Reviews for Wanderlust
the Catbird Seat chapter 10 . 11/3
Oh it is getting so feisty up in this fic. Unbelievable scene at the bar, and is that GANDALF who is about to make an appearance?! Be still, my heart.
the Catbird Seat chapter 6 . 11/3
Oh my. the plot thickens! delightful turn of events. I can't help but wonder where the little sister has gone! Is she up to something?
the Catbird Seat chapter 3 . 11/3
AAAAaaaaa. cracking up over here. Legolas is in deep trouble now. He's not very good at deceit, is he? Oh my goodness. This chapter was very humorous and light-hearted. Such humor!
Guest chapter 1 . 11/3
first chapter and I'm already in love with this fic.

*major fangirling*
Aravan'sLady chapter 35 . 5/9
hm, i read this one in 1 day - i just couldn't stop.
it's completely different from "building ithilien" but i love it none the less.
and i'm more than happy so see that you write a sequel :-)
Emperor DeLacus chapter 31 . 4/27
I have thoroughly enjoyed this fanfic . . . So much so, that I ended up really loving it~ \(*0*)/

Of the many things I really enjoyed about this story, my favorite would definitely have to be your portrayal of the different characters - both OCs and Tolkien's - and the way they interact and develop with each other. Narylfiel was ADORABLE, especially with her fiery spirit! x333 Elladan and Elrohir were hilarious additions to the cast. The complex Thran-Thran was great - I liked how he was this mix of a certain niceness (can't think of a better word at the moment) with a subtle sense of humour, yet also a no-nonsense, harsh and unwavering ellon. Thaliniel was such a darling; I loved her! And your portrayal of Legolas was definitely my favorite of your character portrayals. It was very unique and different, and watching him grow throughout the story was delightful~ *0*

*fangirls* The romance of Legolas and Thaliniel was sooooooooooo cute and sweet and I love how you took your time to fully develop it. (*-*)

I also really like how the themes/subjects of freedom and wanderlust have been clearly evident throughout the story - I found that it added a certain "innocent" charm to it~ *,* (I don't know why, but every time I think of freedom and travel, I also think of innocence, LOL).

And oooooh, a ThranduilXOC continuing with some of these characters? I'm intrigued - I'll definitely check it out sometime soon~ :3

All in all; it was a pleasure reading this fabulous story, and thank you for writing it! :D *offers cake*
P.S., Poor Barathion! LOL, he needs a hug~ x3
LadyLindariel chapter 35 . 4/18
I would love to read more juicy tidbits! PLEASE! Maybe more with the twins?
LadyLindariel chapter 34 . 4/18
You already know I will read it!
LadyLindariel chapter 33 . 4/18
More beautiful maiden? What an ass! Can an owl please swoop in on him, or maybe a giant spider?
LadyLindariel chapter 32 . 4/18
Just out of curiosity, how old is Narylfiel? She seems like an eight year old or something LOL... IWould like to see a chapter where Legolas finds out he is going to be a father, but not sure if that would fit
LadyLindariel chapter 31 . 4/18
I loved this epilogue! I am glad they are happy, but what about Thaliniel's might have been betrothed? What ever happened to him?
LadyLindariel chapter 30 . 4/18
This was such an amazing story! I wish I had been here from the beginning. To think though that Thaliniel's little sister will be her Queen later on... Still a shocker. Great job again mellon, I enjoyed this immensely
LadyLindariel chapter 29 . 4/18
So, the king had every intention of letting the two be together? I must say, I cracked up at the part of Thranduil barging in on his son and Thaliniel XD
LadyLindariel chapter 28 . 4/18
I loved Legolas' attitude towards his father LOL and yes, HE found her in time! wonder what his father will do when he finds out. Will he keep his end of the deal?
LadyLindariel chapter 27 . 4/18
I cried in this chapter Raider! *sees the A/N and runs off to read the next chapter*
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