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Brunette chapter 27 . 7/5/2013

So this was such a nice little closer. I mean, I know it's not the end (not QUITE the end?), but we're definitely winding down. The movie part, at least, is finished. And the Med-Jai have the black book now! What does this mean for TMR?!

I'll worry about that later. TMR really doesn't compare to the first for me, even though I like it well enough.

I have to say, I was surprised that Perry didn't go to the Med-Jai with Ardeth. I kind of expected that she would. And even though I think that's where she "belongs" (with Ardeth and her people), the thought of her and Jonathan going their separate ways really bummed me out. I'm glad that she's returning to Cairo. I'm glad that she and Jnathan have fallen back into old habits. They're too adorable to part!

...They're going to have to eventually part, aren't they? NOOO, Perry! Be an archeologist! With Jonathan! Work out some kind of progressive non-traditional marriage with Ardeth! It'll be the best of both worlds!

(Sometimes I have unrealistic expectations.)

Real talk, though, this chapter was marvelous and just...warm, you know? I felt all fuzzy. (And not just 'cause I'm drinking a bourbon. I swear.) I love the place this chapter leaves us at. So much so, that I could even forgive the loose ends. But you're doing the next chapter and that just excites me, so I don't even have to sacrifice the loose ends.

Speaking of loose ends...

IS Jonathan going to get some treasure? Are we returning to some Marina subplot greatness in the near future? What WILL Perry do about Ardeth? (They're going to have babies, aren't they?). Is Beni making another appearance?

I can't wait for what's left!
Lyrical Ballads chapter 26 . 7/4/2013

This is so exciting, because I've spent the last couple of chapters wondering and wondering about that damn switch. Was it ever going to get flipped? Who was going to flip it? So I love the fact that Perry is the one who caused Hamunaptra to sink, all because she happened to hide the Book of the Dead in a rather inconvenient place! That is SO great!

But I guess I'm getting ahead of myself. The whole scene with the mummies was spectacular. I really love the way you described things, especially the physical details. This description is particularly great:

[Jagged bones, fractured from decay, scratched into her forearms and back and neck, and panic arose when the unlatched, elongated jaw of a bandaged face began to draw closer.]

This is brilliant. I would probably be waaaay too squeamish to write a scene like that, but you pull it off spectacularly.

But now I'm going to talk more about the lever getting pulled, because that's exciting to me. You know what makes this whole thing really clever? The fact that your character has claustrophobia due to a traumatic cave collapse. Yet another thing that's absolutely brilliant. Here you have Perry, who suffered from that cave-in when she was a child, and now she has to run for her life from a freaking city that's collapsing all around her. Oh, and she's the one who CAUSED it to collapse in the first. SO BRILLIANT.

The best part of this chapter (obviously) is knowing that Beni didn't get trapped when Hamunaptra collapsed. And yeah, I just HAVE to talk about Beni even when he's not even in the chapter. It's what I do. ;) Anyway, I'm dying to know where Beni's at, and what he's doing. I hope he doesn't randomly get killed the moment he reaches Cairo or something. That would be horribly ironic, wouldn't it? I want you to live, Beni!

But enough about that. I'm also really, super curious about the Book of Amun-Ra. Did Jonathan still drop it like he does in the movie? I really want to know!

Last of all, I still really like Ardeth/Perry, which is amazing because I'm usually not impressed with Ardeth relationships in general. His scene with Perry at the end didn't feel far-fetched at all and most importantly, I like that Perry is happy. So overall a good chapter! (Though I miss Beni. And Marina. I know I keep saying that, but I'm gonna keep saying it 'til they appear!)
Brunette chapter 26 . 7/4/2013
You split up the chapters at 4000 words? Anne, you are making me feel sheepish for that 10,000 word chapter of IAMB...

Really, though, I thought this chapter ended at the perfect place,and I'm glad that's how you decided to do it. And what a great chapter, too!

I thought you handled the action so well. I hate writing action scenes. There's a reason the worst fighting that ever happens in my stories is someone getting smacked I the face (usually Beni...usually for being a dick...). I. Can. Not. Do. A. Fight scene. I feel like an idiot describing what I think is going on. But you handled this marvelously. I mean, fighting ancient mummies is like...everything I avoid in writing, but you made the scene vivid and suspenseful.

Speaking of suspense, for a second there, I really thought Perry and Ardeth were going to be trapped in the city, or that Ardeth would be. I think it's 'cause your author's note mentioned being nervous about this chapter? Regardless, I was nervous something terrible and tragic was going to happen. (Well, I think I thought if Ardeth and Perry ended up trapped there together, that they'd find a way out somehow. But I'm glad they didn't get stuck in the city. Fighting off scarabs. No one wants that. And they deserved to catch a break after battling mummies.)

Also, I love the twist of Perry pulling the lever! It never occurred to me that that's where she stuck the Book of the Dead. Now that little hiding place makes sense, and I love how it still resulted in Hamunaptra going under the sand. Especially since everyone survived this way! (Okay, okay, since BENI survived this way. Do you like how I tried to all nonchalantly slip that past? This is mostly about Beni. But in defense of my attempted nonchalance, I really DID think Ardeth and/or Perry was going to get trapped.)

