Reviews for 8 Years Later
Guest chapter 1 . 5/2
I love this story this is my second time reading this
guest chapter 67 . 3/12
wow I just finished reading this story- this is such an amazing story that touched my heart
there were so many plots and subplots, and I really understood everything as the characters evolved and grew older. :D

keep up the amazing writing
Lord Sicarius chapter 1 . 3/3
I know I'm only on the first chapter, but I also know this is rated T, so I'm gonna ask this anyways: Are you gonna have a lemon with BB and Raven? Their desires mention it breifly, but it would be nice to see them finally get what they want
jonl1313 chapter 59 . 2/21
This was one of the first fanfics I have read and it has really made me excited for more of them. I thought the way you wrote every character was spot one to how I thought they would act and think. I look forward to more of your work.
Guest chapter 67 . 2/4
Thanks for the story its great I could not put it down since page one
Rayfe chapter 67 . 1/29
So I just found this story, read the last chapter first due to the number of unfinished teen titan stories I find, and then went back to read the whole thing. I know you probably won't write more but I wish you would.
Sarin5150 chapter 67 . 1/26
This was awesome the whole thing was very well written! Thank you!
kcoriston chapter 67 . 1/24
After finding this story about a week ago, I have power read the whole thing and I love, love, LOVE everything (besides maybe Alexa!) and do hope you continue with more!
It's beautiful, has a great pace and a wonderful plot.

Thank you for all of your work towards the bbrae fandom!
Guest chapter 54 . 1/21
Ch-54's Simon Cowell's mention reminded me of the music show judge. Funny you chose that name.
Guest chapter 9 . 1/20
I really do injoy this story iv been up for the last few nights reading it
Shadico chapter 67 . 1/19
That was pretty cute. I always enjoyed this story. These epilogue updates always make me feel warm and content. Great job.
JasonVUK chapter 67 . 1/19
YAY! :D I liked it!
acosta perez jose ramiro chapter 67 . 1/18
Aw, this was just so nice.

Keep the good writing.
Bluedog197 chapter 67 . 1/18
WOW THIS WAS THE MOST AMAZING ENDING THERE WAS even though it's been a while i still considerate the best continuous story out there dude. but when raven gave the speech it was so moving like wow and the best part was when mento said he saw Santa while on a mission, like hey maybe he actually did see Santa you don't know, you weren't there. but when raven told them to put away the dishes in the basement because they were not tired, i was laughing my butt off, like hell yeah you have to wait till morning for your gift's like everyone else. but FANTASTIC WORK as usual my dear friend but please continue with your story's for they are an AMAZING WORK OF ART so best of luck to you. Peace.
titanfan45 chapter 67 . 1/18
Mento's Christmas story was a nice touch. Too bad his audience was too old to really enjoy it. The Gar and Raven in this chapter have come a long way from when they were teens. Their current age fits them well. I liked how you worked it in to point out that Raven never actually tossed Gar out of a tower window. I know that is just in the fan fiction world, but still; Raven tossing him out a window just works well as a gag.
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