Reviews for The Dark Roses
Xelena chapter 21 . 9/26
Ive really enjoyed reading about this world. That said, i do have a problem with the patriarchal society being talked about. It's not an authentic, or true patriarchal structure. Its worse because these are other men being told they can't hold their own titles. It may say that the Roses have value without holding titles but where/what is it? If they can't participate in politics and they can't 'vote', all they're doing is staying at home & having children. They're not even as powerful as Athena or Artemis as Hearth Goddesses. They're broodmares.
Calista01 chapter 13 . 7/17
Very very enticing and interesting plot, but the execution was poor. There was no direct main character, it felt like. There were many holes throughout the story. How did Remus' bonded help him? How did Sirius fall in love with Severus? How did James and Hadrian reconnect? So many questions, just felt like you were jumping from here to there and back again. The entire thing felt cold and stand offish.
Saissa chapter 23 . 7/14
Erebus is also the name of a mountain on Ross Island in the Antarctica, not far from McMurdo sound. I mention this because in November 1979, 237 passengers (and 20 crew) were killed when Air New Zealand Flight 901, crashed into Mt Erebus during a white out - and the pilots could not see the terrain or the air strip. Anything I see or hear the name Erebus, this is what comes to my mind.

Great story otherwise, I really enjoyed it!
Asmodeus45 chapter 23 . 6/28
okay before I even read the description I thought that the baby's name was awesome Rohan Erebus Lestrange I mean come on Erebus is the name of the god of darkness in Greek mythology and Rohan is an incredibly good name the story was saw something honestly I think that this story makes more sense than a lot of things even if it is a little bit prejudiced but then again I prefer Harry to be grey instead of dark
thing chapter 4 . 6/26
is draco a rose?
EbonyLilyFlower chapter 23 . 6/20
I love this story! It was amazing there isn't even words for it.
christyne.vanvorst chapter 7 . 5/16
Kisaki Sakura chapter 23 . 4/27
Plotwise a really interesting story. But reading it, I soon become bored of the way it was delivered.
It was rather monoton and cold in writing - sadly so.
Guest chapter 23 . 4/20
Espied7 chapter 23 . 4/16
The names are perfect
Hadrian Azrael Jove Peverell chapter 23 . 4/8
Highest regards and compliments I can giveI feel like crying."
davycrockett100 chapter 23 . 2/24
DemeRain chapter 23 . 2/18
Thanks for sharing.
Erudessa-gabrielle chapter 23 . 2/16
sandivivaelanime chapter 23 . 1/18
I love your story I would like to let me translate it into Spanish
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