Reviews for Nothing Like the Sun
BerRyy chapter 17 . 7/22
hello. ive finished this hours ago and I just had time to review. well, I love how Harry changed. time to time he's getting better and finally could think that he's beautiful as the way he is. I love how that confrontation with Frank which is I'm kinda afraid time to time that Harry will feel guilty for Frank's words. he's really an arsehole. I hate him so much. anyway I'm pretty against Harry being top, but I know that it will come that Harry will top as well since that's the issue, he thought that he hurt Frank. I just gotta skip that scene, since I don't wanna cringe a lot by reading harry being top. he'll always be the bottom in my eyed, no matter what. and I can't imagine Draco being bottom as well. but overall it's great, I love it so much. thank you for an amazing story.
BerRyy chapter 16 . 7/21
forgive me for not leaving reviews on the previous chapters. I just wanna say that I love your story. your stories. I like everything that you put into it, the words, it's so smooth and I might say that it doesn't too much for me, I found you and you are the one of the writer that didn't make things in this case didn't make me cringe with the way you plot your story. it's so smooth that I have to refrain myself to read the last chap and read it when I get my flight, hours later. anyway, this is so beautifully well written. thank you for the story. I love it. and it's hot. I do really live bottom!Harry and that scene in the chair? totally hot. I should be in fire right now.
tigeress09 chapter 17 . 6/13
This was one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read. Thank you.
Cecilia Potter-Malfoy chapter 17 . 4/8
Beautiful story. Thank you!
RavonKnight chapter 17 . 4/2
I love this story I would like to see Draco go off on some of Harry's other lovers too that would be fun to read as a short side story to this one.
Guest chapter 16 . 3/24
Thanks for acknowledging that the Andy situation was more complicated than Andy being weak.
"Partially. What had happened with Andy was still complicated, Harry thought, not just a result of excessive passion. But letting his guilt cripple him wouldn't help Andy, and wouldn't help him."Partially. What had happened with Andy was still complicated, Harry thought, not just a result of excessive passion. But letting his guilt cripple him wouldn't help Andy, and wouldn't help him."
And perhaps Andy did/does need an apology.
Great chapter. So hot. Whooh! Really super intimacy!
Guest chapter 15 . 3/24
I like this story. I like redemption. I like healing. I like how Draco steadfastly assures Harry and uses consent language and practice to help Harry understand what it means to be wanted and to have agency, Draco respects Harry's agency.
I agree with Harry that he did not respect Andy's agency in this case. Knowing things about trauma survivors, Andy seemed frozen. He deserved the right to refuse Harry, and he did refuse him.
They were not good partners and needed to separate, that is true.
If Harry says that he raped Andy, there are many elements of what he did to Andy that are the same as rape, and I would say then that Harry was right.
It doesn't mean that he can't learn from what he did, and he has learned, is learning to be better. He is redeemable and is pefectly worthy of consensual sexual experiences. This situation is on the line and different from the others, or the same, maybe Harry was not operating with consent in more instances as well.
It is the question of whether it is possible for there to be rape between lovers. The law in Canada states that there can be. Perhaps this is something that Harry does need to learn to forgive himself for, not blaming Andy. And he should forgive himself and learn. That is my opinion.
Thanks for writing and sharing.
LooneyTune chapter 3 . 12/4/2016
Kind of hurt to read.
Like, there was a constant pang in my heart and dread in my stomach.
It actually kind of physically hurt. ***TMI ALERT*** Though, that might be because the dread in my stomach didn't mesh well with the time of the month stuff going on there too...***ALERT OVER***
Still, there is a lingering ache that follows you through the entire story. Or at least as far as I've read.
Draco's reactions to Harry's beliefs, Harry's beliefs themselves, and those moments where you learn alongside Draco just a bit more about Harry's pain. Those parts, I think, might be the cause of this - ugh! - god awful pain.
****TMI ALERT****
On a more personal note, though, period cramps are excruciatingly blegh and I want to go to sleep to run away from them since, for me, they're only a first day thing. Dang story and it's riveting-ness! ;)
****ALERT OVER****
Thanks for a wonderfully thoughtful story that just puts people in some serious bittersweet emotional turmoil. This is getting to be a love-hate relationship. ;]
LooneyTune chapter 1 . 12/3/2016
Those people are rather a bit selfish too, though, don't you think? Frank wants him to move on, but he won't help Harry face it, really, he just tells the poor lad to forget. As if that's easy. Harry just doesn't know a lot of things, he wasn't taught. Ruddy jerks. And Frank's parting words were so mean, as if was blaming Harry!
Yvette chapter 17 . 8/28/2016
I've re-read this story so many times. It's always when I'm in the mood for extreme feels and just pain in my heart. Love this story. 3
CARIBBA chapter 8 . 8/3/2016
if you think about it, in this story this Draco is kinda the opposite of the one at the beginning of Hephaestus.
iridescxnce chapter 17 . 5/12/2016
Oh shut up Frank. I could just hex you!
Sentimentalstories chapter 4 . 4/22/2016
Wow... this os SO EMOTIONAL! And I love it! Love the way you made Harry and Draco as persons. Love all the emotional things. Love how many sides there is for each person. Love the balance between the good and bad feelings. Love the way you write. Love it how this story feels. Can't wait to read more! (And if I hadn't work in an hour, I'd possibly sit down the whole day reading!)
Guest chapter 16 . 2/16/2016
That sex in the chair scene is HOT.
CharmedArtist chapter 17 . 1/17/2016
Perfect, perfect, so utterly PERFECT that I don't even have the words. The love, the tenderness, the patience, Draco and Harry and the utter perfection of how you write - there are just no fitting words. This is, without a doubt, the best Drarry story I've ever read, and up at the very top of the "best of fanfiction" list that resides in my mind. Perfection. Thank you. Thank you so much.
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