Reviews for 8 Years Later
ThommyPickles chapter 66 . 4/16
I'm thinking I want to go back and re-read this entire story. Again. Thank you for this addition. It really rekindled my love for BBRae fanfiction. You'd be surprised at how incredibly difficult it is to find decent prose on this site.
JP-Ryder chapter 66 . 4/16
Well, looks like Raven has starting to realize she's growing old, and soon menopause. Does menopause work like that?

Good chapter.
titanfan45 chapter 66 . 4/16
Very nice! Is Raven gaining weight from the food she has eaten on vacation or is there another Logan going to be arriving?
xxPinktypewriterxx chapter 66 . 4/16
I have literally read the story at least 25 times an I'm still infatuated with it I will start with chapter 1 and not bat and eye until I'm 30 chapters deep its so good I can't handle it you should when a award for this Dc comics should pay you to publish this as a novel
acosta perez jose ramiro chapter 66 . 4/16
Very nice one here, and good touch about making Raven the 'Intellectual's Fans' Favorite.

Keep the good writing.
marubang043 chapter 66 . 4/16
Nicely done! :)
Lolister chapter 65 . 4/16
I would love an other epiloge. It was a while ago since I read this story but I remember how mutch I loved it. You are an amazing author and I, as I said, love your stories.
primu chapter 65 . 4/15
Yes yes ! So happy to see you again :)
krostovikraven1 chapter 65 . 4/15
Yes please
FanOfYours chapter 65 . 4/15
Guest chapter 65 . 4/15
Hayhay01 chapter 65 . 4/15
Yes! That would be awesome!
A-LionGleek chapter 65 . 4/15
Back again huh? Hip, hip, hooray! :) Honestly though, I'm kind of indifferent really to whether or not you continue to post yet more epilogue chapters. This story is getting pretty long, and I'm still hoping for at least some closure in regard to Deathstroke, but hey, I'll respect whatever decisions you make, so your call dude.
P.S: If you get the chance, do feel free to read and perhaps review my two most recently posted chapters for Night of the Cursed if you haven't already. :)
P.P.S: Again, welcome back :)
Hairul The Nightrage Beast chapter 65 . 4/15
Me! More bonus chapters!
Guest chapter 65 . 4/15
Yes! Yes! Yes! Write as many as you heart desires and I will read them all!
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