Reviews for Unconditional
yellow 14 chapter 1 . 5/8/2013
Really cute. Keep writing
starlight.moon.princess chapter 1 . 5/8/2013
so, sam pointed me here in her campaign to turn me into a charliedraco shipper.

and this is just perfect.

[And even if that were true, love has never been about deserving.] THIS LINE. This line is just so, /so/ much perfection!
and selfconcious!Draco is my headcanon for post-war Draco and you wrote him so well here :3
the fact that he actually /apologised/ shows how unsure he was about being forgiven. because i he knew he would be forgiven, he would never have deigned to say sorry.

["Probably a wise decision," he replies. "No matter what I like to pretend."]
Gah, this is just so perfect, the way Draco is honest with Charlie, dropping all the pretences he holds so dear.

and charlie.
charlie with his protectiveness of his family and his love of draco and the way he just /gets/ draco is complete perfection.

i swear between you and sam i'm going to end up shipping these two.
MissingMommy chapter 1 . 5/7/2013
I've read this just about 4 times already. (Aren't I just great at multitasking?) And it just keeps getting better and better. Because this...this is completely and utterly them. It's so in character.

I love how it's usually Draco angry and Charlie apologizing, but this time, Draco just found that one button that makes Charlie angry. because everyone has one, even if they are the kindest, most forgiving person. There's always that /one/ button. And of course, for Charlie, his family is that one button.

The fact that Draco actually apologizes, not once but three times really shows how much Draco cares about Charlie, cares about losing him. And the subtle difference between "my apologies" and "I'm sorry", because they essentially mean the same thing, but Charlie knows that Draco never says "I'm sorry".

["I was angry, and I took it out on you… in the way I knew it would hurt you most. It was… inexcusable." / "They're my family, Draco, and I know they aren't perfect but you can't just… the things you said…"] - THIS. Because they both know where to hurt each other the most. (Well, Draco just found out what really sets Charlie off). And Draco presses that button because he's hurt and just wants to lash out. It's so heartbreaking.

["I do not deserve you." / "love has never been about deserving. I am yours"] - My heart literally just bursted with happiness at this line. It just made me smile and squee and made me extremely happy.

[Charlie loves in the most absolutely unconditional fashion Draco has ever experienced.] - This is why they work so well. Draco doesn't think he's deserving but Charlie just loves unconditionally.

I love this. I love you. This is brilliant. You are awesome. I love you! Thank you, dear. (Three word sentences. For the win.)