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FeliciaFelicis chapter 28 . 7/9/2013
What a way to end it.
I sincerely hope that you are writing a sequel, because I really enjoyed this one.

I would like to apologise for my lack of reviews.
But thankyou for mentioning me in your A/N.

oXxgeorgiaxXo chapter 28 . 7/8/2013
Wow. I hope you are planning to write a sequel because I would love to see what you do with pyrrah in the future. Xxxxx.
Kitty Daniels chapter 28 . 7/7/2013
It's over?! NOOOO. Well, it's to be expected. As I am sad to see this end, do I detect a cliffhanger at the end? A possible sequel maybe? Now I must know!

Aww, you're absolutely welcome! It was totally a pleasure reading your story! As I've said many a time, you gave some life to the character-who-tags-along genre on here, the flow of writing was fantastic, and your OC was believable and relatable. :)

Keep up the great work, mate!

SkeletonPinata chapter 28 . 7/7/2013
It's hard to believe that this is over! I was enjoying this so much! I am going to miss this!

Again, another great chapter! Super excited that we got to see Marina again. Poor girl...she's pregnant and has no idea who the dad could be! And it's even worse since in that time it was super frowned upon if you weren't married. I'm glad you talked about that in there...but I feel like Marina will be ok. She's a pretty strong woman.

I actually really like Marina! Like a lot! She's very strong and yet very vulnerable, as seen in the chapters before with her and Beni. I loved her and Jonathan's interactions and your writing makes it very believable that Jonathan would fall for this woman. Great job on her!

And yay Perry! She's still in Egypt, which is very fitting for her. I'm glad she didn't go back with the Carnahans and O'Connell...even though this means no more Jonathan/Perry arguments ;_;

But hey...this way she can stay closer to her roots...and to a certain Medjai warrior too ;)

And yes...Marina offers Perry a job! I am so happy that she is finally going to do what she wanted to do and really get into the field! And not just as an assistant!

But then...then...YOU END IT ON A CLIFFHANGER! As soon as you mentioned Meela I FREAKED! This really sets it up PERFECTLY for a (hopefully) second story! This means that Perry will be on the side of the bad guys, but unwillingly! Ooooh! This is going to be so interesting! does mean that it's going to be eight years until the gang reunites...does that mean Perry won't see Ardeth until then? The possibilities are endless and it's killing me!

All in all, a wonderful story! This was one of the first that I began reading when looking for more "The Mummy" fans like me ;) I read like, two re-writes and didn't like them at all. Then your's came along and I was skeptical...but you managed to create characters who weren't mary-sues, and who easily belonged in the story. That is a really hard thing to do and you did a fantastic job! Really, super well done!

Thank you for the thanks! It's funny how we bonded over tumblr and now we bond on . Our conversations are so much fun and I cannot wait to talk to you more and review any other stories you may be cooking up in the future. :)
SkeletonPinata chapter 27 . 7/7/2013
AWWWW YEAH! Passionate kiss! Woo! That was pretty intense...and I'm glad that they got to share their kiss AND realized..oh hey...WHERE IS EVERYONE!? xD

"You sunk Hamunaptra."

HAHAHAHAHA...I can imagine Ardeth saying this very seriously. Poor Perry. And ooh..they are going to use Beni to cover it up? And Ardeth doesn't know that he's still alive...makes me wonder if this will carry on in another story or something. And I am really glad that you have Ardeth go back and have Perry stay. It makes me sad that it will be a while until they say each other again, but he IS a Medjai warrior...and his duties need to come first.

"You are not a Medjai warrior, Pyrrah." DEM FIGHTING WORDS. Love their small little bickering scene. Perry does love to argue xD And I loved how despite how happy they were to see each other, Jonathan and Perry's relationship never changed and they continued to argue. Oh man...I love the relationship between these two.

Yes saved the day...because Rick and Evy didn't contribute to ANY of it xD

Oh sad gold for them...or IS there? I am really curious to see, if you do write another story, if they still live in a mansion or not since Beni is still alive. Maybe they did get some gold? Who knows!

