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icecold1039 chapter 2 . 2/25
I'm confused if seems as if kyuubi is evil so why is the pairing with her
mollodag chapter 1 . 2/24
Update plsss :)
Cerulean Knight chapter 22 . 2/22
I don't care much if Naruto's not godlike powerful - cause it can't happen overnight-, but I'm just hoping that he'll be strong, and be able to get stronger and continually grow stronger. The main character may not ever start out as a super badass, but that struggle that they go through is like half the story and is what many come for. We like that kinda thing, if they can just curb stomp the fuck out of every obstacle then it gets stale. Fast. I like it sometimes but it's gotta be done right. So that'd be my question really, will Naruto grow? As a character and in power?
thor94 chapter 22 . 2/18
we don't really want naruto become godlike at the point he outstrip kyuubi power, but at least he become enough strong to kick his other teammate (lyon, riza, etc) and other shinobi ass by himself.
Here naruto is the weakest of his fighting group by far (even lyon can kick naruto ass with no real problem). and more useful in the fight and plot other than being kyuubi, ker and risa toy.

godlike naruto kicking kyuubi ass is maybe bad writting but having naruto almost completely useless is not better (at least compared to his teammate and is kind he is useless in fight).
damn, you even give one of his only useful moment during chunin exam to risa/ker (the speech to ibiki). i feel, unlike the canon story, naruto won't be the one who kick gaara and shukaku ass, neither he will have major role during invasion (slipped in favor of risa and kyuubi)
DragonBolt21 chapter 22 . 2/18
I'm going to be honest here. That was a great chapter lots of action. At first I was like I guess there is nothing much else that can mess up narutos life. Then I see you bring in someone stronger then a packleader also looking for naruto. Yep he is fucked. Also about the honest part didn't like the rant. Not because I wanted a god like naruto. Its because it was just annoying in my opinion. But anyway cant wait for the next chapter
Aof16 chapter 22 . 2/17
Great chapter, curious as to what's going to happen in that hole. That sounds terrible out of context...
Guest chapter 1 . 2/17
You know you author's destroy Naruto character by having him get attack by mobs. The Naruto story is base on him growing up from LONELINESS not by getting attack. Which he wasn't.
Crafty-fox chapter 21 . 1/25
When's the next chapter coming
Guest chapter 9 . 1/13
So far iv'e read from ch1-ch9,and so far i think you did a grate job.A little typos here and there (or what i consider typos because i can't understand some of the sentences)but good over there wasn't a copyright problem, you could publish this and i think it would up the good work.
Naruto Loves FemKyuubi chapter 21 . 12/3/2014
"Starts Thinking And Looks At You"P-please!:3Make!:3Your!:) Perfect!:3 And Sweet!:3 And Lovely!:3 Chained To Fate Perfect!:3 And Sweet!:3 And Lovely!:3 NarutoxFemKyuubi Love Couple Love Story!:) Original!:3(Meaning No Canon At All...A-and You Know What I Mean)My Dear Braderks!:3

I Like!:3 And Love!:3 And Adore!:3My Perfect!:3 And Sweet!:3 And Lovely!:3 NarutoxFemKyuubi Love Couple!:3 And I Like!:3 And Love!:3 And Adore!:3My Perfect!:3 And Sweet!:3 And Lovely!:3 MaleKyuubixNaruto Love Couple!:3And I Like!:3 And Love!:3 And Adore!:3My Perfect!:3 And Sweet!:3 And Lovely!:3 FemNarutoxMaleKyuubi Love Couple!:3And I Like!:3 And Love!:3 And Adore!:3My Perfect!:3 And Sweet!:3 And Lovely!:3 FemKyuubixFemNaruto Love Couple!:3And I Like!:3 And Love!:3 And Adore!:3My Perfect!:3 And Sweet!:3 And Lovely!:3 FutaNarutoxFemKyuubi Love Couple!:3And I Like!:3 And Love!:3 And Adore!:3My Perfect!:3 And Sweet!:3 And Lovely!:3 FutaNarutoxFutaKyuubi Love Couple!:3

