Reviews for Not all monsters live under the bed
Cullen Cousin chapter 86 . 2/11
An interesting ending to the story!
TinaF chapter 86 . 1/28
Fabulous story! Thank you for sharing.
orchidluv chapter 58 . 1/23
Okay okay sorry this was a really good story, completely different and really entertaining but steaming hot water burns a vampire? A vampire can't jump out of a grate? I can deal with the God of War being sidetracked with his mate and being stupid about things but that's too OOC and AU for my tastes. Thanks for most of it tho! I'm happy that they will end up together one way or another.
orchidluv chapter 10 . 1/22
Sheesh I know she's all Nancy Drew here but can't she take a hint about Billy? So intriguing!
andrewpine chapter 86 . 1/17
Well on to another adventure.
andrewpine chapter 68 . 1/17
Cannot wait to see his face when he figures out he is dead for good.
andrewpine chapter 66 . 1/17
Bella's bucket list: who dies. Aro,Alice,Carlisle,Maria and anyone else that messes with her and her's.
andrewpine chapter 61 . 1/17
Carlisle will be a smoking pile of crap soon won't he? I still don't understand why Bella doesn't kill the bitch.
andrewpine chapter 60 . 1/17
Has Bella finally grown a pair and realized that she does have the upper hand against Maria?the bitch should be dead and burning already not making threats.
andrewpine chapter 59 . 1/17
Use your shield to kill the bitch then you won't have to protect him from .
andrewpine chapter 58 . 1/17
Bella just kill the bitch.
andrewpine chapter 57 . 1/17
2 questions,does he not know he has the power to put her in so much pain that she would beg him to kill her/ doesn't Bella know that her shield is strong enough to blast Maria into next week or at least into the closest bonfire?
Will they both be laying around feeling sorry for themselves instead?
andrewpine chapter 55 . 1/17
Veggie Vampires are some of the most wasteful creatures on the not after they drink the blood of their prey they don't donate the meat to food banks or other places where it won't go to waste instead of just throwing the body away. hell when the veggie vamps are in Forks they should make arrangement to give the deer to the tribe to share with the older folks or cook it at their over. ;)
andrewpine chapter 53 . 1/17
So instead of ripping the perverts head off if he showed back up Insane Esme would greet him with open arms. that would be okay he was just a little confused the poor is such a waste of space.
What is with Charlotte?
andrewpine chapter 52 . 1/17
Did they grab Char.? if so does Aro really think Bella will let him get away with that?
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