of wrongdoing, Kallen could literally get away with murder. She was careful not to abuse her power, but in situations like this it got her out of a tight fix."
And boy did it help her greatly in this case.

"After all, that didn't seem like the Lady Kozuki he'd come to know…and love."
So Lahar loves Kallen ?Why am I not surprised.
F. S chapter 162 . 8/26
Well the story was good so far. You really are a brilliant writer. truth be told I really hate suzaku but I some was able to endure him in the story. I am really into kalulu. I can't really except kallen with someone else. So I really regret it but I will be leaving this story here. Now I have started your other story soul chess. I am on chapter 94 right now. So far the story is really good. I like the idea of haram very much. I hope soul chess will not turn like this story. I really feel bad that this is not a haram story. lulu kallen and Ezra would have made a great pairs. Well I hope your next story would be batter then these both.
that is if you write another story. but if you write please make it a haram story. and thanks.

p. s. And please don't take it to heart this story is one of best stories I was ever able to read. But as I said I am kalulu fan. so please don't let it discourage you. I just wanted to give my opinion as a fan and as a reader of your stories. thanks again.
F. S chapter 162 . 8/26
Well the story was good so far. You really are a brilliant writer. truth be told I really hate suzaku but I some was able to endure him in the story. I am really into kalulu. I can't really except kallen with someone else. So I really regret it but I will be leaving this story here. Now I have started your other story soul chess. I am on chapter 94 right now. So far the story is really good. I like the idea of haram very much. I hope soul chess will not turn like this story. I really feel bad that this is not a haram story. lulu kallen and Ezra would have made a great pairs. Well I hope your next story would be batter then these both.
that is if you write another story. but if you write please make it a haram story. and thanks.

p. s. And please don't take it to heart this story is one of best stories I was ever able to read. But as I said I am kalulu fan. so please don't let it discourage you. I just wanted to give my opinion as a fan and as a reader of your stories. thanks again.
Game777Guy chapter 207 . 8/25
Well, I'm a little late to the party with this review, but better late than never. This whole finale was very, very strong. It started of smooth and easy with the heist, and then built to an explosive finale, only to slowly allow the energy to dissipate and allow the dark, depressing truth of reality to set in. In a word, it was great. Like always, the action is very riveting. Each fight feels raw and visceral, which is quite the accomplishment given that magic is involved. The overall story worked extremely well, also. Lelouch got to flex his more devious brain muscles in order to achieve the best possible result from the nightmare he found himself in. The solution was highly satisfying. Him not getting the dirt on VV was a bummer, but he needed to be confronted with that kind of abject failure in order to step back and see just how close he came to crossing the line with this particular fiasco. Erza really is good for him. Great finale, and I'll get around to reading the next chapter, eventually I'm sure.
sephiroth12285 chapter 208 . 8/21
Finally I am all caught up, so we have reach another arc I have been looking foward to. Some interesting hints for the future has in store has shown.

Natsu finally list one, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
sephiroth12285 chapter 207 . 8/20
Well that was quite the end and the less we have learned is that getting on Alice's bad side is a very bad idea lol.

So in the end Lelouch's only means of brining V.V down literally goes to the grave.

I wonder what will become of Monica?

But I am sure we'll find out next chapter during the guild war.

We need music to set the mood.

*begins playing War by Edwin Starr*
sephiroth12285 chapter 206 . 8/19
Cracked Gemstone got $& $ed up this chapter with few surviving and some have found new career oppertunites which for some is better than the alternative.

Jade and Cain bit the dust.

And yeah Sabrine is in deep $&&$ XD

Loved the embrassed Vanilla moment.
sephiroth12285 chapter 205 . 8/19
Well we all knew going into arc that this was inevitable, but now even more complications have arisen with C.C having vanished.

But the crowning moment of this chapter is the character who has stollen the Ultimate Mother Bear Title from Kasumi.
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