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iChaos chapter 24 . 6/24
Alrighty then...

All things considered, the first thought that occurs to me is that the ending was ironically anti-climactic (pun intended). Not necessarily bad per se, but one thing that seems common about these mega-crossover stories is a tendency to sort of fizzle out when so many different elements from a bunch of unrelated franchises get kind of lost in the mix when it all comes together. The result is so chaotic that it's hard to know where to look and what to pay attention to. If I hadn't read the companion story I probably would have been too confused to even finish.

Nevertheless I do like to stray out of my comfort zone occasionally, and this monumentally bizarre story certainly satisfies that particular urge. It was interesting and well written enough to keep me reading but to be honest with you it got pretty convoluted and rather difficult to follow especially when the extraordinaryly confusing TSAB characters were introduced into the fic.

In all fairness a lot of that is on me since I am totally unfamiliar with the majority of the content that was not based on btvs and to a lesser extent the stargate universe. While I avidly followed the former I saw just enough of the latter to recognize the major references and basic continuity. Beyond that, I was mostly rather lost. I have absolutely no idea what to say about the omake chapters dealing with the primary fae characters except that it felt like they might be better off as stand alone one-shots because they abruptly halt the progress of the main storyline.

The main thing that captured my interest and compelled me to write this review is your take on death from the fae perspective. I gotta say that I was incredibly impressed by that because it is the closest description of the concept to my own personal notions on the subject that I can ever remember reading or otherwise hearing about. It was nice to know that at least I'm not the only person who has ever thought of it like that.

Thank you for sharing your work.
Azaira chapter 24 . 5/29
A great story, but a bit too much crossover
Many seem to flow in well enough, but not everyone has read every crossover included. Some are fine either way, but when you write, include relevant information as if readers don't know the crossover information. You do well with this mostly well enough, but with so many it gets twisted up or lacking.

Otherwise, the story is amazing.
Azaira chapter 9 . 5/27
Love the story so far, but there's a bit of BS going on...
The trio just Give SGC one of their transport bubbles.
Then they Gift the SGC with the Entire database of their ship.
Finally, they Save earth from an alien invasion.

All of this without recompense.
Everything the trio have done, and they are denied a single technology? Sure, they steal it right after, but the simple fact that the Earth simply takes and doesn't return - despite the fact that they agreed to a trade - is beyond belief. And then they still help the SGC afterwards?

No words can describe the hypocrisy here for me.
gabe.d.clark.1997 chapter 1 . 5/17
Perfect Lifeforms my ass, they could literally be doing anything at all (like investigating A BRAND FUCKING NEW UNIVERSE FILLED WITH HONEST TO GOD MAGIC!) and they choose to fornicate the entire time. It won't even lead to anything because of their birth control so it's basically just drugs...
SoullessDCLXVI chapter 24 . 2/18
I read this story years ago, and I was in love. I have read hundreds (maybe over a thousand, but not likely. Certainly hundreds, though) of fan-fictions and I NEVER re-read them. Ever. Can't stand re-reading, or re-watching movies or TV shows as well. But I am currently on chapter six of re-reading this fanfiction. The one among all the others that have stuck in my head. And it's only because I have been unable to find more to do with the Earthchild universe. No other fanfictions or original work. So in my desperation for water (more of this, but fresh) I am drinking my own piss (re-reading). Please, I'm begging you, either make more or point me in a direction where I might find more.
Galeiam chapter 5 . 2/4
Less Wrong chapter 3 . 1/19
...Is this ship named after me?

(Keeps reading.)

Eeeyup, this ship is named after me. I still can't get used to having had an effect on the literary universe.

ob1292 chapter 9 . 11/16/2016
While I don't really agree with upgrading the entire population of Earth, and especially kidnapping the recently dead and upgrading them without their consent I agree that they should be given the option, but criminals should not be offered the opportunity to get the upgrade.
Ash Lee Brodford chapter 24 . 11/15/2016
combatwombat427 chapter 6 . 8/5/2016
(I may have written something of a rant here, after finding this story opened in one of many browser tabs and remembering why I abandoned it, but I need to get this written down)

What is it about you and giving immortality to charakters ? I've read some chapters of "Angel in Westeros" (iirc) but the immediate transformation of Tyrion & Jon Snow seems... rushed, stupid. It seems you started right at the beginning of the plot and thrown it of it's rails without considering any charakter development that happend during the series, but still gave them immortalityand (iirc) some magic superpowers in addition.
I don't know much about Buffy the vampire slayer but according to the wiki, Ford was willing to sacrifice Buffy and a lot of innocent people to vampires to obtain immortlity, and in this story his questionable morality is just overlooked and he gets immortality and stuff anyway.
And then the plan to prevent everyone from dying by tranforming them into FAE and transporting them to Venus... "I'm not letting millions of people die" might sound noble and all, but it's something I can't wrap my head around at all but he "millions of [immortal] people" are going to overpopulate
Venus eventually, especially since earth's own overpopulation isn't going to solve itself overnight.
Also, giving the great physical and technological might of FAE to humans (with all humanity aggressive psychological baggage, amplified through their apparent death, kidnapping, and isolation from their home, family and friends) is far more irresponsible than letting them die "naturally".
Your stories have some interessting ideas (some of which are a bit perverted for my taste), but it are things like the ones mentioned above that ruin them for me.
Umbra.Venator chapter 12 . 7/27/2016
well bye bye Louise
totally confused chapter 23 . 5/31/2016
Hi, I have been enjoying your tale but am now totally confused. I think there are simply too large a listbof characters for me to keep straight. Thank you for what I have read so far, perhaps 1 day I will be able to finish
Mark a chapter 24 . 5/20/2016
Really cool story. I have read it at least 5 times start to finish and it is great every time.
Thank you
MattKennedy chapter 13 . 4/26/2016
Damn, but I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. And damn, if Ford's adventure wasn't bizarrely hot, especially since Jason Behr (the actor who played Ford) was one of my first crushes. :)
MattKennedy chapter 12 . 4/26/2016
Poor Louise, but yay for Zach not becoming a slave! :D
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