Reviews for Fairy Without Wings
shorty35565 chapter 6 . 6/24
Why do dragonslayerz get motion sickness?
You said that dragonslayerz are practically extinct in the manga. Is natsu like the last of his Kind?
He took his clothes off without knowing? Lol
Wow, a demon soul.
ShinKir0 chapter 243 . 6/24
It took me a long while to read through this whole story, like, a whole month XD. This is probably the best fanfiction i've ever read, so for that, I sincerely thank you and hope to see you update soon!

I can't wait to see what the Tartaros arc has in store for us, since END is actually a different entity and, perhaps those demons' names that you mentioned are like the demon versions of the first generation dragon slayers, so there's that to look forward to, because I just can't get enough of villain Lelouch!

For me the best character in this series, for now at least, is Mordred. There's just something about an overpowered Lelouch tearing up the world because of a tragic backstory that makes it oh so pleasant to read.
P.S. I kind of understand why, considering he has all these spells and powers at his disposal, but I would've really preferred Lelouch to have Geass instead of his wolf form, but If that were so, this story wouldn't have been so interesting, though I still hope to see Lelouch with Geass in the far future :D.

The sun village arc also seems to getting more interesting, despite the fact that I expect to see Jelal one-shot most of if not all of Rolo's new guild. Another thing popped up to me, will Rolo become an etherious like Neo Minerva was in canon or something along those lines? Cause I think that he would be a really good adversary for Knightmare Frame.

There was also another thing I was curious about. I was really caught off-guard when you introduced Rai back in the Grand Magic Games and I got hyped, thinking that if Rai's in the story, then we would most likely see characters from Oz the Reflection and Akito the Exiled, but then I read your Author's note and was saddened XD. I understand your reasoning, but think about it. You have characters like Akito, Leila, Marrybell and Orpheus, who could make great additions to the story, though you'll have to make them quite strong so they won't be pushovers. Hell, I can even see them being part of Irene's guild, or you could think of something completely different. I would really love to see these characters in your story, but I'll understand if you decide not to use them, they are expanded universe characters after all :D.

Anyway, sorry for the long rant. Once again, thank you for the great story!
PsychicForceNatrium chapter 242 . 6/20
I'm calling it right now, the Scarlet Dragons are inspired by the Defiant Dragons and are some sort of rebel group. It all makes sense given the titles of the Re:Boot Arc chapters all reference "Turnabout", which is what ALL the cases in Ace Attorney are called (Barring the Letter Letter Number Incidents.)
For what purpose do you ask?!...Well if I could read your mind, I'd say so.
But we do know one thing, they must have a pretty powerful Script mage if they can outsmart the Magic friggin Council.

"Except for taxes. Those were never going to go away."
LOL classic FWW wit. I love it.

So Kurena wants to take down a Ragyo expy? I thought you liked Ragyo though.

Ouch, Sakura has had it rough :(

So Esmie is using some fucked up version of Take Over for her fashion?

So they just want Esmie dead and not the company.

I'm probably one of the few people who ships this pairing. It's one of the more natural ones alongside HibikiXHisui

Max and Shirley? OK, I know the pairings in this fanfic are unusual, but even THIS is pushing it. Hope Shirley likes getting a broom stuck in her closet.

"That's some natural, powerful, human emotion your sporting there."
WTF are you talking about?! Are we talking about FWW Kallen or Yuno friggin Gasai?!
Either that, or she's seen some unknown dark side of Juvia

Feel like Lelouch is gonna end up marrying his black ops unit before he marries Erza.

OK, Erza getting cake, Mirajane taking a picture, and the scene with Ayame is adorable.

Oh yeah, that's right...Ragyo expy. Kinda forgot about that.

Ah yes, expies of Gamagori, Nonon, Sanageyama and Inumuta.

Nice! Sakura is an Angel! Love to see some Angel VS Demon action in Tartaros.

WHOA! CC has the Ankhseram Curse?! Hot damn, no wonder she is so emotionless!

See, told ya. Lelouch will marry his job before he marries Erza...What? At least Mordred will be dead.

"I helped cook today and I didn't even use my powers to make it taste better."
That's what they all say, Lady, your going back to the slammer!...Too soon? XD

LOL Happy, you little sellout.

