Reviews for The Element of Time
roselynfour chapter 84 . 10/26
You Are The Best Fanfic Writer I Know
roselynfour chapter 50 . 10/25
Havent Bathed The Whole Day,Am So In Luv,naruto Go Back To Konoha Please!
Guest chapter 119 . 10/13
When will the next chapter come?
Kurama5757 chapter 119 . 10/2
Hallo rasEnshur1KEn

I like the story and I would like if you made more chapters, so that we could read them.
Houndini chapter 119 . 9/28
I hope Obito gets redeemed and survives. I just like his character. Thank you for writing! It's great that your willing to type so much, even if it's just to reply to reviews :) Hey, is it just me, or does it seem like Kakashi was in love with Obito in canon? Something about the the Naruto novels were written.
ddentler21 chapter 113 . 9/28
Hey I'm really enjoying the story but the idea that the Rinnegan could be transplanted in the time span it takes to put on a hat is a bit ridiculous despite the nature of the Naruto universe.
imnotadriana chapter 119 . 9/28
Okay, first of all, I enjoy your book very much. And is Itachi really dead? There seemed no warnings or such to his death. But thank you for your work! I'll be waiting for the next chapter.
red neo ranger chapter 119 . 9/27
Great story loved it can't wait to read more if ur muse is broken try watching the anime of Naruto that will probably kick start ur muse
imnotadriana chapter 80 . 9/3
A mad Naruto is my favorite Naruto.
Mr. Sqweakers The Great chapter 82 . 8/18
demonsword11221 chapter 119 . 8/8
Looks like you've found the reason Sasuke will be going to the Falls with Hinata. Though i was guessing he was going to get the other half of Kurama. I hope Itachi survives somehow, probably Izanagi? Glad to review again, just now caughy back up, and totally psyched for Raizen Gaiden.
XxFarFromItxX chapter 119 . 8/3
Can't wait for chapter 120!
Zyr0TruthCanExist chapter 119 . 7/16
I really like your story! You flow well between the chapters, have developed characters such as Sakura and Hinata that many people overlook, have made a really bad-ass antagonist that while OP, is realistically so. I have to admit, I don't really like the pairings in this story, but that doesn't overshadow the awesomeness that is this story. Also, why didn't Obito seal some of Isobu's chakra in the Gedo Mazo so he could become the Juubi Jinchuuriki faster? Also, i honestly feel like you weakened Raizen by giving him one of the rinnegan, but not two. Regardless, I cannot wait for the next chapter, and really look forward to seeing what Madara is doing to get stronger. Until next time!
Lil' Keagie-G chapter 119 . 7/5
Hi rasEnshur1KEn-sama,great story,it is number 1 on my list of top three FanFics
Raizen Gaiden promises to be worth the loooooooong wait:D
I have a question:Back when Jiraiya was killed,you said that he ironically had one of the way to effectively fight Raizen but didn't realise it,what was it?
whatisthisAmateurhour chapter 30 . 6/23
Chapter 29:

You created a needlessly overpowered seal to give the two brothers EMS, when they could have just swapped eyes... Which in my mind is way cooler, you're so obsessed with wrapping every problem up neatly. It's bad writing.
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