Reviews for Rituals and Consequences
The French Dark Lord chapter 102 . 6/19
Wow... I one can use the adjective amazign next to a story of chil abuse tne your fanfiction certainly is amazing, awesome and mind boggling!
Gotta keep it short so 'll just say kepp up the good work and hopefullt see ya soon!
My Book of Demons chapter 10 . 6/14
Ann Jinn chapter 102 . 6/8
An amazing story. I don't think it is slow, but you write such a descriptive story of Harry and Sirius that you want answers. Who did this to Harry and will there be justice. Will he recover and become whole. The Potter family and business is exceptional. Who is the god/ess and their plans.

The healer is a hoot. Love to know more about the blocks, well the Chimps too.
gaatjegeenbalaan chapter 15 . 6/2
beatifull dream description,
so wormtail wasn't a traitor? first time i've read that, nice
dianaanne chapter 102 . 4/19
Missed this update. Glad I saw it now. Stay well. Hope you update again soon!
Terahlyanwe chapter 102 . 4/8
Fascinating AU. While it's a little hard at times to keep up with all the Potter Llt. conversations, overall this story is great! Two thumbs up, am looking forward to more.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/4
Guest chapter 102 . 3/28
ooh, I hate bronchitis...
Raven's Shadow DK chapter 60 . 3/27
Hey mate. I understand you want to give everyone a background and expand the story but its way too slow. By Chapter 60 you have dragged out his case of abuse which hasnt even been filed for atleast 20 chapters. The best thing that I would suggest at the moment is either increase the chapter size to include all that you want to or make a separate story. Because its getting really boring now. He hasnt even received his letter and you've already reached 60 chapters. Background is well and good but excess of any detail is bad. And details if needed in the future can also be provided later. Like Sirius having flashbacks of his time in Azkaban. I dont see how Petunia's background needed any more information to depict jealousy nor how it had any relevance to the story beyond showing she was petty. I am not saying this to discourage you. I want you to know that a good author knows when to provide information and how much information to provide. Too much detail is as bad as too little detail. besides that you're doing a good job. I just hope your story picks up pace before I get too bored with the continuous: we must be patient before getting harry and I must find my cub and we cant use magic on Sirius and we need to get our lord out soon and Harry's I will get free of them sooner or later.
crafter 43 chapter 102 . 3/22
Holy cow what a great and awesome story, I am so hoping that March 14 up date is of this year I am blown away by the magnificent scope of this amazing story now that I have caught up on all your posts I am now stuck awaiting your next update. Oh please let the Dursleys get the most of the curses aimed at them and you have got to have something really special in mind for Dumbledore, either Liam, Arcturus, or Remus and Sirius or any of the rest of the Potter Ltd group have got to see that he pays for Harrison s pain and anguish. .. I now will patiently await you next post
ORKCHILD chapter 102 . 3/23
Glad your back and feeling better
crafter43 chapter 102 . 3/22
Hopefully a new post soon
poppabear11420 chapter 102 . 3/17
Love the story, have a question could Remus have come to terms with Moony and converted to a true Lycan ?
Guest chapter 102 . 3/14
It's good to see an update to one of my favorite stories, well done.
Hope your health continues to be good from now on and you're completely rid of any kind of pulmonary infection for a while.
alix33 chapter 102 . 3/15
AW! at how pleased that wolf is to be there, if this reader can judge from his grin, puppyish bark and thumping tail.
Yay! at his pack's presence being good for Harrison.
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