"Much to Lelouch's surprise, the winner was currently Laxus."
Well Laxus isn't seen around the guild that much in canon to begin with (Even before he left the guild), so I'd imagine he does quite a lot of jobs. I mean he didn't become S-Class just by being a Dreyar after all.

"There's plenty you can do! Rehabilitation facilities! A fair trial! Something!"
Actually Erza does have a fair point, didn't Lelouch say he hates slavers above all other criminals? Granted, Fresa's a kid, but still, he let her lives, but Rushio and Monique get the death penalty? This is a good arc, but a lot of Lelouch's standards don't make much sense. He hates this type of criminal the most? Spares this person and sometimes sympathizes with them. Another person is despicable but otherwise not as bad as other types he's dealt with (Need I mention Ember?), YOU MUST DIE AND ARE IRREDEEMABLE TRASH! Sorry, but I can't ignore how inconsistent this is.

Oh shit, Erza is bringing up a lot of good points.

"He's my best mage, so he gets perks, like not having to do paperwork."
That's Laxus for ya.

"Go gambling, make mistakes, engorge yourself on cake, get drunk., wait. Not that last one."
You're one to talk Makarov, I'm pretty sure you do all but one of those things!

"Do not insult Master!"
Hey fuck you, that was funny. KYS

Yeesh, how many freaking restaurant chains does Foire have? There is like 10 of them in this story, and half of them have this Yvette working for them!...Do you have some sort of restaurant fetish or something?

Wait, you mean Lelouch WON'T marry a black op?!

"We can beat them too. I know we can. And I'd like for us to do just that, side by side, hand in hand, as husband and wife."
...OK, how long until Erza dies? I know someone is gonna ejaculate over their keyboard when that happens.

"CC just dropped the mother of all Wham Lines on us."
Well I mean, Lelouch is in his late 20s to early 30s, he's not a freaking baby. Besides, Basil needs all the support he can get...Before she abandons him like she did with Mao. Besides, you kinda confirmed she's a demon with her curse and shit.

"Dwyer is Dywer from Fire Emblem Fates"
Way to be subtle, and he doesn't even look like a chef. XD
PsychicForceNatrium chapter 241 . 6/19
Why do I imagine Kagura acting like Sgt. Gunnery during her time in Bosco? XD

Kaynen huh? But your not an underrated action anime.

I know they are trying to look scary, but for some reason, I can't help but laugh (especially Bickslow's outfit. Seriously, replacing skulls with big lightning bolts on your shoulders?)

"Please tell me we're not getting involved."
I thought Evergreen would be open to taking Selphies.

"Don't you sass me!"
To be fair, it is your fault for being an idiot.

LOL I see we have another creepy good character. Nice, well I'm already liking Selphie.

Well at least the Thunder Tribe don't hate Airy THAT much.

LOL Ship tease jokes are hilarious, especially this pairing. XD

"Don't mention the idea of atemay with Airyay to Freed."
Atemay? Airyay? Huh?!

So Mace Orlando wants to bone Amber, OK.

Celerity sticks?

Well I'm already liking Marin Reverse, she seems fun. XD

Bullar Kane?...Like, Kane Bullard? One of AA's many Asshole Victims?

Starting to see a pattern here, might as well called this chapter "The Familia Turnabout"

So Lucy's cousins are Gladion and Lillie and her aunt is Lusamine.

Ethernano Preservation Assocication? Yeesh, I'd hate to see what happens to them during Tartaros. I bet 75% of the employees are protesters that want the Magic Council to destroy FACE.

Totally no child abuse in this home.

OK, Multi Element does sound rather cool I'll admit :D

"Dragon Spider doesn't think I'm qualified"
Then why the hoodie with the spider and dragon?

Hahaha, PTSD.

Actually now that I think about it, I keep thinking Max Heartfilia is gonna bust out a broom and sweep the floor with Lucy.

Good fight scene topped off with hilarious comedy.

Wait a minute! That sounds REALLY risky! From what I've looked up on doorstoppers that are on the floor, the rope would have a VERY high chance of slipping off!

Aside from that though, this killer is REALLY smart!

So our killer is a swimmer...It must be JENNY! I knew it, I always thought she went swimming on Sundays!

Well I already know who did it.

"She's guilty as sin! Even you can see that!"
I agree, dafaq Lelouch?!

Wait, she ISN'T the killer? OK then, now I'm surprised.

