Reviews for The Black Star
jon08 chapter 48 . 11/24
Loved this, its taken me about three days from start to finish.
Slightly annoying though was the 'page' of summary at the start of every chapter.
You apologise about your English, its better than some native speakers, an occasional slip with a homonym, (there's a word for you to check in a dictionary), and missing out on the possessive apostrophe, most of the English speakers in the world can't get that right, including the twits who program for a well known software company.
Aqua Granger-Cullen chapter 45 . 11/17
I dont know if you looked at the site lately but your story has you as the author and when you click the story it brings it to fan fiction. O by the way the story is very good so far.
mummacass chapter 48 . 11/12
Damn good story. I managed to read all chapters in one day!
Emz6347 chapter 48 . 11/11
This story is every fan girl's dream.
In other words, mine.
Cheers, and keep writing!
(Actually, for all I know you haven't been on this weight in years, but I you are still, you know...)
TexasTurtle chapter 48 . 11/1
Thank you for writing and sharing your wonderful story.
Lavonya chapter 48 . 10/31
The epilogue was perfect!
wonderwomanconverse chapter 48 . 10/31
Honestly,this is an amazing story and I will be recommending it to everyone I meet, whether they read fanfic or not!
Ray chapter 31 . 10/20
I love this story!
Guest chapter 48 . 10/20
I loved your fic...going to check others in your list...
sakujun chapter 48 . 10/18
Amazing story! I loved how everyone got powerful and stayed good friends untill the end. This story is really, really good! Thanks for it
Guest chapter 48 . 10/8
I Really like the way u defined fred and george and gave them 2 different perssonaleties
Ch67 chapter 39 . 10/8
Love this chapter nearly brought me to tears with the "sirius" crying moment
Ha see what i did there? XD
Anon chapter 23 . 10/5
"Fred could only look at her mesmerized..." shouldn't that be George, if theyre thinking of Daphne?
LovesDragons chapter 48 . 9/27
Lovely story, those young mauraders sound like trouble!
Charlie0925 chapter 48 . 9/19
Great job hon! I loved this fic and cannot wait to start reading the sequel! ;o)
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