This story is soooo good. Even though we have reached the end part of the movie, I am so excited to see the next/final chapter to see how this all wraps up! This was a great chapter! Awesome job Anne!
Se acerca el invierno chapter 1 . 7/7/2013
Awesome story! I love the ending, I didn't expect that to happen! You NEED to do a sequel, I want to see Pyrrah, Marina, John and everyone else in a new adventure!
Well, you've got the point! SEQUEL, SEQUEL!
Angelhaggis chapter 28 . 7/7/2013
Okay seriously you end it there?! There absolutely one hundred percent better be a sequel! Loved this fic! Loved Pyrrah and Ardeth and I want to see them again! Please, please, please? Thanks for posting this wonderful story!
TheBabyZee chapter 28 . 7/6/2013
I freakin loved this story, but, I forgot who Meela is. . . Can you enlighten me?
I REALLY hope you make a sequel, I want some Ardeth/Perry love ;)
Lyrical Ballads chapter 28 . 7/6/2013
WHAT. How is this over already? HOW?

Sorry for shouting. I just have so many feelings! And a million unanswered questions! Just when I think that most of my questions are answered, a bunch of new ones pop up. I feel like this is setting things up for a sequel, since there are sooo many new loose ends that have cropped up all of a sudden, which I find exciting because I would LOVE to see more about Marina and Perry and everyone else!

But let me try to focus my thoughts here.

MARINA. I've been mentioning her name in pretty much every review for the last several chapters, wondering and wondering if we would ever see her again, and here she is! In such an unexpected way. This whole chapter is full of surprises and Marina is definitely my favorite part. Holy crap, whose kid is she having? Do you have any idea how much this excites me? I LOVE the fact that either Beni or Jonathan could have fathered her baby. LOVE IT. It's so crazy that she doesn't know who the father is, and that both Beni and Jonathan are missing in action right now. You know what's even crazier? I can't decide who I want the father to be. I kinda hope it's Beni, because I can never, ever get enough of Beni-as-a-father, and the whole idea of him knocking up a rich woman is spectacular, but I also kinda hope it's Jonathan. Because I love Jonathan/Marina. And there totally need to be some mini-Jonathans in the world.

Okay, I've decided. JONATHAN SHOULD BE THE DAD. Just because.

Also (because I could talk about this one little topic for a million years), this whole thing is really funny to me because I seriously considered doing the same exact thing in my Great Gatsby adaptation. I was going to have Lucy get pregnant at some point and have this whole dilemma of not knowing if Jonathan or Beni was the father, but then I was like, "No. I don't feel like going there." So I didn't. And it's really exciting that you decided to do this with Marina! I'm not going to be satisfied until I know more, though, which is why you should totally do a sequel, or some sort of follow-up, or even a oneshot. I'm dying to know more about Marina and Jonathan and Beni! (And the baby. I want to know who the father is!)

But I guess I should talk about other things now. Like Beni's "death." I'm gonna assume that Beni's not in Cairo anymore, because Marina probably would have run into him if he was still around. I love how you've kept him alive, and yet at the same time he's kinda-sorta dead because nobody but Perry and Ardeth know he's alive. Where is he though? What on earth is he doing? Surely he can't remain "dead" forever.

Also, MEELA. I never expected Meela to show up in a million years, but I'm seriously so thrilled to see her, even though we only see her for about a second. I love Meela. I love the fact that she's in this universe, though I find it hard to believe that this is the end. Surely there's a sequel coming up? I have SO many questions.

Whether there's a sequel or not, I really love this story and I'm sad to see that it's over. I'm so attached to the characters and all the various relationships, and I'm so curious to see if you decide to continue Perry's adventures!
Brunette chapter 28 . 7/6/2013

(I'm not capable of that; don't worry.)

I have so many thoughts and such craziness going on. I'm going to try to narrow in on some things, but I'm all kinds of MEELA CRAZY right now (sequel? Huh? Huh? Is there gonna be one? Huh? You know leaving a universe alone is for pansies, right? Beat the hell out of it, ALTA style.)