"Glares At Damn-Wretched-Pale-Eyed-Freak-Hyuuga-Stalker-Hinata-**-Thing-**-Shithead-Wench And Sassgay-Bastard-Duck-**-Uchiha-**-Arrogant-Spoiled-Brat-Teme-Emo-Bastard-Dog-**-Freak-**-Stupid-Annoying-Uchiha-Freak-Duck-**-Pathetic-Excuse-For-Ninja-Liar-Traitor-Soon-To-Dead-For-Good-**er And Haruno-Banshee-Freak"I Dislike:/ And Hate!:3 And Despise!:/ And Loathe!:/ That!:/ Damn-Wretched-Pale-Eyed-Freak-Hyuuga-Stalker-Hinata-**-Thing-**-Shithead-Wench!:/ And Sassgay-Bastard-Duck-**-Uchiha-**-Arrogant-Spoiled-Brat-Teme-Emo-Bastard-Dog-**-Freak-**-Stupid-Annoying-Uchiha-Freak-Duck-**-Pathetic-Excuse-For-Ninja-Liar-Traitor-Soon-To-Dead-For-Good-**er!:/ And Haruno-Banshee-Freak!:/ And I Would!:/ And Will:/ Torture:/ Those!:/ Three-Freaks-Things-Shitheads:/
Cerulean Knight chapter 21 . 12/1/2014
Was Lyon reacting to Naruto's anger/negative emotions? And why does Kakashi seem so skeptical? He's the one that's always saying to look underneath the underneath and shit.
If Naruto did a collaboration with Lyon could they pull off some blaze release moves? The whole lightning and fire thing. Maybe Naruto could even make a jutsu that lets him make a lava titan. Like how Kronos looks in rise of the titans.
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 2 . 10/3/2014
ok, an explanation as to how the Kyuubi is actually not sealed up and able to exit Naruto would be a good idea
Nethis chapter 20 . 10/1/2014
Just did a full marathon of this story and i'm really enjoying it. I do want more development between kyuubi and naruto though. See you next chapter )
Cerulean Knight chapter 20 . 10/1/2014
The furry girls just love them some Naruto. They're either furry or powerful or both. It's kinda like that in canon too- except for the furry bit, weak girl don't find Naruto attractive or like him much at all in general but the stronger ones do. Unless they like someone else. Like Temari and Shika or Tenten and Neji.
This story is*sighs* I don't have a word to describe it really. It kinda confuses me but in a good way that I like because it's pretty realistic. I mean yeah this Naruto doesn't have the same idiotic bravery that makes him damn near invincible at times but I like how you've changed him. I like that you haven't just made him flat out powerful really fast, he was in the dirt and falls back into the dirt quite often-like Naruto in canon- and all that falling and getting back up not only humbles him but makes him stronger as well. The build up of his power is exciting and yet at the same time frustrating. I don't know why I like that but I do.
I do wonder though, did you have Kyuubi have fire, earth and air with the intention of Naruto learning the dust release? The things that could be done with that are insane man. Would be cool. But you've just goad him learn lava style and he should fine tune those skills he has before learning more, better in the long run. That whole man that practices one move a thousand times is better than the man that practicesa thousand moves once. You get it right?
By the way will we see what Daiki can do? And if Naruto has the tiger contract how will the toads and Jiraiya react? Lol, gonna enjoy that. Oh and I just can't remove the idea of Naruto and Garra fighting and the waves of sand and waves of lava. By the way I saw this sweet picture of a lava dragon that Naruto could use for a lava dragon jutsu as opposed to the standard snake like dragon everyone uses, really badass.
P.s.- love Lyon
Cerulean Knight chapter 12 . 9/29/2014
Kyuubi said she used a mix of her chakra and Naruto's to make Lyon, but did she use chakra from his darkness? From when he was a child and full of negative emotions.
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