Reviews for Clash of the Titans
Llyxius chapter 7 . 11/30/2001
When will you post the next chapter? This is great! :)
murdermostfowl chapter 7 . 6/20/2001
oh, it's terrific, truly! i can't wait till you write more!
kazeno AWOL chapter 7 . 6/16/2001
Heh heh heh heh... so Reno's got a little sister? ... Did you get that Nanashi thing from Gundam too?
Kiyara chapter 7 . 6/13/2001
Hmmmmm, very interesting, 'Lina. I want mooore! I want to see how Rena and Elena get along. Heh heh heh...
Drunkpoodlesigned in.nah chapter 7 . 6/6/2001
This story is really interesting. Each chapter is like a treat! I do hope the next chapter is posted soon. ::~Drunkpoodle~::
Moira chapter 7 . 6/5/2001
Lo' Cat. As always you aim to please. Reno's dream was well done. The whole Emerald Weapon making an appearance raises some serious questions. I take it the planet is taking an interest? I also meant to mention before how much I liked Zax and the way you portrayed him. He and Cloud (plus the Turks as usual) are favs. I can't wait to see what you do with AVALANCHE too. I have a thing for fics in which everyone interacts. Waiting impatiently for the next chap.
Guest chapter 6 . 6/2/2001
Drunkpoodle chapter 6 . 5/28/2001
problems? what problems? oh well, i'll find out soon enough. Another great chapter from Catalina! This stor seriously kicks aZZ. reno and rena are so funny together. Please write more quickly! :::~Drunkpoodle~:::
Anne chapter 6 . 5/27/2001
Kiyara chapter 6 . 5/27/2001
Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Another new chapter! You're just pumpin' em out lately, 'Lina! _ Gaaaaagh. I want to know what's happening in Kalm, dammit. You have to post again soon! :-) Hey, by the way, did you get my e-mail? Because my computer came up with a "Delivery failed" notice or somethin'.
Telomerase chapter 1 . 5/16/2001
Your writing style is fabulous, like the screenplay for a movie almost. I like how you're taking your time to build up the plot, I can't wait until it unfolds and reveals something even more magnificent. Marvelous! A fic worth a spot on my favorites list.
AnGi Kitty not signed in chapter 5 . 5/15/2001
Wow...this is an utterly compelling piece. The story is incredible; truly a work of art. I look forward to more from you.
Moira chapter 5 . 5/6/2001
*l* Just when I'm having a perfectly crappy night you have to go and make me spoil it with smirk that borders on happy. (Hey that rhymed!) Rena and Reno eh? Omoshiroi. Do you speak Japanese by the way? Kore wa kakoii na.. _ Well, I could always just email you these sorta things, me getting all this in the mail anyway, but it's so much nicer to get reviews sprinkled all around the place. And as I know, this is one of your personal favorites. I can't wait for the next installment ::sounding a little too much like a salesman ne?:: and hell, I'll bet quite a few others can't wait either. *wink*
Ellypoo chapter 5 . 5/6/2001
The whole coincidence with the names was *veeery* cute! Sooo, what's gonna happen next, eh? _~
JAcob Eskenazi chapter 5 . 5/5/2001
Your writing paints quite a vivid picture. Can't wait to see the next part
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