And, ah, the wonderful moment at the end! The kiss! The love and emotions! I really felt like that was the time for this moment, after all they'd just gone through. I loved Perry's realization that Ardeth had probably always dreamed of saving her from the cave in. And I love how the collapsing city could be, like...a part of that motif. It actually didn't occur to me just how frightening that was for Perry until the line about it being like a "nightmare...or in Perry's case, a childhood memory..". I felt so badly for her, and I loved that she and Ardeth got out, saving each other (I really DID think someone was going to be tragically crushed. I'm either naive or just morbid, but I really thought so).

This was such a great chapter for these characters, with so many great moments between them. And now I'm so excited to see what happens from here, since you're promising more to come after next chapter, and I LOVE THIS.
SkeletonPinata chapter 26 . 7/4/2013

I loved this chapter! This was what I was waiting for: What WAS going to happen in the end ( know, the part of the movie that leads to the ending). And BENI SURVIVED. OH NO. This opens up to a LOT of possibilities! I wonder what will happen? Will Beni appear later on? I AM ON PINS AND NEEDLES!

And you wrote Ardeth perfectly. I could honestly really see in my head him and Perry fighting the mummies and escaping Hamunaptra. And yeah, Ardeth is pretty damn serious...hopefully thanks to that kiss he won't be anymore...heh heh ;)

THE KISS. AHHH. I was hoping it would finally happen here! I'm glad it did at the last second and what made it even better was that it wasn't a random kiss! She knew that him losing her as a kid was tough and now he got his chance to save her. Something he probably wished he could do for years. That was BRILLIANT. Even though they were obviously going to kiss eventually, I'm glad you made it make sense for them to kiss now rather than "oh hey, let's kiss now." xD

Super excited to see what comes next! The fact that we still have another chapter or 2 makes me so excited! I cannot wait! Great job Anne!

Angelhaggis chapter 26 . 7/4/2013
Absolutely loved this chapter! More, more, more!
musicluver246 chapter 25 . 7/3/2013
luv luv luv this story.
Fyen chapter 25 . 7/2/2013
Can wait for the update! Love the story :)
Mikado X Goddess chapter 25 . 6/26/2013
love it - please update!
SkeletonPinata chapter 25 . 6/24/2013
Oh my! This was such a great chapter! I loved how Perry pretty much won over Beni...he is an idiot for forgetting his gun, which is something he would totally do! Makes me wonder if Beni is going to listen and leave or will his greed be too big that he'll risk Perry's warning. I know how it happens in the movie but because you write in such a way, it makes me super excited to see the out come! The suspense is killing me!

I hope Perry finds and saves Ardeth from whatever danger he may be in! I remember watching The Mummy for the first time and wondering what happened to him when he disappeared, so there's a lot you could write/have them do! I'm really excited to see what happens next!

princesskitty68 chapter 25 . 6/24/2013
Is chap 26 the end to this wonderful story?
Lyrical Ballads chapter 25 . 6/24/2013
I'm always so happy to see this updated! Even though this is still following the movie plot, I get the sense that things are starting to veer away from the movie a little bit. And that's so exciting! Because at this point in the story, there are just SO many things that can happen differently from what we see in the film, and it's all because of Perry's presence at Hamunaptra. If it wasn't for Perry being there and interacting with all these characters, there wouldn't be much potential for the plot to change, but your character has opened up all kinds of new possibilities, which is exactly what a good OC in a good rewrite story should do. And even if the movie plot doesn't change, Perry still has a really strong impact on the original story, and I love that so much. You've done such a marvelous job giving us a completely new take on the movie and I'm endlessly pleased with everything Perry says and does here.

But enough rambling about that. Let me get to the actual chapter!

First things first: BENI. I'm so curious to see where Beni is going to be at the end of this story. SO curious. I like the fact that Perry is the one who prevents him from going back inside to get more treasure, and I like to think that he might actually listen to her, because she seems pretty good at managing him. Also, there's this line:

"Beni, if you follow me back in here, you won't make it out alive."

This is so great. It's a wonderful reference to the movie, since we know perfectly well that that's EXACTLY what happens to Beni at the end, but of course nothing like this scene ever happened in the movie. Beni was on his own, loading up his camel with as much gold as he pleased, and nobody was around to tell him that he shouldn't. So now we have Perry warning him what his fate will be if he goes back inside, and it's kind of prophetic in a way, but not exactly because there's a chance that Beni might live.

Also, I just really love the fact that we STILL don't know if Beni's going to survive or not. It makes me so eager to keep reading and find out!

But I think I've talked about Beni enough. Just when I think Jonathan can't get any more darling, you go and make him even MORE darling. Jonathan is one of those characters who doesn't get to triumph very often (rather like Beni), so it's really satisfying when Perry leads him to the realization that HE CAN DO THIS. Awww. Actually it's a really satisfying development in Jonathan and Perry's relationship, for that matter. She's spent so much time looking after him and cleaning up after his messes and trying to steer him away from trouble, and now he's finally reached the point where he can hop out of the nest and fly away, I suppose. It's a great moment of character development for Jonathan, and maybe serves as a bit of foreshadowing for his relationship with Marina? Like, now that he's had this moment, maybe he'll be able to take the initiative with Marina at long last. I think I just really miss Marina right now. Where on earth is she?