"Oh I get it" She thought, figuring out Lelouch's thought process."
You know I realized Lelouch is like less a revolutionary in FWW, and more like a vigilante version of Edgeworth that spent half this fanfic fighting the dark age of the law.

You sure you just want lunch with Lucy, Kallen? By the looks of your winking, I say otherwise.

Hot damn! The killer is THIS bad?! Not even the guy that wanted to sell his own daughter got a death penalty.

So Audrey couldn't of done it, not that I suspected her to begin with.

HibkiXHisui is still the best pairing in FWW.

Hibiki, I do not trust you around children. Also, he's still an escort even after Arcadios approved of him? I charge him with cheating.

Monokuma: Upupupu! I heard despair!

NOOOOOO! Not Org!...He was supposed to be killed by Jackal :(

Hisui's necklace? OK, it's definitely Monique! Now all we need is a Haiji expy called Hi'hoarse and we'll have our killers.

So Lelouch was just using Hisui as a coverup to trick the real killer?

The killer wants Archenemy?! That can't be good. XD

Undine to the rescue and Monique is the real killer.

Again, hoist by your own petard. XD

Ah hell yeah, Kagura kicking ass!

So Monique is both Monaca Towa and Junko Enoshima due to Fourth Origin.

OK, we need Lelouch fighting a Blade Dragon Slayer. He'll be the perfect rival and everything.

"Thanks to her lacrima heart, Monique managed to survive the attack, but half her face was missing down to the fifth layer of skin, blood everywhere where there just wasn't bone. Her legs were gone and her left arm was gone up to the shoulder. Her right was evaporated halfway to her elbow. It then started to rain, splashing her malformed, inhuman body."
Good god, that is gruesome!

So she is from Avatar?! Well, she put up a better fight than Arlock did.

LOL OK that was both hilarious and sweet.

Good to see Marin again, reminds a lot of Kay Faraday.

Wyvern Buster? I know it's a reference, but that's still an awesome name. :D

OK, Audrey is officially one of my favourite expies in FWW. Not sure if I like her as much as Rorix or Kyle, but she's up there.

So those are all the expies, OK.

Patreon? I dunno, it's a bit of a murky area. ;
PsychicForceNatrium chapter 240 . 6/19
Hey now, there are likable tsunders ya know. There's Noire from Hyperdimension Neptunia (who is one of my waifus), and if you want classic examples of tsunderes done right, well there's Yoko Littner and Casca. XD

Lelouch be careful what you wish for. That's like saying "Hey, I wish someone would try kill my sister so I can have a challenging fight."

"Lelouch, you sound like you actually enjoy killing people. We serve justice, isn't that enough?"
Agreed, your being a child Lelouch, go to your room.

"Sleep is a very important part of the not-harming-your-friends process."
LOL Classic Mirajane
Although, I'm pretty sure a well rested Erza would have more of a chance of harming her friends considering what she does to Natsu all the time, so...Get karoshi for all I care. ,

To be fair, Machina Wing having child mages isn't THAT unusual when you look at how young Romeo and Wendy are. I mean Wendy's basically a child soldier, and Romeo spends half his time around his drunkass father...Who pals around with Wakaba, a smoker, and Cana, an alcoholic. Surprised child services haven't knocked on FT's door actually. XD

"Maybe she is scared of, how you say, having a loose relationship with the ground."
OK, that was hilarious. Arthur is best Exceed.

Not sure who this White girl is based on (Hehehe, race jokes)

Lelouch and his classic blunt honesty.

So basically this guild isn't so much a guild as it's a kindergarden.

I'm guessing Fresa is based on this infamous Louise character from this anime that I never saw and dread ever watching.

"Shall we employ the same tactic twice?"
You have a maid fetish too?

"By the time a child realizes her parents were right, she has a son that thinks she's wrong."
Marriage in a nutshell.

"That is not a little girl! That is a demon in a little girl form!"
"Excuse me?"
Hate to see what Inoue has to say about Tartaros, bet she'll be dropping slurs left and right XD

"Rushio Seam wasn't that much older"
That is true. Some kids are just born cruel, such as TJ Lane...Or any school shooter for that matter.

Wow, even Wendy couldn't put up with her?!

"Nobody makes Wendy cry"
Earhland News: Wizard Saint Kallen gets away with child murder.

"I did seem to think she had a case of breast envy."
Ah OK, so that's why. I keep forgetting that FWW Wendy is around the same age as Edolas Wendy.

