Reviews for Rituals and Consequences
Red's Melancholy chapter 106 . 11/10
Maybe put a note in the summary about it being all pre-hogwarts.. 106 chapters that all span one month and yet nothing has happened. Definitely needs to be marked as a pre-hogwarts story.
Zeuseus chapter 106 . 10/23
Really hope this gets continued soon. I just read through it for the second time and I love the detail that goes into every character and scene.
toni chapter 106 . 9/28
I really love this story can't wait for the next chapters. Please update soon.
xriscarter17 chapter 106 . 7/24
Bummer it's been around 10 weeks since update and just as we get to the point where the story begins..
xriscarter17 chapter 103 . 7/24
OK this is just silly and pointless... You average Plat of food is about a pound of food but with these to they would demand more per plate so say 1.5 lbs... Times that by 21 plates... Not one person in the world could eat that amount of food in one sitting, even the world record is 16lbs.. So double that and Vernon would be dead. I worked at a big cat sanctuary and we would feed even a 600lbs liger only 20lbs per day.
xriscarter17 chapter 88 . 7/24
Liem here said they helped find over 300 missing kids but in some other chapter Greta I thought said 216.
xriscarter17 chapter 81 . 7/24
This story is very well written and very interesting but 81 chapters to get to this point... Now that is setting up the story. One of my favorite stories is A Year Like No Other, that story covers one school year and is around 1,000,000 words... This story is set at an even slower pace... But dang it I can not put it down... Lol
xriscarter17 chapter 62 . 7/23
"Could it be?" nope it is just another kid with the same name, the same age, and just so happens to live with the sister of the missing earls sister...
xriscarter17 chapter 62 . 7/23
"Could it be?" nope it is just another kid with the same name, the same age, and just so happens to live with the sister of the missing earls sister...
xriscarter17 chapter 46 . 7/23
Should I list all the things like the last time? They have had a team following them for years and never seen Harrison till the zoo... Yet he walks to school everyday and he does massive amountz of outside chores. They have listening devices in the house but never knew there was a fourth member living there? These people are all fired including Greta.
xriscarter17 chapter 46 . 7/23
None of this makes sense... Why would the watch the Durzley house that long and not talk to them just because the see no signs of Harrison does not mean that they do not know anything. If an Earl is kidnapped the police would investigate but these cops did not even think to talk to the Dursleys. It seems like Potter Ltd is trying to get Harrison from the mugged side of the law... But why wait a money? The muggers consider him kidnapped thus meaning the Dursleys have zero rights. To get Harrison back it only takes one phone call to the cops... I really like this story but the longer this drags on the more and more you see the massive holes... Plus really 45 chapters and only two days have been covered? Most of the writing has been flashbacks...
xriscarter17 chapter 44 . 7/23
Made it this far without reading anytbing from Dumbledores poverty...Lupin figured out it was Dumbledore that kidnapped Harrison in a day but with all the resources of Potter Ltd it took 10 years and a seer... Maybe they should stick to growing plants.
xriscarter17 chapter 22 . 7/22
Man you got the blacks, potters and Lupin all with their own pots on the the monkey club. We still have the two dragons, Dumbledore and voldemort, to hear from...and so much more to come. I wonder why just weeks before school starts is all this taking place and why not sooner? If the Potters where looking for Harrison then why do the not take Dumbledore to the Wizengamot? Would the Wizengamot allow the head of an old and wealthy family to basically be kidnapped and given to muggles when he has such a large family?
xriscarter17 chapter 14 . 7/22
I must say I do get drawn in to the story but to tell the truth with all the time jumps, flashbacks and flashbacks inside of flashbacks it really is getting hard to keep it straight. I had forgotten all about the Lupin
xriscarter17 chapter 12 . 7/22
I must say all the teachers are morons most of all Marian... She is to scared of what the real teachers might say for her to tell the others what she thinks is going on and poor Harry has to suffer because of it.
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