Also, Perry took the Book of the Dead! And she hid it! Once again I'm wondering if Hamunaptra is going to sink into the sand or not. If it DOES sink, then the book is just going to get buried, but if it DOESN'T, well... things could get really interesting!
Brunette chapter 25 . 6/24/2013
You have to know, I was so incredibly tickled by this chapter. Basically, in a nutshell...ZOMG, JONATHAN.

But maybe I should back up and take things one at a time. Because even though I fell like eight kinds of in love with Jonathan this chapter, you started with a Beni scene, and you KNOW how I feel about Beni. And Beni and Perry interacting. And basically everything involved in the way you write them together (are you SURE they only met that one time as kids? 'Cause I like to think that they spent a lot of time squabbling over stolen food in their adolescence. This is my wish. I'm not saying you HAVE to make it happen, but...I mean, it's my WISH.)

Anyway, the opening scene of this chapter was wonderful. The forgotten gun! The pointy statue! Perry's upper hand through the whole thing! I love everything about their exchange, though I suppose I'm curious about Beni heeding her warning there. I guess we'll see!

Okay, now, JONATHAN. Seriously, from the moment Perry ran into him head first until like...the line about Evy being in "a bit of a pickle," I could not stop laughing. And then after that, with him realizing he CAN read the book and save his sister, I basically died of pure adorable squishiness. Because, YES YOU CAN, Jonathan! I loved this:

[Howard Carter couldn't lace his boots.]

I mean, really. That was so incredibly sweet, I momentarily reverted back to wanting Jonathan and Perry to have babies together, double time.

(I came to my senses. Obviously, Marina. And Ardeth. But seriously. You've built up this incredibly dun relationship between Jon and Perry, and this moment between them was such a joy to read. I've loved them together the whole way through, and her being there for this moment of triumph for him was just too wonderful for words. Masterfully done!)

And now, I'm excited to know that the next chapter is coming soon (is there a sequel? You know there should be), because what's the deal with the Book of the Dead? I'm so curious and anxious! Is Perry going to find Ardeth? What condition will he be in? I can't wait!

This is all kinds of marvelous. I'll be sad to see it end, but I want to know what happens next so badly!

Nice work!
SaySomethingNiceDarling chapter 10 . 6/19/2013
how the hell did he even write that message when he was in so much pain being eaten alive
Lyrical Ballads chapter 24 . 6/18/2013
So, I've got one burning question on my mind right now: Is Beni going to survive? IS HE?

Because he's not going back in for more treasure. Which means he's not going to accidentally flip that lever that makes the city sink into the ground. Which means he's not going to get trapped in the treasure room with a bunch of scarabs.

Right? I really hope I'm right!

But that leads to ANOTHER question that's got me really intrigued. If Beni doesn't flip the lever, then will the city remain standing at the end? Or will somebody else come by and accidentally hit the switch? It would be really interesting if Hamunaptra didn't sink AND if Evy got to keep the Book of Amun Ra. Because if the city doesn't sink, then the characters won't be making a mad dash to get out of there, and Jonathan will be less likely to accidentally drop the book.

I feel like I'm going off on a tangent here, but I just have a lot of thoughts! This story has followed the movie pretty closely so far, but now I'm wondering if you're going to make some major changes to the plot. Because there is SO much potential for major changes.

But anyway, this was a good chapter, and I was glad to see that Beni and Perry remember each other. And now Perry's making deals with Beni! I love it. I kind of wish these two characters had interacted more earlier in the story, but I feel like these last few chapters are making up for that, and I'm eager to see where this dynamic goes after this!
SkeletonPinata chapter 24 . 6/18/2013
I have been bitten by the Mummy bug (as many others have been thanks to AMC...and the re-release of the first film on blu-ray) and decided to explore for stories and lo and behold! There's a bigger community than I thought!

Normally I never really like self inserts, as the characters are HUGE mary-sues to the worst degree...BUT...yours is FAR from that!

I actually really like Perry a lot! She is a great character with a lot of faults and has this great conflict that doesn't take away from the original movie plot, but actually adds onto it and helps to give Ardeth a bigger role (which I like because I like him as a character. He's very interesting and mysterious)

And can I just say that I ADORE how you write Jonathan? It is SPOT ON. And his interactions with Perry seem so real I can easily imagine them in my head. I originally was rooting for them to get together but then I realized they could only ever work as a friendship, and that Ardeth/Perry is stronger due to their cultural ties and pasts. The way you write it is just so great.

And this chapter is fantastic despite how short it is. I LOVE to hate Beni and having Perry smack him with a statue. So great. I really did like her fighting herself on taking the gold.

I cannot wait to see how this ends! Great job all around...and sorry for such a long review xD

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