Kaguya: So badass that she can smile after getting hit in the face with a soap dish.

Well this is interesting. Get to learn more about Kaguya. Wonder what she thinks of Hibiki potentially becoming the next Prince of Foire #HisuiXHikibiIsBestFWWShip

Her cabinet hated her? Yeesh, must be a pain in the ass to get dressed (FYI, I know what cabinets means, both the noble and furniture definition, that was just a silly joke)

Oh hell yeah, Taizo is the man! Shame he never did anything in R2, he just sort of disappears. :(

Dammit Fresa, this story has Taizo in it! You will not ruin it!

Yeesh, Fresa likes THOSE kinda stories huh? The cliche "once upon a time" schlock.

So Tohdoh was Yuri Lowell? All he's missing is the hair that would make Mard Geer jelly.

So THAT'S how Nagisa and Tohdoh met
"They became more than friends, but never quite close enough to forge a relationship."
Ironic considering Nagisa wanted to screw Tohdoh in Code Geass canon if I'm not mistaken.

Gotta hand to Kaguya, even at a young age, she was really smart to plan a killing like that. Sure she failed, but still...Griffith would be proud of her.

Damn, Fresa must of been a pain in the ass towards her nannies.

Summoning Archer? I'll admit that sounds pretty cool.

Ha ha ha, classic Kaguya. Falling for someone twice her age (Although I'm not good with timelines, so maybe the age gap is different.)

"Cow-tited amazon gorilla"
LOL Already loving Fresa's vocabulary.

Again, Kaguya is cool. She makes for a great spy (#MakeAKaguyaSpinoff #SecretAgentKaguya)

WHOA WTF?! So this family is a repeat of Rushio?! And they are racist towards animal eared people?! What's with the urine?

So Fresa is a spoiled loli yandere familiarist slaver? Never thought I'd see a villain like that or even say that in my life.

Dafaq Kaguya?! I don't care if she's a kid, what she did is still horrible! This is a big plothole! So Lelouch has no problem killing Rushio when she kept slaves, but when Fresca, who is arguably worse, has slaves...Don't worry, your just going to prison and you can join our guild. WTF?!

Wait, you never even saw Familiar of Zero?...Well, can't say I blame you. Heard bad things about it. Although if we're talking Tsundere Satan of all Satans, then Naru Narusegawa is definitely up there as well, she's to tsunderes what Yuno is to yanderes. Revolutionary at the time, but horribly outdated compared to other characters of her archetype and unlikable by today's standards.

Well, if your gonna bring her back, at least make her feel regretful or have SOME kind of karma.

Draco, the culprits so far have been about as subtle as Emperor Palpatine, and you said yourself that the Re:Boot arc (Which is really good don't get me wrong, I love mystery stories) is one big take that at characters you hate, I'm pretty sure the culprit is easy as pie to identify (OK that rhyme was unintentional)
PsychicForceNatrium chapter 239 . 6/19
Fuck yeah! Murder mystery time! If there is anything I regret, it's not commenting on the DA journals. I promise to make up for that during the Tartaros arc! :D

Ah Alice, never stop being creepy good. XD

So Natsu befriended LUH-gretta eh? That's cool.

And thus Natsu's career as a graffeti artist has begun.

"I hope I poisoned you."
LOL Archer. Wouldn't be surprised if Lelouch hired him as a political assassin.

Lot of these rules seem to contradict each other, and makes me wonder why the Council didn't notice such obvious loopholes. XD

Jack ASS Orenstein
Off topic, but did Berenstein Bears have anything to do with that last name?

"Serving justice is the only reward I need"
Well yeah that's nice, but not exactly a bill payer.

"The loss of Orenstein could destroy the economy"
Yeesh, I'd hate to see Niyoko deal with people who destroy economies (Quercus Alba) or defraud their own country of millions (Teikun O from Investigations 2) Bet their extraterritorial rights would give her PTSD.

"I bet Jura is humiliated, he just won't show it."
Since when was Jura a tsundere?

So he's the asshole who gave Ivan the lacrima he needed to enact his plans.

"I solved my nightmares with booze and cigarettes"
Ah Tamaki, always the party animal.

So basically Ohgi joined because he got tired of Viletta's shit? FWW Ohgi R2 Ohgi.

