Reviews for The Black Star
LovesDragons chapter 48 . 9/27
Lovely story, those young mauraders sound like trouble!
Charlie0925 chapter 48 . 9/19
Great job hon! I loved this fic and cannot wait to start reading the sequel! ;o)
I know okay chapter 48 . 9/12
It's nice life turned out well for them.

Normally I can be pretty picky when it comes to grammar. My friends call me a grammar nazi. However, I cannot imagine attempting writing in another language than my first; especially with something this long. I do hope the writing helps you improve. I know it helped me.
I know okay chapter 47 . 9/12
Oh, good, he's dead.
I know okay chapter 46 . 9/12
What about the ring? Did they do something about it yet?
I know okay chapter 44 . 9/12
That's what I was waiting for.
I know okay chapter 43 . 9/12
I still keep expecting someone to try something.
I know okay chapter 42 . 9/12
I assume there will be more interaction with the Weasleys when they get to Hogwarts.
I know okay chapter 41 . 9/12
Two down, a few more to go.

Will Dumbledore die soon?
I know okay chapter 40 . 9/12
I wonder how Neville's parents will feel after missing most of his life.
I know okay chapter 39 . 9/12
He got Sirius out. That's impressive.
I know okay chapter 38 . 9/12
I wonder how many people are now terrified of the ones that killed the death eaters.
I know okay chapter 37 . 9/12
I'm so happy they figured out a way to find the horcruxes.
I know okay chapter 36 . 9/12
It's good Daphne still has her mother.
I know okay chapter 35 . 9/12
I think it's better to cut ties with family like that.

Voldemort is rapidly losing what he needs, but the soul pieces are still out there. Will they find them?
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