Reviews for A Date With Quinn
JubilantSape chapter 4 . 5/17/2013
Wait! Oh what a's over? Just like that? We don't get to view a ground breaking second date or the growth in their unfortunate.

Anyway, the very first sentence of the previous chapter was another great beginning of you painting a vivid picture with your words. That statement your wrote for Duane about disappearing struck me. The whole conversation between them did. I loved it, and I definitely think most of us search for good people we can be ourselves with.

Just to go back a second, you mentioned Quinn is more approachable than Daria. That mixed with Quinn's conventional beauty made Duane instantly attracted to her. However, why didn't Duane consider Stacy? She's also beautiful yet just as complex she she lost herself. Of course, I am just running in circles with this topic.

As for Ghost World, I always feel empty after watch that movie. Thoras character was forcing herself to blend in with different people and places in her town, yet she end up poisoning herself and those around her as a result. Yet her friend worked toward creating her own world, of course she did this under traditional standards. Hmmmm...
JubilantSape chapter 2 . 5/17/2013
Oh my god, this is so wonderful! I can't wait to continue the story tomorrow.

Oh by the way, its your Quinn pen pal. Im back from the grave for a short while. And Thanks so much for sharing your insight on Quinn. I appreciate your dynamic perspective.

You really grasped Quinn's character and displayed her complex nature beautifully, which is why this story grabs your attention from the very first sentence. I actually believe your story is more ground breaking than the show because the show only hints at Quinn's true nature.

Quinn definitely is a product if her family as you brilliantly illustrated. Whenever her emotions run high and glimpses of her fragile self leak though, she resorts back to her interest in fashion as escapism or comfort zone. So Duane's reaction to Quinn vs Daria intrigues me. What isn't Daria his type? Why does Quinn fascinate him so much? As I mentioned, Daria ad Quinn are very similar - Daria's shield is sarcastic indifference and Quinn's shield is paper-thin shallowness. So based on Duane's impressions why one over the other, I wonder?

Also Since Quinn is a product of her family, I understand why you portrayed her parents the way that you did. However, their role in this story so far seemed a little 2-d. I don't think Jake would ever forget that he is the father. I do think his own childhood made him insecure with his role as a parent, but not to that extreme. I think Helen comes across as more "Normal" at first, but then the truth comes out with her too as you get to know her. But that's minor nitpicking.

Hehe, It's funny. I can't help but read Duane as an alternate version of you, and your love Quinn is reflected in his character. Hey, writers always rite about themselves, I guess. it's inevitable.

Keep on writing - you're a powerful story teller!

Till next time
nightmaster000 chapter 4 . 5/13/2013
Good story. Will be seeing any sequel's in the future?
nightmaster000 chapter 1 . 5/12/2013
Well this is interesting. Looking forward to seeing where your going with this. Is Duane going to be in any of the Daria episodes?