"Jenny Realight's name as the escort in question"
Wait, Jenny used to be a prostitute?

The Miss Fortune expy is a gold digger now? Well, at least he can actually pay her rent (*cough* Lelouch *cough*)

"More like ass protection and propaganda management"
Well if he's got so many enemies, he has to keep his butt in check.
Though propaganda management does sound like a legit career in North Korea (Not trying to be racist, but I wouldn't be surprised.)

Oh Nagisa, you adorable little thing. Only she could pass out from sniffing a drink.

Wait, but if they know Lelouch is dating Erza, why were they stupid enough to dogpile him when he entered the door? Did they think he was holding divorce papers or something?

"OK, the Christmas Cake part wasn't necessary."

Yeesh, hate to see what Mirajane and Guinevere would think if they heard Jenny liked working with Orenstein.

"We're gonna speak with Archer?"
"No Heidy"
Then why bring up Archer's guild and mention your client?! Come on Lelouch, your smarter than this.

"6 hours, you'll never know we were here."
But the staff will, and 6 hours quite a long time, so anybody passing by could notice a couple of Rune Knights.

I'm guessing Sherryl is an expy of Felicia from FE: Fates.

Whenever I see Isamu, I just imagine his dialogue in Obeleck's voice. XD

OK, so THIS is Flora. Now all we need is a dragon maid based on Lilith.

Umm...Not sure who Norman is. ;

The more I hear about Jack, the less evil he seems. I mean the worst he's done is try reclaim his daughter back and take out other businesses.

Ah OK, so he's Weiss' butler (Clyne I believe was his name.) OK, he's cool.

"White residue on a pink bottle"
Please don't be what I think it is!

LOL Arson, Murder and Arguing Over Shoes. I love it.

Wait, so he was going to mindrape his daughter?! That's fucked up. Nevermind, the other thing I had in mind would be preferable!

You know, I'm starting to think Lahar has a maid fetish.

Hey no worries Norman, at least she's not poisoning him like Archer tried. #ArcherForPoliticalAssassin

I find it funny how he is hoisted by his own petard. I'm always a fan of that trope XD

Wait what?! So he wanted to humiliate Heidy by making her a sex slave?! WTF?!

Alright, trial time! Hold on, let me play some Ace Attorney music.

Just call the drug CL-VM like a normal person Suzaku! God, FWW Suzaku can't do anything right!

So if I'm reading these laws right, using the CL-VM drug as a truth serum is fine. But using to make fake confessions is a no-no.

"I volunteer Jack Orenstein for a strip search."
Well this got awkward, and in front of his daughter no less.

Good idea, wouldn't want him to get a Kristoph Gavin cell. Although Sirhen Dogen could be possible if he's smart enough.

Naawww, what a nice ending. :D

That quote is quite accurate actually.

Wait, he was Jakob?! Certainly had me fooled.

Maybe, but I've been calling her LEG-retta, not LUH-greeta, so I'll have to fix my tongue first.
PsychicForceNatrium chapter 238 . 6/19
"I believe the subjects have to still be human when research is conducted in order for that to work."
"So you claim the suspects are not human when you began you research?"
"Once they are in my possession, they are a test subject, not a human."
Wait, so are they human or is this asshole just a fantastic racist? Either way, I wouldn't blame Tartaros for killing this guy.

OK, seems like a pretty badass bunch of units, can't wait to see them in action.

Yo, an Emiya expy. Alright, you have my attention.

Yeah, Kiritsugou, he might be cool in Fate Zero, but he's kinda fucked in the Fairy Tail universe.

Lunalestia? Really? Even Fighting Spirit was more subtle.

OK, an expy I don't know for a change. Either way, I've seen less edge from the main character of Hatred.

Wait OK, so I'm a big fan of One Year Ahead, One Mile Behind (or whatever it's called), so I'm guessing he is based on that psychology guy that Abei wants to stab for waifu territory (AKA The guy lucky enough to bone Junko Enoshima before she went crazy, and also that jerkass guy from Miaka's class.)

Mikan expy?...Alright, show the scene where Goldrose has a lap dance with her. You know you want to. *looks her up on the FWW Wiki* Wait what?! She's an actual canon Code Geass character?!

Damn girl, you have it rough.

Bunch of other Code Geass minor characters no one remembers unless they go through the wiki like you have.

