Reviews for You Have My Back - Right?
Guest chapter 28 . 6/3
Ziva is a bitch and shouldn't of got any attention thats all she loves is attention and power
Guest chapter 25 . 6/3
I really hate ziva and hope because of this she doesn't get forgiven or they feel bad for her she brought it all on herself and karma is a bitch
Melikalilly chapter 28 . 5/24
I love this story
flower pot girl chapter 27 . 5/19
Can't post twice for the same chapter so gone back one.
Really enjoyed reading this again, especially Tony regaining his confidence, his ability to teach his probies the subtle skill of adapting what they have been taught and Vance coming to appreciate it.
kensi54382 chapter 19 . 5/3
Tony can be so silly sometimes :D
kensi54382 chapter 17 . 5/2
Sounds like Vance might finally be attempting to respect Tony.
kensi54382 chapter 11 . 5/2
Poor Tony :( Coping it from all sides and it's not his fault!
kensi54382 chapter 6 . 5/1
Poor Tony. They always blame him for no reason. I'm surprised that Abby is being so unfair.
kensi54382 chapter 5 . 5/1
I love Tony's boldness in calling someone to spy on Gibbs.
edioval chapter 28 . 3/22
Quite possibly the most satisfying post Dead Air fix I've read. Characters complex and dead on, conversations and situations believable and enthralling. Minor gripe, I would have liked Ziva healthy when she was shipped home (and I don't know why her escort was killed); just my preference, I didn't like it when MASH killed off Col. Blake either! Thanks for sharing your talents, glad I stumbled across this!
pianomouse chapter 28 . 3/4
Fantastic story with realistic consequences to their actions. Thank you for sharing this!
Curious-Brunette13 chapter 28 . 1/24
Liked what you did here, having McGee work out of the precinct for a while, it often seems like they're too dismissive of cop...
smiles2go chapter 28 . 11/2/2016
So enjoyed this! Love Dead Air shots! Ziva and McGee should have been suspended at the very least!
Great job!
jeannette.rothenberger chapter 28 . 10/9/2016
hipgnosis chapter 22 . 8/12/2016
And now they get to go clubbing, it just gets better.
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