But I'll back it up to Marina. How fun and interesting to end the story from Marina's perspective. And she's pregnant!, ok, I get that pregnancy is "kind of" a plot device in literature sometimes, but I love it. Will she ever know who the father is? WILL WE?! Will Jonathan ever come back into her life again? (WTF, Jon, leaving Marina after you finally have her?).

This is why there must be a sequel. You can't leave us hanging here.

Also, and I'm not even the squishy romantic type, but Perry and Ardeth's relationship is JUST starting out! They're falling in lurrrve... Perry is going to get to learn about her culture as a Med-Jai! She's finding the place where she belongs!


Where was I? Oh, I was going to talk about how much I love all the unspoken information between Marina and Perry. Obviously, they're not friends, and Marina is sitting down, so her bump isn't visible, so far as Perry knows, this is just about her getting an awesome career opportunity. SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW. I mean, Marina has no reason to tell her what's going on, buuut...

Perry could help her contact Jonathan! She could tell her Beni's alive!

...Beni just like...skipped town with the gold, didn't he? Just went on his merry way. I want him to run into Marina! In her snooty rich person circles! IT COULD HAPPEN, and the drama would be DELICIOUS.

(This review is 98% me obsessing over a sequel.)

Which brings me, of course, to Meela. MEELA. I want Meela and Perry to interact! And work together! Really, they would be fun on so many levels, since they're both Egyptians, but Perry is notably more reverent (and, you know, not insane).

Everything about Perry's future is exciting. You have to continue on in her life! I love her.

Aaaanyway, this was wonderful. I enjoyed this whole story so much, and especially loved the way you've closed it. (I only have one point of criticism, and that's that pregnant women in the '20's totally drank. I don't think people really became aware of the risks of drinking while pregnant until like...the '80's. Or did you just mean she couldn't get up and get a drink because Perry would see the bump?).

Bottom line: I loved this. Pleeeease write more for this fandom, even if you don't sequel this.

But you should totally sequel this.
ValueMyHeart chapter 28 . 7/6/2013
I hope you make a sequel soon, it would be cruel to leave this hanging. I will be waiting anxiously!
reika88 chapter 28 . 7/6/2013
well... that was expected.
and very lame. if pyrrah is about 27 then why does she act like a 16 yr old in this ending chapter?

meela is not intimidating in any way
Lyrical Ballads chapter 27 . 7/5/2013
Wow, it feels like we're getting close to the end now! Which makes me sad, because I want Perry and the others to just keep having adventures forever and ever. This was a good chapter though and it answers some of my questions, though of course I still have MORE questions. I always have questions!

I like how you addressed the possibility that Perry might have accidentally killed her friends. I never even considered this when I was reading the previous chapter, and Perry's sudden guilt over it is kind of amusing. I mean, she's busy making out with Ardeth and then all of a sudden she's like, "Oh crap! I just now remembered my friends!" It's really great when she realizes that they're all alive and I just love everything about that scene, especially some of the descriptions and phrasings. This line really stood out to me:

[The city was killing itself because of that lever she had pulled, and it may have dragged her friends down with it.]

I ADORE the image of Hamunaptra "killing itself." Wow. I am just completely in love with that.

Also, the whole matter of letting everyone think that Beni pulled the lever is fantastic. Because that's exactly what he does in the movie, of course. It's like, you're subtly referencing the movie even though the events here are completely different, and I love that. Ardeth and the others are bound to find out that Beni's actually alive, though. Are we ever going to see him again? I really want to know what he's going to get up to in Cairo now that he's survived. (Yep, this is where my priorities are at. Beni, Beni, Beni, all the time.)

Also, Jonathan! It IS a shame he didn't any gold. And that he and Marina still don't have any closure. Maybe next chapter?

I'm going to miss this story so much when it's over!
princesskitty68 chapter 27 . 7/5/2013
What happens next? Are you going to skip onto the next film? Ardeth and Perry! Yay! I had a hard day and was really tired until I read this and suddenly I have tons of energy.
I honestly can't wait to see what you do next.
kaia chapter 27 . 7/5/2013
i don't see why beni got to leave with some of the treasure... or with the fact that he's still alive, though i will say that in the movie beni had his fate coming to him.
beni ain't worth squat!
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