Though I will say that Mutsuki does actually look kinda cute, she's got this whole tsundere vibe judging from her face.

Oh yeah, Unistraid, that was quite the scary arc. Not as scary as trying to read Cracked Gemstone though, or arcs that, while not bad, have SERIOUS arc fatique problems (Sindel, Envoy from the Future and ESPECIALLY Guild War)

Wait, she's a vampire and a werewolf?! OK, I wanna screw this girl! No questions, she can drain me dry for all I care. Lycanpyre waifu for life!

Gotta admit, these Eucharis dark guild names are LAME! Seriously, Yellow Fox?

It is, how you say, time to kickass.

OK, now THAT was a heartwarming ending! Hit me right in the feels, man.

So Ayame will be her apprentice? Well, at least Kallan will keep Goldrose away.

Brah, the recent chapter is even worse. Just TRY to wrap your head around the nonsense of 540! It's literally brain cancer.

You want my feedback on the new recruits? OK, I wanna sleep with Mutsuki, enough said.
wondertown9 chapter 243 . 6/16
Hey, hello, me here. Been reading this for a long time. Great stoty, great characters, very good job giving the FT fandom the FT they deserve. And after 243 chapters of awesomess I have a question though...
Are the flaws in Lelouch's ideology, metology or personality going to be touched or analized and result in something negative for the society as a whole?
PsychicForceNatrium chapter 197 . 6/12
"We all wear masks, either on our faces or over our hearts."

Didn't know Trials and Tribulations was Lelouch's favourite Ace Attorney game. XD
PsychicForceNatrium chapter 184 . 6/11
JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! Did you HAVE to start this chapter with an Author's Note THIS long?! Fuck! Any investment I might of had in the Nonette fight is RUINED because of how much time was wasted just reading something that should of gone to DA instead (You mention lists you've done on DA, so I don't know why you couldn't of gone "Hey, here's the title of a journal I have on DA addressing all your complaints, so go to my DA and look for a journal with this title"!) NEVER do that shit again!

Sincerely, NightWingSurge from DeviantArt!
shorty35565 chapter 5 . 6/11
Are Shirley and Lelouch together?
Maybe nonette? Umm I'd say definitely
Kallen understimates herself
So cc us out if the black knights niw?
Totally forgot about zero
Wait I thought gease wasn't in this
Warmachine375 chapter 242 . 6/10
After reading this chapter, I was surprised Marin Reverse gets accepted as a new Councilor of Fiore that fast despite being an Encan and just arrived in Fiore recently. And Megan Hollyflower succeeded the late Org as 2nd Seat and Vice-Chairman. :( You don't like him much, do you?

Scarlet Dragons remains an enigma and Lelouch does not like enigmas (in Nick Fury's voice). Although it's better to leave them be for now and be thankful since Irene saved their asses from VV and I wish she should have appeared early after comforting Kasumi, a fellow mother to another of her suffering ordeal with VV threatening her daughter.

Be honest with me, will VV really KEEP his word of sparing Kalina after Kasumi finishes her dirty work and betray her friends and family as a traitor for him IF he wins in the Guild War arc? Because with his massive ego as a god, it's VERY unlikely he will keep his word and want to kick the dog for the evulz. A Reward The Traitor Deserves of a way.

And CC left after overstaying her welcome and under Council investigation for her nonchalant response and knowledge of Anhkseram's curse and being so calm about it lol. Maybe she should have remained unsuspicious and played along to fool others. Now you have my interest and will see how it goes. :D

By the way, have you watched Wonder Woman lately because it's really cool and awesome with bright colors too? Erza MUST have the Amazon Armor complete with a sword, a shield and a golden lasso too as well.

Also, 30 Dragon Slayers? Acnologia will have a field day of hunting them down and destroy them around the continent should he decide to move. And how many Dragon Slayers are outside of Fiore?

Because that sounds really unfair if Fiore hogs all Dragon Slayers to themselves and other countries of Ishgar had none of their own.

I think that it's indirectly Kurena and Sakura's fault of how their mother came to be the Ragyo we know due to fighting each other and having heated sibling rivalry over who gets to wear the Nexus Plate. It didn't help with VV approaching her with a business opportunity and his influence over her.

Despite being expys of Ryuko and Satsuki, it's surprising that they're exact opposites of their canon counterparts: Kurena being an enforcer of the law and Sakura being a Dark Mage.

