Reviews for Wrecking Limits
Cheeto chapter 1 . 9/10
ALAS! I have decided to REREAD your entire trilogy! I am very pumped. I've noticed a TON of easter eggs in Rectifying Origin, and now it has me wondering if I should go back and read between the lines. So much carefully thought out detail to be discovered! I'M ONTO YOU MWHAHA
Cheeto chapter 130 . 9/10
I haven't reviewed in FOREVER asdfjhksljsdk. I just read the part, in Rectifying Origin, where this ghost story is relevant. I think it's SO COOL that you tie everything in to the first story and then some! Great work! I'm astounded by the amount of detail you've put into these beasts!
Starwolf626 chapter 199 . 8/14
It took me two years to read this! TWO YEARS! No wonder this is on deviantart. Who would want to read all this. No offense.
Destiny In Smoke chapter 103 . 8/15
.God. How in the fuck do you have so many chapters! My Story will be lucky to have fifteen. Agh! Will you check it out?
gannon28131 chapter 50 . 8/7
Crimson of the Mandalorians chapter 199 . 7/9
And there you have it! The title has been used in the story! :) Seriously though, I have enjoyed this story way too much and am now, here at 1 am, going right into the next one. Thanks for the wonderful journey.

May you continue... To wreck the limits. :)
Alisi Thorndyke chapter 41 . 7/4
Damn, as fast as she ran, she left a coded outline of her figure back at the shed XD

At least that's how I read it XD
sierra.steinbrecher chapter 42 . 7/4
I really want to see one of Vanellope's traits pop up in Ralph. It would be so funny if he suddenly started glitching all over the place!
sierra.steinbrecher chapter 11 . 7/3
Sorry, but I've sort of been wondering, what will happen to Felix's hammer? He lost it in the lake. Does he have a spare or something?
OmniverseGazer chapter 85 . 6/10
You should make a comic out of this. Its really good. Im hooked on this.
XxNightClassxX chapter 172 . 6/7
oh my GOD! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD words can't express when i go through reading this again, how hard i am laughing! i'm literally trying to stifle my laughter or everyone in this room is gonna hear me XD. i feel so bad for Rancis, i have tears in my eyes :')
i am so sorry buddy HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! My shoulders are shaking with laughter, ah i'm going to hell for this! XD HEHEHEHE
This fills with joy. oh lord how i love these adventures.
fanficgirl02x chapter 1 . 5/26
first off, THIS WAS AN AMAZING FAN FIC! I LOVED IT! I just finished reading it and I cryied so hard. Thanks for writing such an amazing and awesome FAC Fic! I loved all of it and can't wait until I finish the squeal. Thank you so much! LOVE IT, SUGAR RUSH GANG ALL THE WAY! :D :3
Cheeto chapter 200 . 5/13
this was so touching. I'm so glad you have such awesome people in your life to keep you going and I only hope we do the same for you! GAH I'M OFF TO READ DEFYING CODE IM SO HAPPY EEEEE
Cheeto chapter 199 . 5/13
I LOVE LVOE LOVE that Rancis finally got to have that dance with her. even tho in the beginning it was something he was trying to do selfishly, omg. sriously how you brought this all back around is seriously ASTOUNDING.
Cheeto chapter 198 . 5/13
Oh my god I just reread this whole story and I am SO FREAKING IN LOVE OMG. Now I'm off to reread Defying Code and catch up on Rectifying Origin! GAHHHH EXCITED
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