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Lone Gundam chapter 131 . 19h
I... am mixed on this chapter, so I will just list what I thought;
Pros: The fight between Sabertooth and Serpents Tail was good except one thing, satisfied with how it ended in spite of the fact I don't like Minerva so good job on you, the reveal about Jellal went about as well as I expected and still felt good to read, and liked Suzaku's speech despite I'm still wishing for Lelouch to give him a California Smile so good write.
Cons: That fusion between Jellal and Ultear was way too much bullshit for my tastes because I don't recall it ever being mentioned once and since it didn't even affect the outcome 'why the fuck is it there?', Suzaku is being FAR too lenient with Minerva (there's petting the wounded animal and there's being permissive and Traitorugi is being permissive, I understand what he is saying but its not going to work with a crazy bitch who is a Darwinist), Nivea's death was really unnecessary for Fighting Spirit because now this whole tournament has been spoiled for them (they will look back on this date and think of how they lost two members and didn't gain anything meaningful instead of their meekest finally growing up), and you said the scene was rushed and it kinda showed no offense. So this chapter was enjoyable but there were some issues I had with it.
Guest chapter 132 . 11/25
Hate lolis. wish they would never exist. especially ppl who make powerful lolis
Imperial warlord chapter 131 . 11/25
Awesome chapter.
Live by sword die by sword.
Game777Guy chapter 132 . 11/25
I really liked this chapter. The cuteness and sheer anime-ness of the introduction did wonders to put a smile on my face. It was great. And then you smoothly transitioned it into a tense-ish scene. I say tense-ish because there seems to be a certain degree of self-awareness in the writing that lightens the tone a bit. It works though, especially with the characters involved. Also, did I mention that you nailed Lloyd as a character. Because you did. And Lloyd just so happens to be one of my favorite characters from the Code Geass canon. Good chapter and I look forward to the next one.
Resisting the Borg chapter 132 . 11/25
Is Babasaaama based off of someone? Or is she original to the Fairy Tail canon?
XiaoWeiXiao chapter 132 . 11/25
Isn't Ayaka the same name as Kallen's supposed mother? Which makes me think that said client is Atarella. Unless somehow you forgot about that little detail, which I doubt, given how detailed you get into the story.
sephiroth12285 chapter 132 . 11/25
Leave it to Lamia Scale to end up in some pretty serious trouble and yeah Lyon's reservations about their new client I feel may be justified in many ways. Also I loved Sherry's rant about Gino being bad boyfriend material, well she should ask that question herself since Lyon ignores her so I hope Cheila ignores what her cousin when it comes to advice about boys and romance lol.
Game777Guy chapter 131 . 11/24
I hope this doesn't come as a downer, but I didn't like the chapter as much as I thought I was going to. It still worked, but it didn't have quite the emotional impact I was expecting. The confrontation with Kagura was so good, and then you set it straight on the path to resolution. Sure, everything isn't fixed, but I would expect the strong emotions stirred by that confrontation to stew for a bit longer before those two even attempted to patch things up. I did like how you brought up the parallel between Kagura's relationship with Jellal and Jellals' relationship with Ultear. Overall, while I enjoyed it, I was a bit underwhelmed. I still look forward to the next chapter, though. That hasn't changed.
Death of Snipers chapter 131 . 11/24
1 c'mon! Can't minerva at LEAST lose a limb for that? Nippy couldn't eat that hand?
2 Suzaku sounded a little culty with the bathe in sabertooth's light line
3 Nippy's always on the frontlines with his "mommy", shouldn't he have SOME combat experience solo? at least enough to take down the bitch tornado
4 Angry rants (mostly) aside, the feels in the latter half were great, especially with Nivea, and while I hate to admit it, even my hatred of suzaku can't stop me from admitting that was a nice speech he gave
5 that said, I still hate him and everything he stands for
manticore-gurl071134 chapter 131 . 11/24
great updates, thank you for much for 2 chapters in 2 days. Tought the end battles were pretty great. :)
sephiroth12285 chapter 131 . 11/24
I knew poor Nivea was going to suicide herself in one form or another as some of the hints you were putting out there was a clear sign it was going to happen.

Anyway what a heck of a final battle with everyone pulling out the stops. That fusion between Ultear and Jellal was unexpected, but it made the final battle all the more intense especially with the pet dragon being the last one still standing to go all out against Minerva. I was hoping Serpent Tail would have won, but oh well.

So Jellal revealed himself to Kagura and I have to say of all the moments in the chapter I was very hesitant to scroll down. I had a feeling Jellal would survive but all much damage would be left behind was questionable at best if you know what I mean. So now more people are likely to be involved with Lelouch's plans later on so I am looking forward to see how that one will go too.

And lastly we got Minerva clearly falling for Suzaku very hard...should I be worried XD. Yukino is going to have some very tough competition as I seriously doubt Minerva will give up Suzaku easily.
Game777Guy chapter 130 . 11/23
Whew, that was a little exhausting to read. Your battle scenes are as well-written as ever, but man they take a lot of energy to properly read. I think that this chapter could have used a tension-breaker somewhere between the battles. The only light-hearted moment was when Blue Pegasus was curb-stomped. Everything else was simply physical intensity, although the fights were just as amazing and epic as ever. I look forward to seeing how the final battle turns out, but I have much greater anticipation for where the characters go after the battle. Good chapter, and I can't wait to see the next one.
sephiroth12285 chapter 130 . 11/23
I loved the whole bit of Rouge and Sting worrying about their teammates, even more so when they realized everything depended on Yukino which was just amusing to see. Thankfully Yukino defied all expectations and won so yay.

Oh please if any guild lost to Blue Pegasus they shouldn't be a guild in the first place because it would be a shame beyond shame LOL.

Nice bout with Kagura, but I have a bad feeling Nivea is likely going to suicide herself judging from what you mentioned at the beginning of one of the arc's chapters and what she said just now.

I think the arena is going to be in need of a lot of redecorating and rebuilding when the final clash is over XD.
Imperial warlord chapter 130 . 11/23
Awesome chapter.
Death of Snipers chapter 130 . 11/23
1 why did no one target the exhausted Yukino instead of the giant snake monster for an easier victory?
2 Why does Kasumi have so much more difficulty with control than Kallen?
3 considering 'zangetsu's' speed is likely enough to keep minerva busy and Ultear's arc of time can prob pummel sting with overkill, I seriously hope serpent's heart wins.
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