Reviews for Transcendent Humanity
Ayylmaomahman chapter 26 . 11/18
Reading this has been... an experience for me. It puts forward philosophical concepts and questions in a way that I experience the religious fervor of insight while still never reaching a pinnacle that would leave me only with stagnation - I haven't been brought to the idea that the journey is in any sort of form done. Indeed, a piece of my being is still as fresh to this story and the fervor it inspires within me as I had been when I began experiencing it - I honestly don't know if I would ever get tired of reading a continuation, albeit I of course feel that I could read a lot more.

Thank you, friend. Thank you. Words cannot properly express how much I've been enjoying this.
anb1388 chapter 26 . 11/17
so I really love this story and found it interesting. however the kast few chapters were pretty confusing. a bit too much science stuff and existential
6258489 chapter 14 . 11/15
I know that the battles are unrealistic, as are most interesting ones, but yours are interesting and I can really appreciate them. I'm very impressed with how you've made your space and cyber battles something that anyone can read and find interesting even as I know most of it would make no sense in a real battle I have to say well done.
Ashran31 chapter 25 . 11/8
That was amazing, a fully realized story that could stand alone without any mass effect lore behind it
I loved it
humancyrax chapter 25 . 11/4
God that was badass glad the gambit paid off
RealSaMu chapter 1 . 10/19
You finished it. I'm so thankful for this story, and so proud to have been able to read such a wonderful piece of fanfiction This is the first story I read on this site, and I kept checking every month for updates. You made something beautiful, Author. Great job
Nordwal chapter 1 . 10/14
It is amazing how this is so totally divorced from my understanding of a Mass Effect fanfic, and yet arguably the best one I've ever read. It was an amazing story, and I look forward to seeing if you do anything with The Doctor in the future!
humancyrax chapter 24 . 10/13
What a badass chapter much better than that funky ass crucible. Glad to see tull and warrens together too.
humancyrax chapter 23 . 10/13
That must have been scary yet relieving for the mining company. The doctor is a useful ally so far but eating all of these reapers you can't help but wonder can she be trusted.
humancyrax chapter 22 . 10/13
Wish cerebus not bring petty for once I'm glad cause the ascendant upgrades sound badass can't wait to see how the other council races react. Yeah I'd have sent a zero too smart call I wonder will they find javiks colony he'd obviously hate humanity and the geth.
humancyrax chapter 21 . 10/13
Wonder can humanity stop the reapers without the crucible also nazaras assimilation can't wait to see the implications of that.
humancyrax chapter 20 . 10/13
Reapers or leviathan alliance with the batarians hegemony? Also I love the scenes with tull and envoy very heartwarming. Glad to see humanity preparing the races the asari sure as hell aren't.
humancyrax chapter 19 . 10/12
Great chapter I personally don't hate the batarians it's just their leaders. Both the humans and batarians showed some clever tactics in the battle I enjoyed the amount of detail you put into it. Bet the turians are having a hissy fit over someone else displaying military dominance.
Guest chapter 26 . 10/5
This is the best HFY story I have ever read. I love it so much, I'm thinking about tattooing a quote somewhere. I really really love you for finishing it.
Daemon Anax chapter 12 . 10/2
Good chapter but one thing bugs me . Isn't the council basically against genetic engineering? Humanity isn't but the council and majority of the council race are .

The bio reactor essentially can create clones. If I am not wrong then you said in the first chapter it can basically redesign and recreate organic lifeform . It is genetic engineering to a level . Good effects aside there are many ways this technology can be used for genetic engineering and crazy stuff which is banned from the council. Bio reactor is the best technology for genetic experiments and engineering . So the council asking for that specific technology is ...weird .

Humanity apparently has to pay for a lot of things for some reason I don't quite like it but I am not smart enough to question it so whatever ,its good.

So the council asking for a technology that fits right in the top of a branch of science that they ban is the only thing bugging me . Good job otherwise
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