Esmie's backstory might imply she was once a decent or perhaps a kind person who just wanted to make mages everywhere to be fashionable and stylish with great clothing she makes for them which led her from a mere commission worker of Heart Kreuz to the CEO of Fiberware Market Industries. But then again, time and circumstances changes people for better or worse if left unchecked.

Who's the name of the Menjou siblings' dad if he's Ragyo's ex-husband expy? It was never mentioned you know.

I find this case a bit of a Meh because it kinda happened too fast and resolved too quickly. (Wish you could do the same with the Mass Hysteria issue)

Esmie got lobotomized by CC after demonstrating to have Ankhseram's Black Magic in the Destiny Plate when using the experimented victims' life force. But then again, it's a necessary evil to do so to save lives and prevent untold damages from happening.

And Sakura came out of nowhere as Angel of Morrigan, Gabriella. Cool armor by the way and where was her new form base from. Regardless, what happened to her after the Menjou sisters reunited? Just wondering.

And not to even that you pretty much fodderized Goryu, Miryu, Kiryu and Sayu without even giving them a chance to shine. If they're the top 4 elite Badasses we know, they shouldn't have gone down that easily.

And also, even in under VV's hypnotism, Esmie should have deployed those 4 as part of the additional reinforcement to aid the Rune Knights and Council-aligned Guilds during the war. Here was kinda anticlimatic. :(

If the Council are gonna make good use of Fiberware Market Industries, they should put Priscilla Starkwing in charge of the production as a semi-active CEO even if she doesn't like it to keep her busy in her work. I mean she used to be Major of the Rune Knights before resigning.

Makes me wonder why VV didn't stop her or blackmail her like he did with Kasumi. Still wished she and Kraken's Eye should have defected already before that shitstorm happened over Kalina's life. Starkwing would have given him an edge to counter Erza and Cornelia's armors with that if he had pulled a Kasumi on her.

It's kinda sweet that Erza and Kallen had settled about the supposed love triangle with Lelouch that ain't real with issues of themselves and agree to be friends in a civilized manner, burying the hatchet between them.

I was honestly expecting Kallen would say: "Thank God, VV did NOT pit us against each other when we're under his Mass Hysteria back there. That won't end well for the both of us. Phew!"

Looking forward for more Kallen x Lahar together in the future. :D Atarella really should ensure Lahar won't mistreat her baby girl or there'll be Hell to pay lol.

Max and Shirely are together? I did not see that coming. Goodbye Broom-kun, time to move on. XD Although I'm worried of Mass Hysteria hitting them during the Guild War like Ohgi and Viletta had. Unless they were early before it happened.

The date between Lelouch and Erza seemed to be going ok and I did notice the expys from Fire Emblem at the Akane Resort.

I laughed my ass off at Natsu's misfortune of being punished by Mistress Erza for sneaking off for training with Big Sister Alice. Plus with Happy blackmailed with the fish supply hostage and the threat of pain to rat him out takes the cake too.

Bets are that Natsu WISHED Makarov or even Gildarts shouldn't have retired and gave Erza leadership of the Guild lol.

P.S.: Reply back in the other PMs and the 240 and 241 reviews please. Thanks!

And you promised that you will resolve the Mass Hysteria issue with Chairman Basterbine and Lelouch! How could you? :'(
shorty35565 chapter 4 . 6/9
Wondering how Charles died
Of course cc has an awesome power
So dragonslayers area a type of mage?
What Era is this set in?
Great, giant spiders
Kallen should understand where he's comin from. After all, she killed peoplw. Even if by mistake, still
shorty35565 chapter 3 . 6/5
Are the quotes from the actual Manga?
What did their father do?
What is arcane?
So how does religion play into a story of mages? Poly or monotheistic?
Boobs aren't everything~
So these guilds just take on problems from clients?
Wow, Kallen is really powerful.
Seems like lulu really hates the system
countalots2077 chapter 242 . 6/4
rune knight OC
2) Hayabusa
3) Ryuko expy
4) Raiden
5) fireman
1) Natsu
2) Erza
3) Lelouch
4) Lisanna
5) Suzaku
OC not of knights
1) Emma
2) Kasumi
3) Alice
4) Sindel
fav overall
1) Emma
2) natsu
3) Yamato hayabusa
4) Phelia
5) Kallen
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